i7d84jd0kg8bdoxlcw4uNot a good Sunday last week.  2-3 ATS, 2-4 overall.  I can’t believe I had such brutal luck.  Like I just can’t catch a break….Ok, so MAYBE I had been catching nothing but breaks over the last month betting football, College or pro.  Anyway, you deserve a winning week, and I can’t fail you!  Bet your house on these picks….your daughters doll house that is.

Last week: 2-4 (2-3 ATS)

Season record (ATS): 17-15

Season record (over/under) 4-2

Overall: 21-17


New Orleans at Detroit

New Orleans +2.5

They’ll win this game outright.  First, coming off a bye week and as always I love that.  Second, the Lions may not have Calvin Johnson.  Now the Saints almost certainly won’t have Jimmy Graham, but they’re still a lethal attack without him.  Johnson is much more valuable of the 2 players.  Also, the Saints are the underdogs here because it’s on the road and they’ve had a sluggish start.  But it’s indoors, and the win over Tampa coupled with a bye week makes me think they’ll have their house in order so to speak.


Seattle at St.Louis

Seattle -6.5

Well the Harvin trade was a bit of a shocker!  But it was likely the right move.  The guy is a cancer in the room so get him the bleep out!  This team won the Super Bowl without him last year and they can do it again.  And they’ll be fired up coming off the home loss to Dallas.  Meanwhile I don’t know what that was on Monday by the Rams.  Austin Davis just isn’t ready to face a D like that and it doesn’t get any easier this week.  Rams were beat up by the Niners, it’s a short week for them, I know the Seahawks aren’t the same on the road as at home, and it’s a 10 AM start for them.  But those things haven’t affected the Seahawks the last 2 or 3 years like they used to so I’m taking them in a blowout win over the Rams.


Kansas City at San Diego

KC +4

AGAIN, Chiefs are coming off the bye week.  Andy Reid has an amazing record coming off of bye weeks.  Also, the Chiefs don’t suck, this is a good football team.  The public need to get it out of their heads that they’re the 2012 Chiefs.  Finally, the Chargers got the Broncos coming up on Thursday night.  That’s their biggest game of the year and teams tend to look ahead to such huge football games.  Chargers win this game, but it’ll be tight the whole way.


NY Giants at Dallas

Giants +6.5

I love this pick.  I did these picks about 3 nights ago, had this one.  I always love hearing what Colin Cowherd and R.J. Bell have to say during their segment on the Herd on Friday’s.  They both were in love with this pick also.  Cowboys are the better team, but Coughlin owns the Cowboys, for how well the Cowboys D are playing they still don’t have a good pass rush and there for won’t be able to really exploit the Giants weakness on the O-line like the Eagles did Sunday night.  The Cowboys just played in Seattle, and even though they won they’ll be feeling it.  The Giants just got humiliated by the Eagles, they’ll be feeling that too but in a different way.  Giants might pull the upset here, but stick with the 6.5.


San Francisco at Denver

San Francisco +7

I don’t get this line at all.  Like the Giants I really could see the Niners pulling the upset here, and I really don’t think it would be an upset.  I was listening to Tim & Sid yesterday and I know their belief was that because Manning likely ties and may break the all time TD’s mark in this game that he will be on his game.  Well that’s fine, but the Niners, who might have the best road defense in the league, will likely try to stop him.  I can’t promise you they will, but I’m thinking they’ll give it the old College try.  I had the Niners falling apart this season.  I’m not backing off that.  But falling apart doesn’t mean they’ll get hammered by teams.  IF they lose, it won’t be by more than 4.


New Orleans at Detroit

Over 47

I don’t understand this number at all, but I’ve been burned now 2 weeks in a row…kind of shockingly…by this pick so who knows.  Confidence is shaken!  But it’s Brees vs Stafford.  Those 2 SHOULD put up 50+ playing indoors so take the over here (like there is anyway I’ll ever take the under in one of these games).


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