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Why the Canucks Don’t Blow it Up

Trevor LindenI really wanted to start this piece today with a bit of a political commentary, but I’ve thought better.  It’s too hot right now, and no matter what I say it won’t do anything but spark more mud slinging.  What I will say though is that can both sides seriously not see what’s happening anymore?  The left keeps pushing the right further to the right, and the right keeps pushing the left further to the left.  I don’t get why people can’t just look to have rational discussions about this shit?


Ok, that’s about as political as I’m going to get on this site, on with sports!


So I got in a back and forth the other day on Twitter myself.  Not about political correctness or blindly calling someone anti-Semitic or racist.  No, this was much more civil with a guy from Vancouver named Jason Brough who is the co-lead writer for  It was originally sparked by ESPN’s Corey Pronman who asked this:

Most of the time I try to keep my mouth shut, but I know the answer, so I was going to respond.  But I checked to see the responses first to see perhaps most others had told Pronman why this was.  This is where Jason Brough chimed in with this:

And I couldn’t help myself.


I’m not going to go through all the back and forth between us.  Not hard to find in my mentions though if you want to check it out.  I don’t know Jason at all, wasn’t meaning to be anything of a dick, and I’m not meaning to now, but I have to lay this all out.  It’s an itch that I have to scratch.


As I said to Jason, it’s nothing like Toronto.  Vancouver is a fair-weather market.  They’ve had trouble keeping their fans interested for their entire existence.  The pattern is pretty clear with this fan base that when they aren’t anything of a contender, they’ll stop coming.  He then pointed to Pavel Bure’s rookie season and suggested that as long as they have a young, exciting star to build around people will come.  But there isn’t any proof of that, because in Bure’s rookie season the Canucks finished 1st in the Smythe division.  In 1998 however Bure wasn’t that old and was having one of the best seasons of his career.  But the teams play went to shit, and despite having Bure the entire league with his play and an arena which was only in it’s 3rd season, attendance dropped.


Attendance doesn’t drop in Toronto, ever, which is why Toronto is able to do a rebuild and why it was so ridiculous that the rhetoric was that they couldn’t rebuild in Toronto.  You hear the same thing in New York when it comes to the Knicks.  “They can’t rebuild because there would be too much heat on the team from the fans and the media”.  That is just the media believing that they’re more important than they actually are.  And if you’re in a pro sports teams front office and care what the media thinks you likely shouldn’t be in that position.  You’re objective is to win, not to please the media.


Anyway, Vancouver.  This fan base doesn’t stick with their team.  And I’m not intending to be critical of them for being that way, it isn’t a “Canucks fan” thing, it’s a big market with a lot of entertainment options…thing.  It’s similar in Miami, LA, San Diego, Phoenix, etc.  So in these types of markets it is more vital that you produce a winner or at least attempt to win.  A rebuild means you don’t necessarily attempt to win.  Long term that’s the goal, but if you’re rebuilding, let’s be honest, it’s code for “we want to win a championship some year down the road and aren’t concerned with winning this season”


Jason thinks they just need a young, exciting player and the fans will flock to the arena.  But is there ever an example of that in league history?  I look at two examples.  Pittsburgh and Washington after getting Crosby and Ovechkin of course.  Obviously, American markets.  But similar markets to Vancouver in their historic patterns, a.k.a. they don’t draw well unless the team is doing well.  But by Jason’s theory, all they needed was an exciting young player and all would be well.  Let’s look at 2006, the rookie season for both Crosby and Ovechkin:


Yikes.  28th for the Caps, 20th for the Pens.  In 07 the Caps were still down, but the Pens made the playoffs:


The Caps jumped one spot to 27th.  The Pens only jumped two spots because even though they made the playoffs it obviously took the fan base a while to start believing in the team.  A team that had a 19 year old who won the Hart trophy.


Finally the next season, the Pens started selling out nearly every game.  The Caps did better, but they were like the 07 Pens in that the fans took a while to jump on board (if you remember, the Caps were terrible through the first part of the season, then fire Glen Hanlon and brought in Bruce Boudreau, and then they took off).  By 09, once established as a winner, they too started selling out nearly every game.


Point is, winning is what draws.  Having an entertaining winner helps, but just being a winner will trump just having a young star any day of the week.  The Pens and Caps didn’t just have a young star, they each had a young generational talent and still couldn’t sell out.


