RG III and Out

RGIIII’m going to bet that this is a title that has been used a lot and will be used even more once Robert Griffin is either released or dealt this offseason.  But it’s DAMN good!  Ironically the report in the Washington Post came out after I had started this piece, but not shocking in anyway that this is likely it for RGIII and the Red….Washington’s….


But can you believe it has got to this point in just 2 years?!  2 years ago we were talking about this kid as a hall of fame talent.  There was that iconic shot (picture I used at the top) of him on his ass against the Saints having just thrown a TD pass.  Washington were the hottest team in football coming down the stretch of the 2012 season, Griffin was playing amazing, most would tell you he was better than Andrew Luck and that the Colts messed up (not me), the pistol being run by Washington, the Seahawks and the Niners was an stoppable offensive formation.  Yeah….those days are LONG gone!


And I can’t help but go back to the running QB and how it mesmerizes fans to see these guys tuck and run if their first option isn’t available.  For the short term it is effective in the NFL.  Before teams get real video on a guy he can get away with it.  But before to long it becomes defendable, and then they have to learn to sit back in the pocket and pick D’s apart.  If they can’t, they’ll fizzle out like RGIII has, Cam Newton look like he is, and Colin Kaepernick might be on his way to being that guy too.


It also doesn’t help Griffin that he is with Washington, one of the worst run franchises in all of sports.


The theme of this week for this site has been destroying the Oilers, well the Washington NFLers….are the NFL’s version of the Oilers and Oiler fans this is what you have to look forward too because you have an owner in Daniel Snyder who grew up fetishizing these guys.  Although Snyder doesn’t have a bunch of ex Redskins (couldn’t hold out on using the name) in his front office, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing when it comes to running the team.


Mike Shanahan had great success in Denver, he was awful in Washington.  Is that because Shanahan lost his way?  Could be, but more likely it is that the Redskins are just a horribly mis-managed franchise.  How can RGIII learn to be a great QB when the owner is not only running the team into the ground, but also coddling Griffin and blaming everyone else for his problems?


He’ll go somewhere else, the question is where?  Houston is possible, St. Louis is possible and wouldn’t that be ironic, Buffalo, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, anywhere really that they need a QB.  If I were Griffin though I would do what Mark Sanchez did and go somewhere just as a backup to learn.  He won’t make near as much money, but he doesn’t have to do it forever.  Go sit for a year or 2 and work on your game.  He’s still young enough that he can emerge as a franchise QB, he still has all the tools it’s just that he is a complete mess at the moment.


It is kind of like myself and picking NFL games this season.  All the tools are there for me to be great at it, and I was awesome in 2012, but I am a MESS right now!


New Orleans at Pittsburgh

Steelers -4.5

The Saints are coming off a short week, Steelers are coming off a bye.  Saints are bad at home, but they’re worse on the road, and the worstest (is that a word?) in the elements and right now there is a 60% chance of rain for Sunday in Pittsburgh.  Steelers are going to blow out the Saints.


Oakland at St.Louis

Oakland +6.5

This is NOT a sexy game to pick at all, I realize that.  But I think it’s an easy one to pick and I would rather you and myself win money rather than pick the best games.  The Raiders play everyone really hard and are coming off a win, and a 10 day break.  So they’ll have felt REAL good about themselves all week.  Pressure of going 0-16 is off, they’ll play hard, and they’ll play loose.  I like the Rams, but Shaun Hill isn’t going to set the world on fire.  Raiders keep this one tight, might even pull the upset.


San Diego at Baltimore

Chargers +6

This might move to 7 by kickoff.  Look, I’m not real comfortable picking this game.  West coast team playing a 10 AM West coast time game, the Ravens are the better team, it’s not that comfortable but I feel like I have to because this line has given Philip Rivers too many points.  Add in that the Ravens are on a short week, and I like the Chargers to cover.


New England at Green Bay

Patriots +3

I feel like I have to pick this game because it is what some view as the elite in the AFC vs the elite in the NFC, although look at how Seattle played Thursday night before you call the Pack the top team in the NFC.  The Pats have that chip on their shoulder right now that they’ve had in other big seasons where they don’t just want to beat you, they want to send a message.  Rodgers is incredible but that Pats D is real good and will be able to slow him down.  I don’t trust the Packers D at all.  Don’t know if this game will hit the ridiculous over/under of 58.5, but I love the Pats to walk out of Lambeau with a win.


