eagles-v-giantsMan, I started last week with a cocky opening, hoping to get a laugh out of one of you (it didn’t, and I got a lot of hate mail from seniors), and believing it would jinx me.  Still, I remain red hot.  25-14-2 on the season, 11-3-1 in the last 3 weeks.  I apologize for how late this is coming out this morning, but I have take all the blame myself for that…and pin it directly on my girlfriend who doesn’t think I need to win you money!  She doesn’t get that people enjoy winning money.  Anyway, still time to place your bets.


Dallas at Cleveland

Browns +7.5

Now, as I’m writing this it is at 7.5.  It’ll likely go down to 7, as it was yesterday when I first looked at the lines.  I still would bet the Browns at 7, but I LOVE them at 7.5.  The reason for this is that this is a total trap game for the Cowboys.  They’re in the midst of a pretty tough stretch in their schedule and this is the only easy game.  And it’s not anything big either.  If they lose, it’s really no issue at all for them.  And as you’ve seen with me constantly betting the Browns…with mixed results…I’m a strong believer in them covering.  Not winning, but covering.  They’ll cover here and this will be a surprisingly close game.


Jacksonville at Kansas City

Chiefs -7

I just simply think the Jaguars are awful right now.  I really believe all the talent is there to be a good team, a playoff team at least in that disgusting division, but as long as Gus Bradley is the coach you can’t count me out as a believer in them.  Also, coming off their bye week the Jaguars looked worse than their colour rush uniforms.  It’s a big number, but the Chiefs are real good and the Jags are real bad.  Andy Reid v Gus Bradley, that’s like McGregor v CM Punk.


Philadelphia at NY Giants

Eagles +3

From the picture I put together you’d think this is my “marquee game of the day”.  Nah, I just like the rivalry, which has been declared by NFL Network as the number one rivalry in the NFL.  I don’t think the Eagles should be the underdogs in this game.  I know why they are, mainly because the Giants are coming off a bye week.  But the Eagles have been the better team this season and the one key matchup in this game will be the Eagles tremendous pass rush vs a Giants O-line that just hasn’t improved at all this season.  The Eagles will get to Eli Manning.  Vice versa, the Giants will be able to get to Carsen Wentz a bit, so expect a low scoring game.  But the Eagles are going to win this one outright.


Carolina at Los Angeles

Panthers -3

Had this game taken place in week 3 or 4, the Panthers would be at least -6.5 in this game, maybe more.  Sometimes you just need to say shit out loud.  Cam Newton vs Case Keenum.  The Panthers D hasn’t been what it was last season, but I still trust them, especially against Keenum and Todd Gurley who just hasn’t got his game going this season, mostly due to their awful O-line play.


New Orleans at San Francisco

49ers +4

This feels like a bait to me.  The Niners shouldn’t be only 4 point underdogs.  But they’re coming off a bye, and the Saints…even though they played pretty well at Arrowhead a few weeks ago….can’t be trusted on the road.  On paper, the Saints should dominate this game, and I think they’ll win.  But I don’t think they can be trusted.  So take the Niners getting points here.


A couple extras for you today.  I got a few over’s I like, so I’ll add them to the picks today.


Indianapolis at Green Bay

Over 53.5

They want you to be scared off by this number, don’t be.  It’s Luck, it’s Rodgers, both have looked good of late and neither defense should shut down the other’s QB.  So while you never say never, it would be a fluke if this game didn’t go over.


Tennessee at San Diego

Over 47

Nobody is taking too much notice, but we got two REALLY GOOD QB’s playing each other in this game.  It’s not a divisional matchup which usually produces a tougher defensive struggle, and so I think this one could get up into the 60’s.


Another thing I’d like to start doing is guessing the lines for next weeks games.  Bill Simmons does a show on this, Colin Cowherd does a segment on this, and I want to do something on this.  So it will require looking back at this piece, unless I just do a separate piece on Sunday night’s, but on Sunday night’s I write my hot takes piece already.  So, that leaves me with including it in my picks.  Here we go.


Cleveland at Baltimore

Ravens -6


Atlanta at Philadelphia

Falcons -2.5


Chicago at Tampa Bay

Buccaneers -6


Denver at New Orleans

Broncos -2


Green Bay at Tennessee

Packers -2.5


Houston at Jacksonville

Texans -1


Kansas City at Carolina

Panthers -3


L.A. at NY Jets

Jets -3


Minnesota at Washington

Redskins -1.5


Miami at San Diego

Chargers -3


Dallas at Pittsburgh

Steelers -3


San Francisco at Arizona

Cardinals -13


Seattle at New England

Patriots -3


Cincinnati at NY Giants

Bengals -2


We’ll see how those go.  I know there are sites you can look up the forecasted lines on, but those are very honestly all off the top of my head, and will likely appear that way when the lines come out Monday morning!


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