RichardShermanI have a love/hate relationship with the Seattle Seahawks.  A lot to love.  Russell Wilson I love.  Those uni’s I love.  Earl Thomas I’m a big fan of.  But then there is a lot to hate about them.  I’m not a big Pete Carroll guy.  As a guy who has a big soft spot for the Buffalo Bills I’m not the biggest Marshawn Lynch guy.  And ALL the bandwagon fans they acquired in the last 3 seasons is pretty annoying.  No big Seahawks fan in Alberta could likely even tell you who Cortez Kennedy or Steve Largent are.


And then you have Richard Sherman who I love and hate!  Love him when I hear him in interviews, he’s such a smart and engaging dude…and pretty funny!  I hate the fake…yes, FAKE act that he does on the field.  Please save the “that’s just the intensity he plays the game with” BS because there have been MANY players who played it with more intensity than Sherman, and never acted anywhere near as ridiculous as he does.


But this isn’t a piece to trash the Seahawks at all.  This is to welcome them back to the number 1 spot in the NFL.  Yep, you can have your Packers, Pats and Broncos.  I’m going to take the team with the most intimidating D in football, one of the smartest, most elusive and best leaders in the game in Russell Wilson, and one of the best running backs in the game.


After the loss to KC, I really thought this team was in trouble.  But this team really got it together after that game, and now 2 REAL impressive wins later against the best in the NFC West have them right back in the hunt for the number 1 seed in the NFC which would cement them in the Super Bowl.  But even if they only end up with the 3rd seed or a wildcard spot, they have proven that they can go on the road and win.  So the lack of home field doesn’t scare me off.


The proving grounds for this comes tomorrow in Philly.  And I don’t see why they won’t win.  The Seahawks are the team built to play in the elements.  Not that the Eagles can’t, but they lost a home playoff game to the “dome only” Saints.  WHEN the Seahawks win this game, they’ll be talked about on a national level once again as the Super Bowl favorites.


The Seahawks don’t have the flashy offense the media and fans love so much.  They’ll beat you 20-10, and it’ll feel like they won 40-3.  They win in the trenches, they win on D, they win with their running game, and when it is needed Russell Wilson comes up with a big play and maybe more importantly he won’t make a mistake.  I really believe the guy is a top 6 QB in this league, he’s elite.


I should have added earlier that another reason I have a love/hate relationship with this football team is because any way I bet them, they go the opposite.  1-6 since going back to Super Bowl 48, and the 1 win was the Denver game where they covered when they really shouldn’t have.  So I’ve had trouble getting a grasp on which team will show up, yet I’m still more than confident that I’m right on this, and despite a NIGHTMARE of a season picking games, that started off so awesome, I’m going to have a winning week this week.  And just to try and play catch up, I’m going to pick 8 games, and 1 over/under.


Baltimore at Miami

Dolphins -3

I can’t trust the Ravens this season, and the Dolphins have emerged as one of the toughest teams in football.  If they get in the playoffs, they could be trouble for some teams.


Carolina at New Orleans

Panthers +10

Impressive win by the Saints last week, but they’re still having a terrible season and a divisional rival getting 10 points is ridiculous.  Oh, and shockingly the Saints have been TERRIBLE at home this season.


Indianapolis at Cleveland

Browns +3.5

I can’t trust the Colts on the road as much as I love Andrew Luck.  The Browns are going to be a desperate football team to keep their season alive, and Brian Hoyer has his job on the line.  I think the Browns at worse keep this within a field goal.


NY Jets at Minnesota

Vikings -5.5

The Jets are a mess, no other way to say it, but the Vikings are still alive.  They have really played well with Teddy B under center.  So I like the Vikings to steam roll the Jets in this one.


St. Louis at Washington

Rams -3

Another team that has pretty much quit is the Redskins, while the Rams are coming to life.  They won’t give Colt McCoy much at all, and I’m expecting another big game from Tre Mason.


Kansas City at Arizona

Chiefs pick’em

I don’t see how anyone can trust the Cards at this point.  I’m a huge Bruce Arians fan, but Drew Stanton is Drew Stanton and you aren’t winning with Drew Stanton.  But even if it were Carson Palmer at QB for the Cards the Chiefs would have a good shot in this game.  Well coached, good QB, great D, great running game.  I’m not expecting a Chiefs blowout, but I am expecting the Chiefs to squeak this one out.


Seattle at Philadelphia

Seahawks +1

They’re back as I said earlier, and they have had 10 days to prepare for Chip Kelly.  Chip Kelly has had 10 days to prepare for them too, and I’m a bigger Mark Sanchez guy than most, but I don’t think he has any chance against this Seattle D with them on top of their game again.


New England at San Diego

Patriots -4

This feels like too many points, which is why I like the Pats because I’ve been too much of a sucker lately in not catching Vegas bait games.  This feels like one of them to me as San Diego was a darling early, but have some what quietly slipped lately while the Pats coming off a loss are just a nightmare to deal with.


Tampa Bay at Detroit

Over 41.5

I basically love this number just because you have big time playmakers on both sides of the ball so while I get why its a low number, the Lions on their own are capable of putting up 42 on the Bucs.

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