Denver at Kansas City

Chiefs +2

10 days off leading into this one, the Broncos pass protection is in shambles right now, the Chiefs have one of the best D’s in the league, and most importantly for me I believe the public will be ALL OVER the Broncos being favored by less than a field goal.  Chiefs are pulling the upset on Sunday night.


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How Bout Them Cowboys?!

Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack MartinI say this a lot but I truly believe it.  Pro sports are much better when the traditional powers are in the mix.  The Habs and the Leafs in the NHL, the Lakers and the Celtics in the NBA, the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers in MLB, and the Packers, Steelers, Niners, Raiders and of course the Cowboys in the NFL.


This season wasn’t expected out of the Cowboys as you all know.  I had been one of their few defenders over the past few seasons and even I gave up on them (at least to be a playoff team).  But they FINALLY figured it out.  Run the ball.  It milks the clock, it helps out the defense immensely and it opens up even more for Tony Romo who is an elite QB.


I once heard Chargers hall of fame QB Dan Fouts ask “how can we score too quickly?” when talking about his Chargers and the air Coryell offense of the early 1980’s.  Well Dan, you can because those guys need a break.  They’re on their heels the entire time.  Defending takes a lot more energy than being on offense does because you have to figure out who is going where.


When you come out on D you can’t be worn down and the Cowboys D always was with the way Romo and the offense could instantly put points up.  Now this doesn’t mean Dallas has a great D, but it helps a lot.


And what more can be said about that O-line?  Unreal, and those kids are just getting started.  It isn’t the flashy way to build a team, but once you have a QB, the focus of drafts should be shoring up your offensive and defensive lines.  Controlling the line of scrimmage at any level of football is VITAL.  If the Cowboys are able to snag a pass rusher or DT in the draft like an Alvin Dupree or Arik Armstead they might be scary good next season.  And this season they’re looking like a legit Super Bowl contender in the NFC.


As for the others playing today, it is a pretty vital game for everyone except the Bears, although even the Bears are still alive at 5-6.  But to get Eagles v Cowboys and Seahawks v Niners with heavy playoff implications is awesome!  Should be a great day of football and here is who I like….


Chicago at Detroit

Lions -7

It’s a big number, but can anyone trust the Bears right now?  On the road?  Against a real good and pissed off Lions squad?  No.  Maybe the Bears keep it close, but the smart bet here IMO is the Lions -7.


Philadelphia at Dallas

Eagles +3

This line is currently paying out over double.  I don’t know why that is, but it is.  You can’t trust the Cowboys in this spot, and Chip Kelly is a far better coach than Jason Garrett.  The over/under in this game is 56.5!!  Don’t bet that, but take the Eagles getting 3, likely soon to be 3.5.


Seattle at San Francisco

49ers -1.5

Ok so there is a rule over the last 2 seasons with me picking the Seahawks, for or against.  Go the other way of what I pick.  The last time I made a correct pick on the Seahawks was in week 2 last season against the Niners.  My thinking is that the Niners are more desperate in this spot, and the Seahawks aren’t the same team on the road.  But who knows, I’m only picking it because there are only 3 games.


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1st in the East, 1st in the North

toronto-raptors-2014-nba-oddsIt is truly pathetic on my part that I’m just getting to this piece now, but it isn’t as though I have been ignoring the Raptors this season.  I’ve been watching maybe the most I have since the 99-2000 season when Vince Carter took the step from rookie of the year to superstar and they were the most fun team to watch in the league.  This squad is entirely different from that team, but just as fun to watch.


This team is about depth.  This team is all about sharing the ball.  Last night in Atlanta where they won their 6th straight and moved to 13-2, 7 guys were in double digits.  This team doesn’t have that diva who needs the ball all the time.  They don’t have anyone trying to do it on their own.


A lot of people around the NBA mocked the Raptors for the deal they gave Kyle Lowry in the offseason, but while he isn’t a superstar he is such a key cog to this team or any other team with the way he plays.  He’s a true point guard and a leader.  It took him a while to grow up, and I frankly wasn’t a fan of the trade Bryan Colangelo made to land him.  But it has worked about amazingly, unfortunately for Colangelo after he was let go by MLSE.