So we go back to the question as to why the Canucks are scared to do a full on rebuild, and it is clearly because owner Francesco Aquilini feels that he has to show the fan base they’re still attempting to win or else attendance could fall of dramatically.


As a hockey guy, I know this isn’t the way to do things.  Jason, and I’m not looking to rip on the guy at all, but he just either can’t or refuses to look at it from both sides.  I don’t blame Aquilini, as he has a business to run.  This isn’t Edmonton where they’re the only show in town with a billionaire owner who is much more of a fan than business man when it comes to the Oilers.  The Oilers were a complete shit show for six seasons, and yet attendance barely ever dipped, if at all.  Seeing that has likely scared Aquilini off from ever even thinking about going down that path.  Organizations should learn from the mountain of mistakes the Oilers made, but some of that was also horrible luck too that could happen to any organization.


I’m all for the Canucks bottoming out, and this season we are seeing it happen despite the Canucks efforts to avoid it.  I’m not all for it because I want to see the Canucks go through what the Oilers just did.  I’m an Oilers fan, I don’t run from that, but I always maintain that I want the Flames and Canucks to be damn good too.  You should want those rivalries.  It wasn’t a rivalry between the Oilers and either team the last seven seasons.  It wasn’t a rivalry between the Oilers and Canucks until 2003 when both teams were respectable playoff teams.  One hand washes the other.


Jason’s final tweet to me was this:

I’m sorry Jason, you seem like a nice dude, you got a shit load of more followers and readers than I have and likely ever will have, but you’re logic on this is really flawed here.  No better marketing than a young star player who allows fans to dream of championships?  Cup contending/Cup winning teams have always and will always outdraw teams that have dreams of being Cup contenders/Cup winners.


I’m not saying it’s how I build it, because to get to that Cup contending level almost all of those teams have to bottom out for a few seasons.  But I am saying Francesco Aquilini has major concerns about doing that and they are valid.


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No Canada


Congrats to the Montreal Canadiens on making the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs.  You will be the only Canadian team to make the Stanley Cup playoffs this season, there for making you the best Canadian based team in the leauge.  Congrats, that is the equivalent of being the slimmest person who needs lap-band surgery.  Not that the Habs are in anyway bad, Marc Bergevin has done a great job there.  But they’re in the East, likely won’t make it past the 2nd round, and the rest of the Canadian teams have been garbage.


So what lays ahead for these 6 teams?  Will they make the playoffs next season?  ANY of them??  Many questions, and I don’t have all the answers because I’m just a douchy blogger….but I’ll try to answer a few.  So let’s start this off and I want to start with the Flames.


Now some might look at this and say I’m just an Oiler fan looking to trash the Flames.  I’m really not.  Full credit to them on a season that I didn’t think would happen.  I thought they were a sure fire top 2 pick team at the start of the year.  Bob Hartley should be a Jack Adams candidate in my mind.  But having said all of this, the Flames future doesn’t look too bright.


Now a Flames fan would likely tell me that it’s better to develop that winning culture, rather than be at the bottom and become who the Oilers have become.  Well, the Oilers are where they are because of their horrendous management.  The first year of their rebuild a lot of the media were raving about how great their room was at the end of that season despite being 30th overall.  With no expectations comes no pressure.  I guess you could be the Minnesota Wild who were a good non playoff team (whatever that is) from 09-2012.  Even after signing Suter and Parise to pair with all their young talent, they look like they’ll be a team stuck in no man’s land (make the playoffs, no shot at a Cup).


Monahan is a great start, but the Flames still need a lot of work

But it is THIN for the Flames after Monahan.  They like the Oilers were, are stocked with small wingers, which really has been the Oilers major downfall.  They might snag a centre (Canadian piece, Canadian spelling) with what looks to be the 4th or 5th pick.  So they might get another high end centre with that pick which would be great.  But they still don’t have much coming on the blueline and while Mark Giordano isn’t old, he’s not that young either.  Maybe T.J. Brodie or Tyler Wotherspoon really overachieve, but you can’t depend on that happening.  But the Avs have been successful at least for this season being loaded down the middle with nothing on D so who knows.  To me it is vital that they end up 27th overall or worse to ensure they land one of Reinhart, Bennett, Dal Colle or Ekblad.


