Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!  It is finally here!!!  Week 1!  Last year when this site was only read by 5 people I had an 0-4 week (I think it was wildcard weekend).  Now that this site is being read by 8 people, I’m feeling a bit of pressure!  And if you’ve learned anything from my other picks, you know that I won’t win you very much money but I WILL convince you that I know it all!  Who can’t love that?!  So with all that being said, and no Ron Barr references….damn I just made one….let’s get to these picks.


Atlanta at Kansas City

Kansas City +2.5

I know I picked the Falcons to win the NFC South, but they won’t go 16-0.  And when it comes to the quarterback position there is no contest, Ryan is head and shoulders above Cassel.  But KC is at home, KC has guys that can make big plays on offense, and KC has a very good defense.  I think the Chiefs can limit what the Falcons do on offense, and I don’t think the Falcons can do enough on defense to help out.  I’m not certain the Chiefs win this one outright but at home getting points I feel is a really good bet.


Indianapolis at Chicago

Indianapolis +10

I know everyone is going to look at this and say “a rookie QB going into Chicago and facing that Bears D is not going to go well”.  I understand that logic, but Luck isn’t your average rookie QB, this kid is the real deal.  Again, I have the Colts to surprise a lot of people and get to 7-9 or even 8-8.  And while I love the Bears to be an elite team this season, I just don’t think Luck will get blown out in his first game.  Add to this, I believe this Bears offense could take a few weeks to really gel so while I like the Bears offense better than the Colts defense, I don’t think they will light them up.


St. Louis at Detroit

St. Louis +8

I managed to bet this game when it was 9.5, but 8 is still a really big number.  The Rams are going to be improved right from the get go this season, and the Lions had so much BS going on off the field this offseason.  Like Indy, I don’t think the Rams will win this game, but I expect them to keep it within 6 or 7 at the least.  Stafford to Megatron is scary, but the Rams defense is going to be very good this season so they should keep the Detroit offense in check.


San Francisco at Green Bay

San Francisco +5

What was supposed to be the NFC title game last year, but of course the New York Giants ruined that party.  So we get it week 1, and it might be the best matchup of the week.  I love the Packers to win the NFC this season, and obviously love Rodgers a lot more than Alex Smith.  But we will see just how much the Packers defense has improved, and even if it has I can’t see it being anything elite yet.  There for I believe Smith will be able to throw on them, and the niners defense might be the best in football which could limit what the Packers offense will do.  I really expect this to be a close game, however so does everyone else and that’s always a concern.


Pittsburgh at Denver

Denver -2

Welcome back Peyton Manning, you get to face one of the most physical teams in the NFL.  Working in his favor however is that James Harrison is out for this game.  As I’ve stated a ton, I like the Broncos better than most.  Manning has great weapons to work with, and they’re great on the other side of the ball.  The Steelers I think are still going to be a good team (wildcard team), but again they’re aging.  I think this will be a close game, but at home I believe the Broncos will take it by at least a field goal.


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