Actually Colangelo deserves a ton of credit for this squad.  The entire starting 5 were his gets, including Jonas Valanciunas whom he took a lot of heat over drafting.  Colangelo also was the man who hired coach Dwayne Casey.  For whatever reason things never popped for this group with Colangelo running things, yet they have for Masai Ujiri.


But Ujiri hasn’t just sat back on what Colangelo had.  It was no coincidence that this team really took off after the Rudy Gay trade.  It’s unreal how much of a steal that was for the Raptors.  Get Gay out of there who didn’t fit with what they wanted to do at all, and bring in 2 perfect fits for the bench in Patrick Patterson and Greivis Vasquez.  Total game changer last season.


Of course this offseason Ujiri made a move that at least for the moment has taken this squad to an even higher level when he landed Lou Williams from the Hawks for John Salmons who was basically a nothing piece to the Raptors puzzle.  Williams is just a perfect 6th man off the bench and has done nothing but impress in his first 15 games in Raptor gear.  As was pointed out during last night’s broadcast, you knew he could score, but his D and ball movement have been really impressive.


And while talking about great Ujiri moves, let’s not forget about the Andrea Bargnani trade that has a 2016 1st from the Knicks coming the Raps way.  Now that pick might belong to a really good team by next season, it remains to be seen who Phil Jackson can bring in as free agents.  He’ll have a ton of cap space to work with, but it is a mess and not many guys want to play with Carmelo Anthony so it will be really intriguing to see what happens.  It has POTENTIAL to be a lottery pick.


I’m not naive enough to believe this team is a title contender, they aren’t.  Even if this roll keeps up and they end up with the top seed in the East.  It has been proven too many times in NBA history that if you don’t have a superstar, you won’t go far in the NBA playoffs.  But don’t worry about that if you’re a Raptors fan.  This time last year many fans (including myself) were hoping they would tank to attempt to land Andrew Wiggins.  Wow what a difference a year makes!


Bottom line is that this is far and away the best sports franchise in Canada right now.  I know a lot of people I know aren’t big NBA fans, but give this team a chance.  They play basketball the right way.  They don’t have Carter, they don’t have McGrady, but this is a TEAM and this TEAM is just as great to watch.


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They Found the Answer

1297633992569_ORIGINALSo Sunday I wrote about the Edmonton Oilers misery and how fans should essentially boycott the team.  It was far and away the most viewed post I’ve ever written.  In about 31 hours, it had 700 readers.  My previous best was 299 for one post, probably 400 in the same time span, though I honestly cannot recall how many reads that piece (mock draft 4.0 last June) got the day after.  I would LOVE to say it was my writing….but it wasn’t.  A fan base that is mad as hell pimped a ton (and I can’t thank everyone who did enough).


The Edmonton Oilers organization heard this outrage loud and clear, and yesterday….conveniently right before their daily radio program Oilers Now began…and made the change that the fan base has been waiting for.  Frederic Chabot out, Dustin Schwartz in as goaltending coach.


Now, everyone in the hockey world has been crushing the Oilers but no longer.  This should be the move that takes the Oilers from the outhouse to the penthouse.  I mean, nothing says accountability quite like firing one of the very few outside hires and replacing him with a guy who has zero pro hockey track record but we know him so we like him.


Actually, that’s not fair.  I am certain that knowing these guys in charge, they searched ENDLESSLY.  Around Rexall Place, the Rexall Place parking lot, West Ed’s skating rink, Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, Leduc, St. Albert…but after an exhaustive search, hours in fact, they found their man.


So never let it be said again that the Oilers organization doesn’t know what they’re doing!  The OBVIOUS answer to only finishing above 25th overall once in 5 seasons, soon to be 6, is to axe the goaltending coach to bring in one of your newest buddies….DUH!


Full credit on this one to Daryl Katz too.  Not only does this man write excellent and heart warming letters, he protected his good friends Kevin and Craig, and in turn they protected their friend Dallas.  Now that’s friendship and friendship is what it is all about.  David Perron wants to rip the team?  That’s not a good friend, so get that traitor the f*** out of town!!!  Good riddance David to you and you’re work ethic, don’t be bringing that sh*t around these parts!  That’s not “Oilers hockey”.

The guy on the left will be an Oiler employee soon enough

Does David Perron even know about Oilers hockey?!  Not at all.  But you know who does?  Kevin Lowe, and do you know why he does?  Because he has 6 rings.  In case you didn’t know or forgot, Lowe knows all about winning because he won 6 rings.  And NO it doesn’t matter that it was as a player riding Mark Messier’s coattails his entire career.  That OBVIOUSLY translates to being an executive and building a great franchise for all you idiots who don’t think it does.


