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Well after a horrendous season and a 2 week hiatous, I am back at it for the playoffs.  Last year I was horrible on the opening weekend of the playoffs.  The year before was the first time I took a shot at doing picks and I went 0-4.  So I’m not doing these expecting to win.  I’m simply doing this to see how I do.  If ANYTHING, you should do the opposite of what I do.  An absolutely miserable season picking games not just for me but for many people.  It was about as unpredictable of a season as I’ve ever seen.  Atlanta and Houston were some experts picks for the Super Bowl and they are both picking in the top 5 of the draft!  Oh well, maybe things will change in the playoffs….but I doubt it.


Kansas City at Indianapolis

Indianapolis -2.5

If this were -3.5, I would have a tough time making a pick here.  But for some reason, favorite’s have dominated wildcard weekend the last few seasons and the Colts with the home field should take this game and if I like a team to win a game then I’m not worried about them giving less than a field goal.  The Chiefs are a good team, but they aren’t as good as the first half of the season indicated.  The Colts smoked them in KC, and they are a much better team at home than on the road.  The Chiefs on paper are the better football team, but they just aren’t a better football team.  I do believe it will be a tight game, but the Colts take it 23-17.


New Orleans at Philadelphia

Philadelphia -2.5

Basically this is the same story as the Colts game.  The difference here is that the Saints are probably the better team.  But they are a completely different team on the road and in the elements.  I questioned a few weeks back weather or not the Eagles could handle the elements against the Lions.  But they pulled that one out in a blizzard.  The Eagles have a more balanced offense than the Saints do, and I believe Shaddy McCoy will be the big difference in this game.  I’ll say the Eagles take this one 31-27.


San Diego at Cincinnati

Cincinnati -7

San Diego has no business being in this game.  They needed pretty much EVERYTHING to break their way, and still could barely beat a Chiefs team who were essentially sitting all their starters.  The reason this line isn’t bigger in my opinion is because the Bengals have yet to take that step into the elite teams of the NFL.  But at home, looking for their first playoff win since 1990, and playing an average/warm weather Chargers team in January should be a recipe for a big Bengals win.  27-10 Bengals.


San Francisco at Green Bay

Green Bay +3

The only rematch of last year’s postseason, where the Niners and Pack played a tight first half, and then the Niners boat raced the Pack in the second half.  There is no logical explanation as to why the Packers should win this game.  The Niners have won the last 3 games these 2 have played, the Niners are much better equipped for playoff football, and Colin Kaepernick has destroyed the Pack in their last 2 meetings.  But I just have a feeling the Packers are going to carry that momentum from their big win on Sunday into the playoffs.  The favorite in the NFC are the Seahawks and rightfully so.  But the Packers to me are the most dangerous team.  The D is nothing special, but that offense with Lacy, Rodgers and Cobb all in the lineup is lethal.  I like the Packers outright here, 34-31.


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