3-2!  23-12 now on the season!  And for once, I don’t have to be ashamed of my other picks as my NFL picks were actually my worst of last weekend.  I’m almost confident enough to say “go ahead and start using these picks”.  But I know as soon as I say that they will start to go horrible.  Then I will be known as the Cam Newton of the picking football games world….if that is a world…which I honestly don’t think it is, maybe just an expression.  See, how can you not go with my picks when I figure out brain teasers like that one?!?


Atlanta at Philadelphia

Atlanta +2.5

Big fan of this bet.  Both teams are coming off bye weeks so nobody has the advantage there.  I know Atlanta has looked shaky against the Panthers and Raiders, but they will be up for this one.  Matt Ryan is coming home, Philadelphia is a mess on and off the field right now, and the Falcons defense should have their way with Mike Vick.  I’m sure the Eagles will keep it a close game but this line just proves how the public still thinks the Eagles are much better than they actually are.  Take the better team getting points.


Carolina at Chicago

Chicago -7.5

YEP!  I hate favorites, even more so I hate big favorties, and I have a rule that you can’t trust the Bears.  But, the Carolina ship is sinking so in a gambling sense I want to get on this Titanic!  Cam Newton is losing his teammates and can’t figure out his own playbook.  The Bears defense should eat him alive and while the Panthers defense is actually keeping them in games I just think the Bears offense should be able to tear them up.  I don’t know if this is a blowout, but I do think the Bears win it comfortably.


Indianapolis at Tennessee

Indianapolis +3.5

I love this pick.  2 teams that I view as pretty even.  Now some people are going to point to last week and say “Chris Johnson is back!!!”, but look at the defense he went up against.  The Bills have been torched all season and the Titans just happened to have a good enough offense to be in the group of teams that have done so.  The Colts defense isn’t great but it will play the Titans tougher than the Bills did and Luck should be able to put up some big numbers against the Titans D.  If it was 3 points or less I wouldn’t pick this game, but getting that FG cushion is something I love so take the Colts getting points.


Washington at Pittsburgh

Washington +4.5

I love this bet.  I feel like I need to quit picking so many dogs, but this league is so close this season that you pretty much have to pick nothing but dogs.  And while I’m pretty certain the Redskins won’t win this game, the Steelers have no Troy Polomalu for this one and I see RGIII keeping this game tight.  It is scary knowing that Wallace, Brown and Roethlisberger could destroy this Redskins secondary.  But they’ve stayed in every game this season, so this one shouldn’t be an exception.


San Francisco at Arizona

Arizona +6.5

I don’t know how with not much of a run game and average quarterbacking how the Cardinals can keep this one tight.  Having said that, I think they’ll keep it tight.  It will be a dog fight between 2 great defenses.  Arizona will be really desperate in this game, divisional games are always tighter, and Alex Smith has NOT looked good in his last few games.  I don’t know how else to explain it other than that.  It will be a low scoring game, and the Cardinals will keep it close.


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