Let’s not confuse what I’m saying here.  I’m not condoning the hit that Brent Seabrook laid on David Backes in game 2 of the Blues/Blackhawks series.  But since I’m a guy who can’t shutup, I have to speak up on this.  It has become a hot button topic.  It isn’t lost on me as to why, but the people outraged by this need to understand that this is sports, this is hockey players competing for the greatest trophy in sports.


A few months ago I had a piece on here ripping Richard Sherman for his post game interview with Erin Andrews (lucky man that Jarret Stoll is).  But my stance turned out to be much different from just about everyone.  It wasn’t lost on me that Sherman had JUST played the biggest game of his career, made the biggest play of his career, and was hyped up beyond belief.  My big problem was that most of what he said was A) manufactured and B) all of it was “look at me” and he said zero about his teammates.  But I had no issue at all with him being so hyped up.


What Duncan Keith said to Backes after the hit was NOTHING.


I get it.  You see Backes barely able to stand, he’s out on his feet and it looks brutal that he’s mocking him for it.  I would bet it was one of the more tame chirps in the entire game.  For example, in my final year of midget we started our season with an exhibition game against Provost.  Before I go any further, this story is rated R.  So kids….wash your filthy little faces and GET TO BED!!


Now where was I?  Oh yes.  Picture it.  Paradise Valley, 2000.  The PV Jets lead Provost 7-2 with just 20 seconds left in an EXHIBITION GAME.  Since the game is done, I decide to rush the puck, see if I can snipe one.  Just when I’m about to split the D I get tripped, and after getting tripped I receive an extra shot to the back of the head.  No call, because the game is done and it was harmless.  Except, I didn’t see it that way.  Provost starts back up ice.  I look at the clock to see only 7 seconds left and far behind the play are myself and the D-man who gave me the extra shot.  Nobody is looking, so what the hell?  I wind up and as hard as I can I two hand the kid right on the ankle.


Classless, I know.  But I’m not telling you this because I’m proud of it, I’m telling you this because of what I said after.  The kid obviously screamed when I got him and went down, which drew everyone’s attention.  My reaction to this?  Ear muffs kids….”Ohhhhhh get the f*** up you f***ing p***y!!”


Again, in case you forgot….this was an EXHIBITION GAME!


This is what happens in most sports.  Not all, but most.  Was it classy of Keith?  No.  Was it classy of me?  HELL NO!  But it’s what goes on.  Everyone loves the playoffs and mainly because of the intensity in which the games are played with.  Well this is what comes out with this kind of intensity.  After the game, I’m certain Keith is hoping the injury is nothing too serious.  But in the moment you’re doing anything you can and saying anything you can to get guys off their game, and you HATE the opposition.


Here is another example.  I don’t condone half the words said in this clip, and again this is not for kids, not for the faint of heart so to speak.  This is a clip from the 1991 Stanley Cup final, after Brian Bellows had been hurt on his previous shift.




It is BRUTAL out there.  In the illustrious words of Coolio….”if ya can’t take the heat, get ya ass out the kitchen”.  And it’s brutal that Backes might be out of this series, he might be the most underrated player in the game and is one of my favorites.  But it’s playoff hockey.  I’m sure he’s said as bad or worse to injured players.  Take a number, get your’s down the line.


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