Entering the season the Sens looked like they were the most well setup Canadian team.  They had more depth in their system than the Oilers, they had more high end skill than the Leafs, and they seemed to be way better coached than the Habs.  I’m stunned at how their season has gone.  But now people will jump off their bandwagon and talk about what a mess it is.  At the draft when the Ducks use that top 10 pick, I’m sure the story will be how the Sens wish they had that trade back.  Well weren’t people just saying in July how the Sens fleeced the Ducks and then when Ryan was left off the Olympic team that it was such a mistake?  So which one is it?


Spezza might be on the move, but the Sens still look real good down the middle for years to come

I still think this team is the best Canadian team moving forward, even better setup than the Habs.  Moving forward they’re great down the middle with Turris, Zibanejad and Lazar all under 25, Karlsson is a stud on D and they have some depth with Cowen, Ceci and others.  Robin Lehner needs to relax in net but that should come with experience and when it does he’ll be a star.  Add all this to Paul McLean who has had a rough year but I think he’s a top end coach in this league.  Maybe they move Spezza this off season, but if they do they’ll get a nice return and should be fine.  He puts up great numbers, but just seems to refuse to be the all around player you need your 1st line centre to be.


Of course 1st line centre has been a hot topic of conversation in Toronto all year.  I whiffed on them, I had them to make the playoffs comfortably, and a month ago it looked like they would.  Yet here we are, they’re all but eliminated and the city is in full panic mode about where this team is going.  They aren’t bad setup though.  They have some good pieces in place like Bernier, Bozak, Kessel, JVR and Rielly.


If I were Dave Nonis I would be using my 2nd compliance buyout on David Clarkson this summer.  This is  the last year teams will get to use their compliance buyouts (if they have any left, remember it is 2 per team), so why risk it?  If this is what he is, he’s a 2 million dollar player getting 5.25 per.  While the cap is expected to rise to 68-71 million, that is still a terrible contract.  They also need to upgrade down the middle.  I’m one of the few who was on the Tyler Bozak bandwagon before they re-signed him last summer.  But he’s not a legit number 1 guy.  He’s a real solid number 2, but not a number 1.  He reminds me of Craig Conroy and Shawn Horcoff.  Both were 1st line centre’s on teams that made surprise runs to the finals.  They had great all around games and could be used in any situation, but weren’t offensively gifted enough to be legit number 1 guys.


If the Leafs take a run at Eric Staal, Gardiner and Kadri would be a good start of a package going to Carolina

I have no clue what might happen in Carolina this off season, and I do think the Staal brothers preference should they be asked to waive their NTC’s would be to go somewhere together if it’s possible.  The Leafs actually would have the cap space to bring in both, but they only have the assets to get 1 of them.  So I do think they’ll take a run at Eric.  Kadri, Gardiner, Stuart Percy and their 2014 1st would be a pretty good deal for both sides.  Some would try to tell me how they would have to move Rielly in the deal.  No they wouldn’t.  IF Carolina has a fire sale, teams won’t give their top end guys.  It just NEVER happens.  Didn’t happen for Nash, didn’t happen for Thornton, didn’t happen for Heatley, didn’t happen for Pronger any of the 3 times he got moved after the 05 lockout, it just NEVER happens that way and I wish people would finally figure this out.


More realistic this off season is a few UFA signings like maybe Joni Pitkanen?  Andrei Markov?  Either would be a nice addition at the right price obviously.  It isn’t a great year for UFA’s though.  So maybe let’s look at the draft situation and they appear as though they’ll pick 10-12.  As it stands right now (much will change between now and late June), Jared McCan is a possibility in that range.  He’s nothing flashy, but a real solid all around centre who has potential to be a Patrice Bergeron type.  If not him, maybe Roland McKewon who is a RH shot D-man playing for Todd Gill and Doug Gilmour in Kingston.  Either guy would be a real good addition.


Of course the Leafs slide has been masking the mess of late in Vancouver who are right there with the Leafs in the standings.  It could be an entertaining off season in Vancouver.  I don’t think they should rebuild per say, but they could stand to be renovated.  The Sedins aren’t going anywhere after signing those extensions before this season.  Gillis has to go, Torts should also go despite the 5 year deal.  That would be a good start, but then the question is who replaces them?


