seth-robertsSometimes I’ll have some schmucky little opening, but I’m going right into this week.


I know things come in three’s, and I know it’s freakish that we nearly got three tie’s in an eight day span, and four OT games overall.  Having said that, can we do something about these tie’s?  Playoffs, I’m perfectly fine with this OT system.  That was what this system was made for.  Remember, the rule of “only a TD on the opening possession can win it” was originally only used in the playoffs (although that’s a lie, a safety on the opening possession can also end it).  Anyway, for the regular season we need the college system.  Coin flip, winner just about always defers to take the ball last, each team starts at the oppositions 20 yard line.  That way you’re virtually guaranteed to get points, and you’re not gassing out the players with long/grind it out drives.  You likely would still have to put a cap on how many OT’s it could go (I say three max), but the likelihood of that happening with it being so easy to score would be slim.


As for the games I’m talking about, I’ll start with MY Raiders.  Now 6-2, and that is after they played like absolute SHIT!!!  23 penalties, and they still won!  I don’t know how many drives were stalled because of ridiculous penalties.  I’m guessing the week spent in Miami was less practice, more party.  But at the end of the day, they’re at the halfway point in the season with a 6-2 record.


Carolina won the battle of the pretenders.  The Cards just aren’t the same team, and neither are the Panthers.  I do think both are capable of making the playoffs, we’ve seen the Panthers get hot before and rattle off a ton of games in a row, but it’s still a very big uphill climb.  As for Cam Newton though, shut up man.  Because the truth is, all that showboating, all that “look at me” shit he does has put a massive target on his back.  You can’t have it both ways.  He might have a point about the hits, but I just don’t want to hear it.  If someone is crying about him showboating, his response is “stop me then”.  You want to play that way, cool.  I don’t mind it, but know what’s coming.  This guy is just a total front runner, and it’s too bad because he could be an all time great, just doesn’t seem to have the mental toughness to get there.


I said in my picks that if the Saints can get past the Seahawks then things are looking for them to get back in the hunt not only in the NFC wildcard picture but perhaps the NFC South.  The Falcons are good, but they aren’t SO good that the Saints couldn’t catch them.  A game and a half back, still play them in Atlanta, it’s still an uphill climb but I think the Saints are actually looking pretty good.  As for the Seahawks, they aren’t the team they used to be but I still trust them more than most of the average shit in the NFC.


The Pats are the best team in football and at this point nobody is remotely close.  They just sold at the trade deadline.  You know you’re miles ahead of everyone else when you sell off one of your top players at the trade deadline.


Two of those top end average NFC teams played a damn good game in Atlanta.  Hopefully this is the beginning of the turnaround for Aaron Rodgers.  I don’t care if you aren’t a fan of the Packers, it’s tough to dislike great.  Peyton Manning just retired, Tom Brady is 38, Drew Brees is 37, Andrew Luck is stuck with an organization that appears to be a shit show right now, it’s getting tough to find GREAT at the quarterback position.  Rodgers is the one of the very few with the ability to be great.  But they still lost.  And again, the Falcons are good.  They aren’t great, but they’re good and much better than expected.  Then again, they looked similar at this point last season and it all went down the drain in the second half.  I THINK this season is different…I THINK.


6-1.  6-1, with Dak Prescott as their QB.  Now, in that game, with Philly’s pass rush, he was finally exposed a bit.  He finally faced some pressure, but he got the job done and won the game in OT.  Tony Romo is better.  It’s great that they’re winning without him, but history suggests that rookie QB’s won’t win in the playoffs.  Some jackass is going to say “well Romo doesn’t win in the playoffs either”.  Romo should have gone to the NFC title game two years ago if not for a ridiculous call on a Dez Bryant catch…yes, it was a catch.  They then would have played the Seahawks, whom the Cowboys had beaten earlier that season, in Seattle.  Fiction: Tony Romo chokes in the clutch.  Fact: for years the Cowboys weren’t anything good and Tony Romo was the reason they were even in the clutch.  Romo gives the Cowboys another element on offense.  While I believe needing the big play is a myth that a lot of the media plays up as a big deal because it’s exciting, he can go down field to Dez Bryant which is something Prescott doesn’t seem to be able to do, or at least feel comfortable doing.


Finally, because I’m a day late on this week’s blog, I’m able to discuss the Monday nighter.  What a freaking dog of a game!  I have to be honest, I could barely watch it.  It’s too bad that the Vikings have been destroyed by injuries.  Had they not been, they would be the top team in the NFC, not the Cowboys.  Bridgewater, Peterson, Kalil.  Those were literally the Vikings three best players on the offensive side of the ball, and all are done, and because of that they get beat by the Eagles and embarrassed by a bad Bears team.  Trade deadline tomorrow, and I’d be completely lying if I said I knew anything about the NFL salary cap.  But IF the Vikings can get Joe Thomas, I have to think they’ll go hard after him.  You get Thomas, and you keep Bradford upright, you improve your running game, and you might be able to still win the NFC this season with how down it is.


Outside of Denver at Oakland on Sunday night, this week’s slate of games is pretty awful.  If the wife or girlfriend wants to enjoy the nice weather that’s expected, might be a good day to bank some goodwill!  Take her out for the day, come home at night and settle in for the changing of the guard that’ll take place in Oakland.


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