Nooooooooooooooooooooo!  My first losing week!  And are you kidding me, it’s the 2 bets that I probably felt best about that cost me!  2-1 heading into the Sunday nighter.  Surely the Chargers will keep it within a field goal right?  No, the REFS said no!  Bring back the replacements!!!  Or at least make a movie about them with Keeanu Reeves playing the role of that schmuck that called the interception a touchdown, that would be a good flick.  Maybe have Gene Hackman play Pete Carroll?  Anyways, so that one lost, but I thought no big deal, just means I won’t go 4-1 I will go 3-2.  NOPE!  You learn things about teams when you bet on them, and what I learned about the Texans Monday night is that they have ZERO killer instinct, and Matt Schaub was horrific inside the red zone against what is not a top 10 defense in this league.  If Schaub struggles with them, how’s he going to do against Pittsburgh or San Francisco should they get that far?  Regardless, still red hot this season picking NFL games, so I will just pick winners this week.


Indianapolis at NY Jets

Indianapolis +3.5

This will go up to at least 3.5, it actually hasn’t as of writing this.  So if you’re looking to bet this game bet it in a day or 2.  Always nice to have a FG to work with, but I think Indy will take this game outright.  Indy is flying high after not just beating the Pack, but erasing a 21-3 deficit in doing so.  It was awesome, and they’re playing for their coach.  The Jets are still a mess, they’re on a short week, and they won’t play as desperate as they did against the Texans.  I’ve liked the Colts all season, I’ve disliked the Jets all season (we’re still friends though, right Colin?) and neither opinion has changed so take the Colts and the points.  #chuckstrong indeed!


St.Louis at Miami

St.Louis +3.5

Ironically again, this game is only at 3 right now but the public is HEAVY on the Dolphins.  So wait til it goes to 3.5 and pounce on it.  I honestly can’t believe the public is so heavy on the fish in this game.  The Rams defense is really coming together, and that front 4 I’ve been pimping all season came up big against Arizona, ask Kevin Kolb!  I know the Dolphins beat a good Bengals team in Cincinnati, but the Rams have the better defense, right now they have the better QB (though Tannehill looks like a beauty), and they have the better coach (though Philbin looks like he can coach).  Add on top of all this, the Rams will have had 10 days off.  This should be a pick ’em, and eventually getting 3.5 points is a gift.


Buffalo at Arizona

Buffalo +4.5

There is no reason for this pick.  Sometimes you just get the feeling that there is no way a team will stay close in a game.  I believe that’s how the public will feel about the Bills.  They’ve looked DISGUSTING in their 3 loses, and their 2 wins were against KC and Cleveland.  This team somehow is a bigger mess right now than the Jets!  Meanwhile the Cardinals have had 10 days off, and they’re 4-1.  Having said all that I just think this is a game the Bills keep close.  Don’t forget they’ve got a lot of talent on that team.  After getting humiliated in San Fran they’ll come out pissed.  The Cards on the other hand finally lost a game and what seems to happen with overachieving teams is once they lose 1 there swagger is gone.  Kolb still isn’t a great QB, and even without Mark Anderson that Buffalo d-line has the talent to make it another really long day for him.


NY Giants at San Francisco

NY Giants +6.5

You notice a theme with these picks yet?  The Giants were another team I missed on last week, and the Browns started out strong, but this time the Giants got their act together before it was too late unlike last year against the Redskins twice, Seahawks, or this year against the Cowboys.  But they still proved my point which is they play up and down to their opposition.  This is a huge game in San Fran, and despite going cross country (always difficult for NFL teams) and despite the niners being in my mind the best team in the league, the G-men will likely keep this game tight.  It’s one of those bets that while it may not win, it’s the smart bet.  I can’t think of any good reason to say the niners will take it by a touchdown.  They might, but more likely this is a 3 or 4 point game.


Green Bay at Houston

Green Bay +3.5

5 for 5 with the dogs this week!  Tough game for the Pack walking into Houston to face one of the best teams in the league.  But 3.5 is too many points for a Green Bay team that will be very desperate and a Houston team coming off a short week who showed signs of complacency against the Jets.  I will take Rodgers over Schaub, I will take McCarthy over Kubiak, and I will take the Packers big game experience over the Texans inexperience.  3.5 is just too many points, the Pack will keep this one really tight if they don’t take it outright.


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