George McPhee might be out of a job in Washington.  He’s done a good job stockpiling talent in Washington, although not a good job in pulling the trigger on the deals he needs to.  Paul Fenton in Nashville has been talked about for many job openings the last few seasons.  Would ownership be interested in brining back Steve Tambellini who spent a lot of years in the Canucks organization including 3 with this ownership group as the assistant GM to Dave Nonis?  He was horrendous for the Oilers so they better not.  Speaking of Dave Nonis, Dave Poulin is another candidate.  Brad Treliving in Phoenix, Rick Dudley in Montreal (who is a Torts guy if they insist he stays coaching), lots of possibilities.


Moving Kesler will net a good return and could be a blessing in disguise for the Canucks

As for replacing Torts, well that would all depend on who the GM is obviously, but I think they have to bite the bullet and get rid of him and allow the incoming GM to select his own guy.  The incoming GM will also have the pressure of moving Ryan Kesler as soon as he gets the job.  He doesn’t HAVE to, but he will get a great return for a guy who is one of the best 2nd line centre’s in the game but can’t stay healthy.  If the Pens offer Sutter, Pouliot and their 2015 1st I would be jumping all over that.  Sutter could take some pressure off Bo Horvat who’ll almost certainly step into the lineup as either their 2nd or 3rd line centre.



Other moves need to be done too.  I still think they can get something for Alex Burrows.  Time to go, the guy doesn’t have a good contract moving forward and even though he’s broke out lately, for the duration of his contract I’m betting you see more of the guy who had the enormous drought this season then Burrows circa 2011.  Alex Edler is another guy who should go.  He has never been the same guy since the Kings torched him in the 2012 playoffs.  Prior to that he was coming off an incredible season and looked like he was developing into a legit number 1 D-man.  He’s still a top 4 guy, but he needs a change of scenery.  They just have to guard against getting too young.


A team who is along the lines of what I’m thinking for young but not too young would be the Winnipeg Jets.  Now the Jets don’t get a lot of attention, and they’re really well run by Kevin Cheveldayoff.  But they still face a pretty steep hill to climb in the meat grinder known as the Western conference.  The one thing they MUST do is upgrade between the pipes.


Next season, Pavelec should be replacing a legit starter on bad nights and not be the guy who constantly gets replaced

I’m one of those people who believed Ondrej Pavelec was going to become a top flight NHL starter.  Well it hasn’t happened and it is time to pull the pin on that idea.  He’s a solid backup.  But this team has no idea what he will give them night to night.  Jonas Hiller is a UFA.  Would he go to Winnipeg after so many years in the California sun?  Maybe not, but then again if the Ducks decide they can thrive with Frederick Anderson and John Gibson in goal what would be his other choices?  There aren’t a lot.  Maybe Minnesota….which isn’t much different from Winnipeg.  Maybe Jaroslav Halak is the answer?  Or maybe he re-signs in Washington, which would make Braden Holtby available.  They’ll have options and they have to take care of this problem.



They also could stand to upgrade their blueline.  There is talent on their back end, but obviously the biggest (literally) enigma is Dustin Byfuglien.  Teams will have great interest in the big man if he’s available, weather they’re looking to add size up front or some offence from their blueline.  I would be looking for another top 4 D-man in return, but perhaps a LH shot.  If Mark Stuart could be their number 5 D-man they would be in pretty good shape.  Bogosian on their top pairing, Trouba on their 2nd pairing, it could take great shape but they need to have the right guy coming back to do that deal.


I do love their size up front.  A key for this team next season will be if Mark Scheifele can take another step after a real good rookie season.  If he could handle the 1st line centre duties that would be a huge positive for this club.  Having said that it is likely much too soon to put that kind of pressure on him.  But still, their top 6 is Ladd, Wheeler, Kane, Scheifele, and maybe Byfuglien if Maurice chooses to put him up front all of next season….and if he’s not dealt.


Still too many issues to count, but the Oil may have found something with Scrivens

And finally, the Oilers.  I don’t need to spend much time here on the Oil because I have another piece coming out all dedicated to their shit show season and what they have and what needs to be done and so on and so forth.  But I will say, the Colorado Avalanche were in the 4th year of their rebuild last year and finished 29th.  If the Oilers don’t literally have AHL goaltending to start this season they might not be anywhere near this mess.




