Everytime Bruce Arthur tweets, the sounds of great and charismatic Randy Newman run through my head.  “You’ve got a friend in me”.  No, this ain’t no Toy Story.  This is a story of 2 twitter greats, in the prime of their careets (see what I did there…pushed the words career and tweets together, probably saved a half a second on you reading all this had I not taken another 8-10 seconds to explain the word) having never met and yet have an unspoken bond…again never spoken because we’ve never met and even if we had he would have no clue who I was nor care afterwards.


But Bruce and I have spoken in a way.  Sometimes Bruce gets back to me when I mention him on twitter.  The first time he was mightily impressed with my twitter workings.  He started things with this:


@bruce_arthur28 Jun

For those who need jokes explained: Edmonton’s civic leaders. That’s the joke.


To which I responded with this little ditty:


@TJ_Soups28 Jun

@bruce_arthur hey council is in a rebuild. Gonna be bad for a few years but stockpile 1st overall picks


Bruce was a big fan of my work as you can see:


bruce_arthur28 Jun

@TJ_Soups hahahahahaha love that


I guess so!  Who wouldn’t?!  That line might rival any knock, knock joke ever created!  Sheer genius on my part I know but seriously guys I don’t want to brag about it, that’s just not my style….


So as you can see that was June 28th.  I thought for sure at that point Bruce would be following me, asking for my digits, inviting me to chill on his yacht (by the way does anyone know if Bruce has a yacht?  Kind of a deal breaker for me if he doesn’t have a yacht), asking me to fill in for him on the Reporters (I would say no though…get up early on a SUNDAY?!?!  Are you freakin kidding me?!?), generally just being best buds.


For some reason none of that happened.  I’m sure Bruce was just busy.  You know, its summer time.  Guys go on trips with the family, don’t have time to hang with their boys….I’m a dude, I get it.  Bro’s before ho’s is a nice slogan, but in the real world even best bud’s like Bruce and I have to look after the wives….well, he does.  I’m not married, nor do I have a girlfriend.  But hey, happy wife, happy life!


But yesterday Bruce and I did get a chance to chat.  It wasn’t for long, like I’ve been saying Bruce is such a busy guy that its tough for him to hang out even when things aren’t so hectic.  He has a lot on his plate.  But it was a good conversation, check it out:



I’m the Wayne Gretzky of ignoring Paulina Gretzky’s engagement on Twitter



@bruce_arthur u promised Mess u wouldn’t tweet that



@TJ_Soups haha


Not as many “ha’s”, but if I know Bruce…and I think I do since we’re pretty tight…he just didn’t want to make it seem like he was showing a bias towards me over his other followers.  Hahaha, that’s SO like Bruce!


I don’t know when the next time is that we’ll get to chat, but when we do I’m sure it will be just like old times!  BA setting them up, and Soups knocking them out!  Maybe Bruce will co-star with me in my sure fire smash hit TV show “Soups and Sand Wedges” that I’m looking to develop with the CW?  We’re like Lenny and Carl, Don and Roger, Walter and Jesse, A-rod and Tony, just 2 good friends looking to entertain our thousands of fans….although my fans don’t follow me on twitter, they’re more the “word of mouth” types, but I’m sure they love me just as much.



Do I REALLY need to tell you to follow me like I normally do at the end?  @TJ_Soups

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