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Man I simply can’t keep doing season previews this long.  Approximently 10,200 words not including this final piece.  So I hope nobody is enjoying these and getting used to them because it is a lot more likely that come NFL season it will be this one article with the division predictions added to it.  Seems like a better 2-3 weeks for my back….although I should try sitting in a proper chair and a desk instead of leaning forward in my recliner…ok I’ll shut up and start with the predicitions


AL wildcard teams

Texas Rangers – I think they’re a lock if they don’t win the division.  Just so solid all around.


Tampa Bay Rays – I BADLY wanted to say KC, I really did.  But I can’t go against the Rays amazing pitching.



Tampa Bay vs Detroit – Pitching, pitching and more pitching.  And yet you would think the tiebreaker for me would be Miggy Cabrera.  Nope.  I’m going to take the Rays to pull the upset.

Oakland vs Boston – The A’s STILL have only 1 series win with Billy Beane running the show.  How is it possible that you lose 6 ALDS, and all of them in the 5th game?  Unreal…make it 7.



Tampa Bay vs Boston – Again, maybe it’s insane of me to believe that the Rays talent is going to emerge so soon, but I have a feeling it will and the Red Sox have to run out of magic at some point don’t they?


NL wildcard teams

Washington Nationals – Probably stupid for not taking them to win the division, but they’ll get in.


Cincinnati Reds – I might be higher on them than most, but the talent is there to do some damage.



Washington vs St.Louis – A rematch of their classic 2012 NLDS that featured that epic Cardinals game 5 comeback.  This time I believe the Nats finish the job.

Los Angeles vs Atlanta – That’s right, the Dodgers go to Atlanta for the 2nd year in a row, and for the 2nd year in a row they knock off the Braves.


Washington vs Los Angeles – The 2 most talented teams in the NL meet to go to the World Series.  Perhaps we would get Kershaw vs Strasburg for a few games?  Let’s hope.  The Dodgers I believe will add a lot by the trade deadline and prove too much for the Nats.


World Series

Tampa Bay vs Los Angeles – A matchup featuring the games 2 elite lefties, but talk about a contrast.  East vs West.  Big market vs small market.  Tradition vs … tradition?  I’m not a word….guy….Anyway, again I just think the Dodgers are going to load up by the deadline and while I’m not expecting an amazing season they’ll be primed for the playoffs and I’ll say they knock off the Rays in 6 games.



Mike Trout – He came extremely close in 2012, I believe this will his breakout season…if it’s possible.



Jason Heyward – WAY off the board!  I realize that, but I also know he’s got the tools to be this guy.


AL Cy Young

Felix Hernandez – This is basically pulling a name out of a hat between Verlander, Price, Darvish, and the King.


NL Cy Young

Stephen Strasburg – I’m probably a tool for going against Kershaw, but it’s going to happen soon for “Stars-burg”.



Xander Bogaerts – I like staying trendy and hanging with the cool kids at school, so if they’re all doing it, so am I.



Travis d’Arnaud – If you read the team previews do I really need to explain this?  It’s what happens to the Jays…


AL Manager of the year

Mike Scioscia – Like last year, this is normally given to the guy who’s team surprises, like Terry Francona or Clint Hurdle.  So it has to be one of the many managers who will screw up my predictions….the Angels are pretty loaded, but everyone thinks they are what they are and that Scioscia is all but gone, so he is a great fit here.


NL Manager of the year

Fredi Gonzalez – This actually isn’t going off the board from my projections.  No Medlin, no McCann, so if they win the division I would consider it to be a pretty big surprise at this point over the extremely talented Nationals.


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