I said it earlier, they had expectations where a team like the Flames didn’t.  So it’s pretty natural for these guys to just want this season to be done with already.  Come next fall barring 1 or 2 blockbuster moves, expectations will be extremely low and that will help them out a ton I’m certain.  They aren’t in anywhere near as bad of shape as they appear to be or as the Eastern media in particular make them out to be.  A shit show without a doubt, but it is fixable.  Having said that, don’t expect playoffs yet again next season.  A) the Pacific is too tough.  B) the West is too tough.  C) MacTavish won’t be able to pull multiple rabbits out of his hat.


This was an awful year for NHL teams in this country, that’s all.  The Oilers, Canucks and Leafs turned into shit shows, the Jets are what they are, the Flames are better than expected but still bad, and the Sens had an off year.  But I’m saying it right now, 4 of these teams can join Montreal in the playoffs next season (Canucks, Leafs, Sens and Jets).  The Flames will still need some time I believe, but they’re on the right track.  And while the Oilers get mocked for their rebuild taking time people forget that the Blues took 7 years rebuilding so it’s still too early to call it a failure.  Things will turn Canada….they can’t get worse!


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Trimming the hedges in Vancouver

So I haven’t been able to post blogs for a while now but I’m coming back strong….and by strong I mean this one…which may only be viewed as average at best.  I said it on twitter as soon as the matchups were set that the Kings were a total nightmare of a matchup for the Canucks.  Great goaltending, great down the middle, great defensively, and gritty as can be.  The Kings are built for the postseason.  The Daniel Sedin “return” for game 1 sounded way too much like trying to keep the fan base calm rather than him actually being ready. 

Weather they had started the series with Daniel or not, the Kings just have an answer to everything that makes the Canucks a power.  Then add in that the Kings are a team loaded with character and the Canucks lacking it…and here we are.

For 2 years now, at least, the Canucks have been the most hated team in the NHL.  And it’s not a hate like how people hated the Philadelphia Flyers of the mid 70’s, or the Oakland Raiders of the 70’s, or the Detroit Pistons of the late 80’s.  No, this is more of a laughing at the act of some of there players, there GM, there rioting fans, and not to be left out there head cheerleader who calls the games on CBC. 

They’re to the NHL what the Mountie was to the WWE in the early 90’s.  The Mountie was a d-bag who had Jimmy Hart as his annoying manager (Jim Hughson) and would do everything as cheap as he could to win.  He once won the Intercontinental title (the President’s trophy), but his antics would never get him close to the WWE title. 

Sure he probably got a shot once, but Hulk Hogan (Boston Bruins) “ran wild” over him and that was that.  And the Mountie would never give credit to the illegal weapons like the shock stick that would help him win, the same way that you never hear Mike Gillis give Dave Nonis any credit for building this team.

Anyways, the Canucks right now are just that healthy person with the flu.  Sometimes it just feels a lot better to stick your finger down your throat and purge the system.  It might not fix EVERYTHING, but you will feel a lot better for doing it.

Let’s start with Alex Burrows.  I give him a ton of credit, this kid worked his way up from the ECHL to become a 30 goal man in the NHL.  But his act is ridiculous.  He seems to be a great kid off the ice, but on it he acts like a child.  I am very certain that if Gillis went to Joe Nieuwendyk and offered Burrows for Brendan Morrow and a little something else, Nieuwendyk would be all over it. 

Burrows has a sweet heart contract, and Morrow was rumored to be available before the trade deadline.  Morrow would have interest inVancouverobviously because he is getting older and I’m certain would love to have a shot at the Cup, something that isn’t coming anytime soon inDallas. Vancouverloses in value here, but gains HUGE in character. 

Next is very simple, dump Max Lapierre.  If Burrows act is ridiculous, Lapierre’s is a disgrace.  And I don’t want to hear Canuck fan point out how he had 7 fighting major’s this year.  7 fights can easily mean he picked a guy who had never dropped the gloves before 7 times.  The guy has some talent but he is only hurting the culture of this team, dump him.

Then there is Roberto Luongo.  I give the guy a ton of props for being a standup guy and being classy throughout the last 2 seasons with all that he has been through.  If he is asking for a trade, he should.  If he isn’t….he should.  I can’t see the Canucks getting much back for him because his contract is extremely difficult to stomach. 

