No need to sing my praises…I’m already WELL aware that I deserve a pat on the back and congratulations for the greatest pun title of all time.  In fact, I don’t even have anything to say on this matter.  I just wanted to use this title, look amazing, and split.  So this is it, that’s the blog.  George Costanza (Cooo-Stanza) went out on high notes, and so should I.

Well, I guess while I’m hear I will talk about the matter at hand.  You see since there isn’t much going on in the hockey world right now Shane Doan is getting all the focus.  The 35 year old power forward is a UFA and he is waiting to see what will happen with the Yotes ownership situation.  I got news for Shane, the deal will fall through. 

I have absolutely zero inside knowledge on this matter, but every other deal has done so in Phoenix so I don’t see why this one would be any different.  Especially when the guy heading the operation isn’t a guy with a ton of money, he’s just a guy who is well connected to people with money.  It’s a pretty steep hill to climb for Greg Jamison.

But Shane is willing to wait and I can’t see the big deal, yet many are getting annoyed with him doing so.  Look, he is trying to give the only team he knows and loves every chance he possibly can to re-sign him.  Until he is told “we can’t” then he will assume “they can”. 

Someone in the East (likely the Islanders because it would be very “Islanders” of them to do so) offered him 4 years/30 million.  That’s ridiculous.  While Doan is a rare breed of size, good offensively, good in his own zone and all the intangibles all teams crave, he is still 35.  He has 2, MAYBE 3 good years of hockey left.  So that contract would just kill whoever (probably the Islanders) signed him to it.  Consider yourself lucky mystery team (probably the Islanders).

If I’m Doan at this point I could care less as to what teams are offering me.  I understand he did check out some places like NY (not for the Islanders), and I believe Philly as well.  Those are 2 teams that will be in the hunt for the Cup this season.  I would think Doan would want to stay in the West and if that was the case I can’t think of a better fit for both parties than the Canucks.  They need a guy like Doan to help change their culture, he would be in a great city with a legit shot at winning a Cup all the while being relatively close to home.

In the end I don’t expect Doan to leave Phoenix, I just don’t think he can bring himself to do it at this point and time.  I expect a 1 year deal in the 4-5 million range.  But if the deal does fall apart and he does decide it’s finally time, I would say the candidates would be Vancouver, Detroit, NY Rangers, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and a darkhorse being the Dallas Stars because of his relationship with owner Tom Gaglardi.  The head likely says leave, the heart likely says stay.  It’s a tough choice, he will make it when is ready and until then just chill about it.


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