Shocking, I lost again.  ANOTHER 2-3 week.  Thanks for not showing up San Francisco, you were supposed to destroy the Panthers!  I don’t care how great their D is, 9 points?!  AT HOME?!?!?!?  What the hell was that?!  I know I said prior to the season that Colin Kaepernick would have his struggles this season, only natural.  But he’s better than that!!  4 games under again, might be 5, I’m too pissed off about it to go back and look, I’ll just win a boat load this weekend I guess.


Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Atlanta -1

Short week for the Bucs, and they’re simply not a good team right now despite winning.  Another thing that is really weird this season…everytime I bet home dogs they’re horrible!!  See Atlanta last week!  I don’t feel real comfortable with this pick, but the Falcons are too good to be this bad even without Julio Jones.  I got to think this team will start getting their act together and what better week to do that then against a Bucs team coming off a high of winning their first game on a short week?


Cleveland at Cincinnati

Cleveland +6

The Browns will battle, and the Bengals play up and down to their opponents as we have seen all season long.  I’ve had a lot of wins thanks to the Bengals living up to that reputation this season…like when they lost in Cleveland!  The Browns will keep this game really close.  I do think the Bengals will pull it out, but I could see it being a 3 or 4 point game, 6 is just too many points.


Minnesota at Seattle

Minnesota +12.5

I don’t know how they’re going to stay in this game, but they will.  Actually, it will probably be behind Adrian Peterson because the Seahawks run defense isn’t that good despite the D as a whole being dominant.  Also, we have seen the Seahawks play down to their opponents a lot of late.  They blew out the Falcons, but they had last year’s playoff loss to fire them up for that game.  Barely got by Tampa, and barely got by the Rams.  I could see this being another one of those games, no matter who is starting at QB for the Vikings just as long as its not Josh Freeman!


San Francisco at New Orleans

New Orleans -3

This goes against just about everything I believe in.  The public is big on the Saints in this one.  The Saints just looked amazing on SNF.  The Niners looked bad against the Panthers and there for will be pissed in this one.  Colin Cowherd picked the Niners and the guys in Vegas agreed with him.  But something is just telling me to not buy into it.  Might be because the Saints are so incredible at home.  Might be because the last 2 times these teams played (last year and in the 2011 divisonal playoff game) the Niners got the best of the Saints so the Saints will be extra fired up for this one.  I don’t know what it is, but I like the Saints to run away with this game in the 2nd half and win by a TD or more.


Kansas City at Denver

Kansas City +8.5

Some now have this one at 7.5 but I would still like the Chiefs.  People are overlooking that while the Broncos are the better team and the Chiefs aren’t as good as their record, that the Chiefs are a matchup nightmare for the Broncos.  Denver likely wins this game, but the Chiefs are getting enormously disrespected by everyone heading into this matchup.  I expect a big game out of Alex Smith, and a big game out of the league’s top D.  The Chiefs have every bit of motivation for this game a team could ask for, so giving them 7-8.5 points seems absurd to me….but then again, so did giving the Ravens that in week 1 and look how that turned out!


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