So Oiler fans, you can quit your bitching thank you very much.  That cancer Freddy Chabot is gone, all hail Schwartzy the best goaltender in Lloydminster Blazers history with all due respect to Garth Gazdewich and Ray Fraser, Schwartz was the best.  Even back in 2000 I remember saying “he’s going to be an NHL goaltending coach based off decent seasons being one in the AJ and WHL”.  Don’t give me credit for thinking that though, most did obviously.  So watch out NHL, once the Oilers rid themselves of that damn work ethic David Perron brings, they’re going to rocket up the NHL standings.

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Be a Good Fan, Quit Being a Fan

1297311109281_ORIGINALI know I have mentioned this before, but I’m completely apathetic to this team any more.  You might say “then why do you write about them?”  Well a lot of Oiler fans read my stuff good or bad, and it’s still my local team, and they’re pretty easy to write about.  But I don’t care weather or not I see a game, I don’t care if they win because I know it isn’t anything sustainable.  I just don’t care.  And you shouldn’t either, mainly because the owner is more worried about lining his pockets and hanging out with his buddies than winning.


This won’t be some piece where I ramble on for 3,000 words and completely breakdown the Oilers organization.  I have done that piece probably twice a year for the last 3 years.  No this is just a piece to trash the organization.  Now I’ve done that too, but you can’t do that enough.


This fan base deserves the best, and they’re getting the worst.  It’s as simple as that.  This team has become the worst in sports.  Not just the NHL, sports.  Since Daryl Katz took ownership of this team in the summer of 2008, they have been the worst franchise in sports.  The Oakland Raiders, who are a total laughing stock, have had more success.


And there is zero doubt what the problem in the organization is, it’s management.  And more specifically it is that this management has ZERO accountability and it is a complete trickle down effect to the coach, and the star players.  I mean, this team has an owner who parades his kid onto the stage every year at the draft!  That’s a statement right there, and it is far from a good one.


To make matters much worse for the Oilers is that for years Oilers fans mocked the Flames for not rebuilding, and now the Flames are making rebuilding look easy.  Why?  Because they brought in competent people to run their organization.  You probably don’t like Brian Burke, but he’s done a lot more right than wrong in this league.


And Burke didn’t hire one of his buddies, he went out and got the best man to be his GM in Brad Treliving.  And Hartley isn’t buddies with either one of them, he just is a damn good coach.  That’s why the Flames are a real good team right now and the Oilers are awful.  And can the Edmonton media SHUT UP about how Calgary’s goaltending and offense from their blueline can’t keep up?  Give them their credit and quit looking for reasons why the Oilers aren’t as bad as they should be.  They’re awful, accept it.  Calgary is good, accept it.


The wheels have completely come off.  This is a total disaster and nobody is taking the fall for it, and nobody is taking any accountability.  They have completely coddled their young stars and made them believe that they can do no wrong.  Proof of this is when a solid vet like David Perron who comes to play every night does everything except call them by name in an interview after Friday night’s loss to New Jersey.


If you are still someone who attends the games you are an idiot.  I’m sorry to say that, but you are.  Do fans believe that booing will do anything?!  This teams has been booed out of the building for 6 seasons now, nothing has changed.  STOP GOING TO THE GAMES!


It is like your sibling has a drug addiction and you keep supplying them with the drugs.  Your best friend is obese and you take them for lunch at McDonald’s.  If you love this team, then why are you continuing to contribute to the problem?  Time to give up the fantasy that if you cheer louder they will get better.  They won’t.  It’s also time to give up this fantasy that if you stop cheering for them that you are some kind of traitor or bandwagon jumper, you aren’t.


As for the fans standing downstairs booing the team as they came off the ice Saturday night, those people are morons.  I would NEVER be that guy.  That’s a douche move.  If it was fair game for the players to go after those people, those people wouldn’t be booing.  It’s gutless.  And you aren’t going to humiliate this organization by doing that, because Katz in particular doesn’t care.  This is the man who according to reports last year wouldn’t allow Kevin Lowe to step down!  No, he would rather have his friend around then try to better the team.  Fact.


