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I can’t bring myself to talk fantasy football too much on here just yet.  Why?  Because I don’t want to give away secrets!  I want to win my drafts, and I don’t want to pimp what I want to do on here.  Someday I’ll bring myself to grow up, but it hasn’t happened yet.  But I will share this with you.


There are certain rules that I have on draft days.  I’m not a smart guy, nobody has ever accused me of being so.  Yet when I do these drafts (3 drafts and 1 keeper complicated keeper league this season), guys will make a lot of these mistakes.  I’m not blaming them, I used to do the same types of things.  But at some point, winning is everything and so I’ve grown up and learned a few fantasy football lessons that everyone should live by.  Here are 5 of them.  I have a few more, but these are the 5 that I’m going to give you.  I’m sure most of you know these already, yet so many of us stray from them when the draft begins.


1. Don’t wear your uni to a draft.  Not literally, if you want to be a jersey guy be my guest.  What I mean here is don’t pick with your heart, pick with your head.  Once you start picking with your heart, you will lose.  Don’t take Tom Brady with your 1st pick in the draft because you’re a Pats fan and you want to win with Pats.  Who the heck cares who you win with?  Pull for your team all you want, but don’t take the Jim Hughson approach to fantasy football.


2. Let the chips fall where they may.  I don’t know why so many guys try to force their draft.  Let it come to you.  If your guy isn’t there, don’t go reaching for someone.  Simply pick a guy who fits who is ranked right around where you are picking.  I’m not saying you can’t go off the board a bit, but if you’re plan is to take 2 running backs early, don’t scrap that plan just because “your guy” is no longer there.  TLC once said “don’t go chasing waterfalls…”  I bet them ladies are TERRIFIC at fantasy football, its sound advice.


3. Kick out just before 3.  I can’t believe I have to explain this one to some people out there.  Kickers are a dime a freakin dozen, yet I see some of these guys picking kickers when they still have spots open.  WHY?!?  In our auction style draft this year, some kickers went for more than a dime (league minimum).  WHY!!!???  Until a kicker comes along who consistently hits from 60 and 70 yards, lay off the kickers.  There will be plenty there in the last round.


4. A sleeper isn’t sleeping if you wake him up.  Like that?  I’m sure someone else has come up with it, but I honestly thought of it, didn’t read it anywhere.  ANYWAY, enough pats on the back….this simply means don’t reach for a sleeper.  Just stupid.  I kind of did this with the biggest sleeper this season, Zach Sudfeld.  I paid 1.20 for him in our auction (25 dollar cap).  I don’t really regret it, but now unless he absolutely goes nuts this season he won’t be worth keeping, and its a keeper league.  Same thing apply’s in a standard draft.  If you reach for a guy like this then he’s not really a sleeper is he?  This tie’s in with rule 2, just sit back and let him come to you.


5. Defenses are like bets.  Think about this.  Let’s say you bet 1 football game a week.  Are you picking the same team every week?  Or are you picking the game that is the best bet to be a win?  I’m doing the latter and I’m sure just about all of you are as well.  This is how I look at defenses.  I could care less about taking the Seahawks or Niners defense this season when good players are on the board.  I’m simply going to take a D late in the draft who has an easy matchup.  In 2 of my 3 drafts, I picked the Bucs defense late….week 1 they play the J-E-T-S MESS, MESS, MESS!


Just follow these rules on draft day, that’s all you have to do.  Yeah you may not win, but you’ll have a lot better shot at winning.  Of course these rules are now useless for those of you in my leagues, but did you really think I would look to help any of you out?  It is war (ok, its actually the total opposite of war), and you can’t let your secrets out….at least until after the war has been fought.  Best of luck to those of you in fantasy leagues….who aren’t involved in any of my leagues.


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