Browns Redskins FootballHow many times have writers used that headline this week?!  Or when he was drafted?  Or when he won the Heisman?  Or when he beat Alabama?  Oh what the hell, once more isn’t going to hurt anything!


So the Browns turn to Johnny Manziel.  The guy who is pretty much the complete opposite of the prototypical QB.  He doesn’t appear to be well liked, doesn’t appear to be a leader, he’s small, he doesn’t have a big arm, he tucks it and runs a ton, basically everything you DON’T look for in a franchise QB.


But the Browns had to make the move, and I was big on them sticking with Brian Hoyer but the problem is that Hoyer has completely stalled.  This team has a shot at the playoffs, and while QB’s like Manziel don’t have much of a shelf life, over a short span they can give a team a spark and that is exactly what the Browns need.


A perfect example of this was when Willie Beamen did it for the Miami Sharks.  Dan “Cap” Rooney got hurt late in the 99 season (as you’ll recall), and Beamen came in and led the Sharks to back to back wins to get them in the playoffs.  Now Manziel doesn’t have the advantage that Beamen did of being fictional, but sometimes you think he is.


My take on Manziel is that he’ll be OK for the Browns this season.  Will he get them in the playoffs?  I doubt it, but I like their chances better with Manziel than with Hoyer right now.  Long term, I think the guy will fizzle out.  The only reason he was a 1st round pick was because the success of the pistol offense for that half a second at the end of the 2012 season made awful organizations believe any College QB could thrive in the NFL.


But you have to be an adult to have any kind of long term success at QB in the NFL.  People will say “he’s like Russell Wilson!”, but he’s not anywhere close to Russell Wilson in terms of maturity and that’s where it really counts.  I’m pulling for the kid because polarizing figures like him are great in any sport, but being honest about it I don’t think he’ll last long term.  Soon, he’ll frequently be getting PICKED….


What a lead in!  Just 7 picks this week, unlike the 9 that I did last week to an AWESOME 7-2 and 1 of those losses I got completely f***ed on in the KC/Arizona game!  6 ATS, and an over/under.  Between College and NFL I was 12-2 last weekend.  I’m hot….at least for 1 week.


Green Bay at Buffalo

Bills +4.5

Something doesn’t feel right about the Bills only being 4.5 point dogs in this game, so I’ll take the home team getting points.  Pack are on a short week.


Miami at New England

Dolphins +7.5

Dolphins will be desperate, they beat the Pats in the opener, and 7.5 is a lot of points.  Maybe the Pats blow them out, but the smart money is on the fish.


Pittsburgh at Atlanta

Falcons +2

The Falcons shouldn’t be only 2 point dogs in this game.  But here is the thing, the Steelers have played down to their opposition all season long and the Falcons are a solid team at home.


Denver at San Diego

Broncos -4

The only favorite I like this week.  The Chargers are sinking, and don’t forget they just played what has become a very physical Pats team.  Chargers just aren’t as good as I thought they were to start the season and the Broncos are going to win this one going away in my opinion.


San Francisco at Seattle

49ers +10

I don’t care what happened last game, the Niners shouldn’t be 10 point dogs to the Seahawks.  Maybe the Hawks do blow them out again, but this number is due to an overreaction from the public which means go the other way.


Dallas at Philadelphia

Cowboys +3.5

It hasn’t moved to 3.5 yet, but it will.  I know the Cowboys can’t be trusted in December which makes this pick scary, but 2 things I love.  1) Cowboys have had 10 days to prepare.  2) This is the 2nd time seeing the Eagles.  3) The Eagles just had the piss beat out of them physically by the Seahawks.  This line normally should be the Eagles getting 6.5, they want you to bet Philly.


Dallas at Philadelphia

Over 55

It’s a huge number, I know.  But I don’t see either team stopping each other.  Check the forecast before you lay any money on the over though.  I wouldn’t be taking the over if it is garbage conditions.


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