The best thing for the team right now would be to finish 30th in front of a half empty house every night.  Then MAYBE the owner starts to think about his investment and makes actual changes.  Changes being a complete house cleaning in the front office and coaching staff and bringing in ACTUAL competent people.  Not to mention the guarantee of McDavid or Eichel who are better than anyone they currently have.  And save your “they can’t make another draft pick” idiocy for those who want to try to make that claim.  You don’t get better by trading franchise players.


Now, if they do end up with a top 2 pick, then they without a doubt have to move 1, 2, or maybe 3 of the kids they currently have.  They need to get legitimate goaltending, and legitimate D-men.  But you don’t move a sure fire, franchise altering number 1 center like McDavid or Eichel.


My concern for the Oilers in that scenario though would be that if they get that pick….will either guy come?  I wouldn’t be anything shocked if both those guys were to come out pre draft and say they aren’t signing in Edmonton.  Because why would you?  It is one of the biggest train wrecks in league history now, and that’s not an overstatement.


The Nordiques weren’t this bad for this long in the early 90’s.  The Senators weren’t this bad for this long in the mid 90’s.  The Islanders haven’t been good for 20 years but they haven’t ever had a stretch like this one.  Neither have the Panthers.  It is unreal.  So I can’t see why prospects with as much power as McDavid and Eichel will have would ever sign with the Oilers.


And again I go back to the coddling aspect.  I actually think Craig MacTavish has been solid as a GM, but then he signs Justin Schultz and when speaking about him talks about how he’s a future Norris trophy winner?  What exactly are you watching?!  So if Schultz is getting that kind of praise instead of the truth which is he has a lot of potential but has a lot to improve on, then why would he ever work on his game?


That’s the EXACT approach they took with Sam Gagner and Jordan Eberle.  Hall and Nugent-Hopkins are so good they’re overcoming that garbage.  But even Hall, he is still terrible defensively and under this regime won’t have any incentive to get better 2 ways because he can do no wrong in their eyes.  But this approach completely ruined Sam Gagner, and is currently ruining Jordan Eberle.


And I’ll go back to MacTavish for a minute.  While he has done an ok job brining in what they need, he got the job because he was Kevin Lowe’s buddy.  And he fired Ralph Krueger because Ralph wasn’t his buddy.  What kind of message does that send?  I know one thing, it isn’t a message that endorses any kind of work ethic or character.


Eventually the only way your kid will start to grow up is if you kick them out of your house.  If any of you Oiler fans care about your team, you’ll kick them out of your house.  You’ll stop watching the games, you’ll stop going to the games, you’ll stop frequenting the website and stop downloading anything they pump out with all due respect to Tom Gazzola.  Trust me when I say this, life is much better without them.  And once the organization finally starts to figure it out, THEN go back.  But until then, just let them sleep in their filth, quit jumping in with them.


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NFL Picks – Week 10

BenMan alive make the bleeding STOP!!!  1-5 last week.  How is this happening?!  The last 2 years, outside of a nice little run for me in weeks 3-5 or 6 has been BRUTAL.  And it just seems like so many blow outs are happening.  When it rains it pours.  Can’t pick games, 1 fantasy team went to absolute shit, another is 7-2 but having everything go wrong for it, tried dating an unattractive girl for her personality and she doesn’t want to date any more (maybe wants to focus on her eating?  I’m petty), it is POURING for me right now.  But, just got to keep trying to pick up the pieces of this shitty life and hope I win the lottery…or something.


Kansas City at Buffalo

Buffalo +1.5

These 2 are pretty similar teams, so I’m taking the home dog.  I don’t love Kyle Orton, but he’ll make a few plays and that really is all this Bills team needs.  I fully admit, Sammy Watkins being questionable really makes me wonder why I’m picking this game at all.  But Colin Cowherd and R.J. Bell were both big on the Bills, big on the Buffalo home field advantage, and I’m big on the home underdog in a matchup of 2 even teams.


Miami at Detroit

Detroit -2.5

Miami is playing so good right now, it’s shocking to me honestly!  Just a month ago they were ready for a QB change and Joe Philbin was gone at seasons end.  Now they look like a threat in the AFC.  But the Lions are coming off a bye and they were playing some great football even without Calvin Johnson.  Now he’s back.  So at home, off a bye, Calvin Johnson returning, and the spread is less than a field goal.  Love the Lions here.


