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Yesterday on twitter I talked soccer….footy, if you will.  It was a resounding success as the Soupaholics ate it up like my best bowl of chicken noodle.  Well I’m not the type of guy who leaves his audience wanting more.  You ask for more?  YOU GOT IT!!!!!


Man if there is one thing that hooks my attention, it is the World Cup.  I can’t get enough of watching these guys play.  It is simply magical.  The best athletes from none athletic countries matching up against countries who have no other sports, and then the kids picked last in gym class from the States….it truely is a special time on the sporting calender.


It really caught my eye on Sunday.  I don’t know who was playing.  I THINK it was the Netherlands, and they were playing someone who couldn’t score….so that narrows the field down to 31 possibilities, hopefully one of you is a big enough Netherlands supporter who can tell me.  Guy named Gavin, I know you know!


Anyway, the Netherlands were playing and their top player Filthy, Nasty, Messy, whatever his name is.  Anyway he scored.  Big snipe, apparently he is one of the best in the world and it was his 2nd goal in World Cup play.  I believe they said it was his first since 2006.  So now 2…in however many games that would be, I’m assuming more than 4 or 5.  Gavin, shoot me a text and let me know how many.


Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina: Group F - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
My boy Filthy came up big, giving the Netherlands an insurmountable 2-0 lead with ONLY 34 minutes remaining

While that was just amazing that Dirty got this goal, it ended the match!  Yep, talk about coming up clutch….my man Dirty came up huge and put those arrogant 3rd Worlders on the ground!  Pretty much Alec Martinez all over again just 2 days later.  I mean sure, Martinez was in double OT and this one was scored with like 35 minutes left in the game, but the commentator for this game said it was over so I was taking his word for it!


If you’re like me, ain’t no WAY you turn the channel.  No, you’re watching that final 35 minutes because OBVIOUSLY it is going to be riveting stuff.  Sure, the 3rd Worlders were apparently unable to recover from such a large deficit of 2-0 in only 34 minutes.  But the crowd is chanting “Ole”!  Don’t see that everytime you watch footy!


I could go on and on for days here because if there is one thing I love it’s my footy.  But I don’t want to burn myself out, there is so much more footy to watch, my man Gavin and I have to pace ourselves.  Nothing like hanging with Gavin though, knocking down some import beer, watching footy, what can I say….it’s my deal.


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