usa-today-8994770.0A midseason injury put me on the IR.  I was ready to return at the start of December, but with the playoffs just a month away I felt it was better to rest up.  Now the playoffs are here and coach has deemed me ready to go! (I’m just kidding, I don’t have a coach, but it fit with the whole football theme…that’s the joke)


I actually was having a good season before I stopped doing the picks this season.  But historically this weekend…the Bengals do better on wildcard weekend than I do!  For whatever reason, I had gone 1-11 in 3 seasons prior to last year.  Last year, technically I went 0-4, but I actually went 4-0.  I wrote about this same thing, and then intentionally picked the opposite of what I thought.


So this year I feel good about my picks…for now.


Kansas City at Houston

Texans +3

The Chiefs are the hottest team in the league, playing amazing.  But is Alex Smith that much better than Brian Hoyer?  I don’t think he is.  These teams are VERY similar, and with the Texans having home field advantage.  It is likely a very low scoring and tight game, so the smart money to me is with the Texans getting 3 points.


Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Bengals +3

This is my upset special.  The Bengals are winning this football game.  EVERYONE is taking the Steelers here.  The Bengals players are hearing all this.  It is funny to me how it’s all Andy Dalton’s fault in the past, now Dalton is out and THAT’S why the Bengals are going to lose.  Doesn’t add up.  And A.J. McCarron…I watch college football, and this kid played at Alabama, in a TON of massive games, on big stages.  He is not going to be phased by this.  And the Steelers D isn’t the Steel Curtain, McCarron will be able to move the ball on them.  And the Bengals D will now be able to key on the Steelers passing game with Williams out.  Everyone goes 1 way, I’m going the other.  Bengals not only cover, they pull the upset and we’ll have a nice little QB controversy on our hands in Cincinnati.


Seattle at Minnesota

Seahawks -5

This feels like a no brainer, and I know the Vikings likely won’t be near as bad as they were in their week 13 showdown, but the Seahawks are just simply a better football team and a more experienced football team.  The experience I suspect will really factor in with the weather that is supposed to be BRUTAL for this game.  Neither team is used to playing in the expected conditions, so to me that gives the more experienced team a big advantage.  I’m expecting low scoring, but the Seahawks beat the spread and the Viks.


Green Bay at Washington

Redskins -1

This isn’t as simple as saying “Rodgers vs Cousins, I’ll take Rodgers”.  The Packers have been a complete grease fire in the 2nd half of this season.  As a football fan, I’ll be pulling hard for the Packers.  They’re the more interesting team.  But as a bettor, the Redskins favoured by a point is a bait to me.  I suspect everyone will be on the Packers in this one getting that 1 point, so I’m taking the Redskins here.

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