Pittsburgh at NY Jets

Pittsburgh -4.5

The Steelers are scorching hot right now, and the Jets appear to be completely falling apart so 4.5 is pretty generous if you ask me.  Roethlisberger just destroyed a good D with the Ravens, and another that is playing great in the Colts.  So while the Jets have a solid D, I don’t think it matters right now with the Steelers.  They look like a team that’s gone to another level.


San Francisco at New Orleans

New Orleans -4.5

They struggled early, but the Saints now look like they have righted the ship.  The Niners, they look like they’re falling apart.  So with the game in the Superdome, and it being a 10 AM start time for the Niners, I expect the Saints to completely boat race them to be honest.  I don’t know if they’ll stop Kaepernick, but they just need to slow him down a bit.  Brees should shred what once was a feared San Fran D.


Chicago at Green Bay

Green Bay -7.5

4 of 5 favorites this week, I don’t know if I’ve ever done that before but that’s the way it’s been of late and over the majority of the last 2 seasons favorites are killing it that’s why I’ve been struggling with these picks.  I know this is a ton of points to swallow.  But the Bears are AWFUL against the Packers.  Both teams are coming off the bye week so there is no advantage in that department, and the Bears are a complete mess.  The Pack just have the Bears number, it’s as simple as that.


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NFL Picks – Week 9

manning_bradyI am just getting CRUSHED for the last 3 weeks now.  Quite the hot streak I had, followed by THIS.  At some point I’m going to crawl out of this disgusting hole I’m getting myself and all of you soupaholics into.  I know the thousands of you depend on these picks week in and week out, and I’m still over .500 overall, but it’s just not acceptable!

Last week: 2-4 (1-4 ATS)

Season record (ATS): 20-22

Season record (over/under): 5-2-1

Overall: 25-24-1


Arizona at Dallas

Arizona +3.5

So what might be the best team in football is getting 3 points facing a Cowboys team off a short week and either without their starting QB or at worst a very beat up Tony Romo?  Ok, it just flat out doesn’t make sense.  The Cardinals are a better coached team, and if the Cowboys had trouble with Redskins blitz, the Cards blitz like crazy.  I don’t need to go on, take the Cards.


San Diego at Miami

San Diego +1.5

The Chargers are coming off a Thursday nighter so it is kind of like coming off a bye week.  The Chargers are better, they’re off a bye, the Dolphins have a terrible home field advantage.  Take the better coach, QB, and D here which resides in San Diego.


Denver at New England

Denver -3

Broncos just like the Chargers are coming off that Thursday night game and have had a lot of prep time for this one.  3.5 I would take the Pats.  At 3, it’s likely at worse a push.  I do know the Vegas sharps like the Pats for all the history here and the fact that the weather could play a factor in this one.  But as Colin Cowherd pointed out on his show yesterday, the Broncos have crushed really good teams like the Chargers, Niners, Colts, and Cards.  All at home I know, but they crushed them.  The Pats, while they look better have been beating up on Buffalo, Cincy who was in decline, and the Jets.  And they BARELY beat the Jets.  I think the Broncos just have it all going on right now, they’re the best team in football and they won’t forget how they gave away this game last year.


Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Baltimore -1

You know I’ve had a brutal time picking the Ravens this season.  I just can’t get a grasp on this team.  -1 favorites against the Bengals last week felt like a lock to me and they gave it away.  Week 1 against the Bengals felt like a lock to me and they fell on their faces.  Against the Colts the offense was stiffled against a below average D.  They just aren’t delivering when I take them.  But I’m going back to the well 1 more time this week.  This is the Steelers, it’s Sunday Night Football, it’s as big as it can get this time of year.  And the Steelers won’t do what they did last week against the Colts.  Roethlisberger was incredible, but it is a career day for a reason….it happens once in a career.


Indianapolis at NY Giants

NY +3.5

Coming off a bye, at home, against a dome team that is sketchy on the road.  I’ll take the Giants and smile all the way home thank you kindly.  The Giants are inconsistent I realize this, but you have to like them a lot in this spot.  And I’m the biggest Andrew Luck guy you’ll find, but he’s just not that great on the road.  Giants could win this game outright as they battle for their playoff lives.


San Diego at Miami

Over 45

So this has rebounded a bit after 2 loses in a row.  I was right last week and pushed the week before.  2 good QB’s going at it here in Rivers and Tannehill, and while both can play D, neither team has a D that is anything to be scared.  Less than 50 points with 2 good QB’s in good weather conditions, I like it!

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