And there have been a ton of miles put on this vehicle.  When looking at goaltenders I tend to not look at age as much as I do games played.  Luongo has been playing a lot of hockey since he turned 21.  Now he is 33 and his game has seemingly digressed the last 2 years.  Again, that’s a TOUGH contract to move.  But just deal the man already so the distraction is out of the room, and if the new CBA does allow an amnesty for each team then he will be that guy forVancouver.  I probably wouldn’t deal him until the new CBA is in place. 

As for what to do with the cap space they would now have, I would take a run at Shane Doan should he choose to leavePhoenix(which is getting less likely by the day).  Like Morrow, Doan will be shopping for a shot at a Cup this offseason should he not get one next month.  But even if you can’t land Doan, there are plenty of other guys with character they could land in free agency (Jordin Tootoo, Jamie Langenbrunner, Brandon Prust, Travis Moen are a few that come to mind).

Done deal.  Burrows, Lapierre and Luongo out, a lot more grit and character in.  It would be a total culture change.  They would still be close to as talented of a team, but with a lot more toughness (mental and physical) and character.  And that would rub off on guys like the Sedin’s, Kesler, and maybe just as vital moving forward is Kassian who has a chance to be a beast playing with this much offensive talent.  I believe this would be a winning formula, and I’m not talking about winning in the regular season, I’m talking winning in the playoffs.  I guess we will see if Gillis see’s it this way or not.  If he doesn’t, then I’m guessing he will be the next guy that needs to be dumped.  There are way too many up and coming teams in the West to keep waiting for these problems to work themselves out.


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The more things change, the more the Canucks stay the same


Saturday was a big day for the Vancouver Canucks.  Biggest game of the year.  They were in Boston to take on the Bruins, the team that humiliated them in last year’s Stanley Cup final.  This was the Canucks chance to get some measure of revenge, and they did by winning 4-3….and then quickly reminded everyone just who they are and why they will never win.

You see, in the grand scheme of it all this game means virtually nothing.  Yet in post game interviews, Henrik Sedin couldn’t wait to tell everyone how this game proved they’re a tough team.  WHAT?!?!  I don’t ever use this when I’m texting or tweeting something, but LOL!!!  Come the (place an F bomb here) on Hank!!!  “This proves were tough”…I would love for him to enlighten us on how this proves they’re tough?

In the 1st period (assuming this is what he was talking about), Shawn Thornton goes after Alex Burrows.  2 Canucks immediately jump on Thornton.  Ok…I understand Burrows while being a greasy chicken (place an S bomb here) isn’t a fighter and Thornton is there to protect a teammate from being destroyed I understand it, sort of.  But then, 2 more Canucks jump in as well!  The best of all of them was the heart of the team Max Lapierre literally jumping into the pile.  For some reason I wasn’t in any way shocked that he was willing to be the 5th man in.

Out of all of that Milan Lucic gets kicked out for what is acknowledged now as a blown call.  This was 4 minutes into the game.  So the Bruins are without there intimidator for essentially the entire game.  Meanwhile Lapierre is getting verbally murdered by Thornton in the penalty box.  So who does Lapierre end up dropping the mitts with?  You guessed it, 5’11 190 Gregory Campbell.  Of course.  And of course he still couldn’t win the fight, but either way he’s coming out the loser the hockey world all knows he is.

Things got chippy latter in the game too when Brad Marchand delivered a shady hit to Sami Salo.  After the game, the Canucks can’t WAIT to start crying “See! See!  Look what they did!  They’re dirty too!”  Oh dear lord.  Kevin Bieksa was one of the clowns to start this.  He couldn’t wait to start in about how the Canucks aren’t dirty and the Bruins are because Marchand laid a dirty hit.  Mike Gillis started in about it too.  Why stop there Mike?  Why not get out your recipe cards again and go down the list of hundreds of ways the Canucks have been wronged this season?

This is a very talented team but I very literally have never seen anything like the Canucks before.  They’re entertaining, no debating that.  They’re hockey’s version of Jersey Shore.  They got it going on in many different ways, yet they can’t get out of there own damn way and just quit acting like d-bags!  Is it really THAT hard to quit crying about everything?  Is it THAT hard to quit playing like chicken *****?  Is it THAT hard to just put your head down and play the game hard and honest?  Apparently for this group, that’s EXTREMELY difficult, and I doubt they’ll ever change.