They’ll Do It, But Probably Shouldn’t


523f30ba9db2d.preview-620The Dallas Cowboys have had what can only be described as a shocking season.  Not shocking because they didn’t have talent.  Shocking because they finally figured out how to use their talent.


But this offseason, whether that starts on Monday, or the 19th, or February 2nd, the Cowboys have to prove how smart they’ve gotten as a franchise.  It started when they passed on Johnny Manziel at the draft in favor of Zach Martin which solidified their offensive line.


Then they came into this season with the realization that should have happened about 3 or 4 years ago, that they have a really good running back and should be establishing a run instead of putting it all on their elite (yes, he’s elite) QB’s shoulders.  I’ll NEVER get the Tony Romo hate.  The Cowboys hate, sure.  But what in the freaking HELL has Romo ever done to be hated?  He’s failed in a lot of big spots, but that was more about trying to make him do it all than it was on Romo not being great.  I’ll never get the hate for Romo, and I’m sure it won’t go away any time soon.


Anyway, the formula has worked amazingly.  12-4 regular season, now with a playoff win under their belts.  And think about this….when Romo played full games, they were 12-2.  PROBABLY would have been 13-3 had he not got hurt, maybe 14-2.


But I’m going off about Romo, this isn’t about him.  Well, maybe a bit.  This is about re-signing Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray.  Both free agents this offseason.  Any fan who is all about fantasy football and doesn’t want to learn the game will call them morons if they let both players walk.  They should let both go.


The fact of the matter is that while so many fans love the playmakers in the game, the playmakers aren’t the guys with real value.  The Cowboys don’t NEED an elite WR like Bryant, they have a great QB who makes WR’s look great.  They don’t NEED an elite RB like Murray, they have an elite O-line that makes RB’s look great.


I would use the franchise tag on Bryant, then look to move him for a 1st round pick.  I would simply let Murray walk.


How could you possibly allow 2 of your best players to walk for only a 1st round pick?  Well I’m not saying you don’t replace them, you do.  But you can find cheap replacements for those 2, and THEN use the cap space you save to upgrade the defensive line and if this team gets a real pass rush, they’ll be the Super Bowl favorites.


Let’s hypothetically say they use the cap space to sign Denver DT Terrance Knighton.  You could also use some of that money to take a chance on Panthers problem child Greg Hardy.  Seemingly a total creep off the field, but he’s a stud on the field who you might be able to land for cheap.  All of a sudden, your D-line is much improved with two 1st rounders still to spend.


As for WR, how about Michael Crabtree to replace Bryant?  Texas kid, doesn’t have Bryant’s freakish ability but isn’t too far off.  He could be a perfect compliment to Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley, and Crabtree has never played with a high end QB like Romo.


And then of course RB.  You could draft a Todd Gurly or Melvin Gordon.  But I would sign Adrian Peterson.  Again like Hardy, a problem child.  But you’ll likely be able to get him on the cheap, and I would be more than willing to bet that Peterson has one more great season in him, especially running behind that O-line.


But enough about the Cowboys.  They intrigue me so I talk about them too often.  How about some picks for this weekend?!  TECHNICALLY I was 0-4 last weekend, but in reality I was spot on about all 4 games.  So no going with the opposite this weekend, these are picks I’ll stand by!


Baltimore at New England

Ravens +7

They’re getting 7?!  Simply put, they shouldn’t be getting 7 points.  Maybe the Pats blow them out, but smart money is on the Ravens keeping this one tight, especially when Joe Flacco is a Lee Evans drop away from being 3-0 at Gillette stadium in the playoffs.


Carolina at Seattle

Seahawks -11

What a gift for the Seahawks that the Cowboys won.  Had this been Detroit going to Seattle I would honestly be thinking the Lions pull off the upset, just because they would have been such a bad matchup for Seattle.  But it’s the Panthers, who I expect the Seahawks to destroy.  Honestly, I don’t see how the Seahawks don’t cruise to the Super Bowl.


Dallas at Green Bay

Cowboys +6

Rodgers is still questionable.  Now he’ll obviously play, but that calf isn’t going to be healed.  That will give the Cowboys weak pass rush a chance to get to him.  And if they can get pressure on him, I like the Cowboys to pull off the upset here.  8-0 on the road this season, and a team suited for the elements.  The Pack should only be favored by 3.5 here.  Maybe Vegas is baiting me, but I don’t believe so in this case.


Indianapolis at Denver

Colts +7

Underdog heavy this week, but it should be.  The bye week seems to hurt more teams than it helps in the last 10 years.  Add to this, Peyton Manning can’t throw.  So if I’m Chuck Pagano, I’m making Manning beat my D by going over the top.  Can he do that?  It sure didn’t look like he could at the end of the season.  Denver does have a much improved and much healthier D than they did a year ago, but Andrew Luck is lethal when he is on.  I don’t know who wins, but I’m thinking it’ll be a close one.


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