Let’s Hope This is the Final Chapter


Colts-Andrew-Luck-and-Patriots-Tom-BradySunday night, the game people have been talking about since the NFL schedule came out back in April.  It’s the story that nobody would shut up about.  Can you imagine had Tom Brady’s suspension held up what a circus this week would have been???  Thankfully it didn’t, not because I’m a Pats fan, but because it was well beyond absurd.


Having said all this, this is still a story heading into week 6.  I am surprised it isn’t a bigger story heading into week 6, but it still is a story.  And it’s tough not to believe that the Patriots are going to obliterate the team that “ratted them out”.


But that shouldn’t be why they blowout the Colts.  They should blow them out because they are miles ahead of them as a football team.  You can play up the “they’re pissed off and going to run it up” card as much as you want.  But the fact is that the Colts just dominate their division.  They are that good of a team.  This was known coming into this season.  I picked the Colts to go to the AFC championship, but said in the write up that it was mainly because they would dominate the South again, and then win the divisional game because of home field.


The Pats are better than I thought they would be though.  I thought for sure with Revis and Browner gone, that secondary was in big trouble.  I thought even though they got incredible value taking Malcolm Brown at the 32nd pick in the draft that it would be a year or so until he was giving them the same level of play that Vince Wilfork had.


So that’s what we got coming on Sunday night.  And after the Pats win, can the idiotic “Deflate gate” shit be done with for good?  PLEASE?!  I have never cared less about a story, and it made no sense how it was even a story beyond a couple of fines being handed out much like the Falcons got for pumping in crowd noise to the Georgia dome.  Did you even know about that?  You may have heard about it or seen it cross the wire 1 freaking day, that’s it.  This was only a story because people hate the Pats.  Which is fine, but find a good reason to “get them”.


Anyway, my picks ATS which I missed doing last weekend.  No issues with the site or anything, I just flat out forgot.  With harvest, regular job, family in town for Thanksgiving, life gets busy and writing about picks that MAYBE 4 people will use isn’t a high priority.  But it’s a pride thing with me.  I want to be that guy who gets so hotter than Hansel…picking games that is.  I just made a 15 year old movie reference.  Man I’m old!


Denver at Cleveland

Broncos -4

Feels like a bait pick, I can’t lie.  But logic just dictates the Broncos even though they’ve looked bad for an undefeated team will still win this game going away.  The D is elite and the running game is getting better.  And the Browns don’t stop the run.  And the Broncos will shutdown the Browns running game.  Josh McCowan isn’t to be trusted so eat the points.


Miami at Tennessee

Dolphins +1

Bye week, new coach, Titans aren’t good at home, the Dolphins really shouldn’t be underdogs in this football game.  They’ll win this one.  That’s it.  I really don’t know what else to say.


Carolina at Seattle

Panthers +7

The Seahawks are great at home as we all know, but are they in anyway deserving of being 7 point favorites right now?  They aren’t, especially not against an undefeated team.  The Seahawks could easily be 1-4 right now.  It’s just not the same team.  Maybe they get it going this week, but you can’t bank on that.  Plus the Panthers are off a bye and the Seahawks just played a real physical game in Cincy.


New England at Indianapolis

Patriots -10

It’s a huge number, but as I laid out in the blog this doesn’t have much to do with the theory that the Pats are pissed off.  It has everything to do with them being that much better than the Colts.  They don’t just beat the Colts, they DOMINATE them.  Until the Colts show they can compete with New England, you have to believe that the same thing will continue to happen.  Plus, how healthy will Andrew Luck be?  It sounds like they could be rushing him back for this game.


NY Giants at Philadelphia

Giants +5.5

WHAT?!  The Eagles aren’t good at home, they haven’t been near as consistent as the Giants this season, none of this number makes sense to me.  Vegas is basing this off a big win against a bad Saints team?  The Giants are winning this game outright.

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