Too little, too late


Didn’t I JUST write this blog like a month ago?!  Yeah I’m sure I did.  It starred Jay Feaster and the Calgary Flames.  I talked about how awful of a GM Feaster is and how the Flames are in big trouble with him running the show.  I HATE re-runs.  I used to love them.  I never got sick of seeing Will staying in Philly and him talking to Uncle Phil on the phone about how he wasn’t coming back to Bel-Air and on the screen it said “Fresh Prince of Philadelphia???”  Great episode!  Never got sick of seeing the Simpsons softball episode either “Mattingly!  I thought I told you to TRIM those sideburns?!” and Don had shaved all the way up the side of his head from the sideburns up…TERRIFIC!  So maybe this re-run will be as sweet as those ones were!

Well its FINALLY happened.  The Flames did what they have had to do for over 2 years now.  They’ve dealt their franchise guy, Jarome Iginla (heard of him?)  And as I expected, Jay Feaster absolutely butchered this deal and is running that franchise completely into the ground.  Sure, I have no clue what the Flames got back.  Kenny Agostino, Ben Hanowski, I know absolutely NOTHING about these kids.  But I’m calling my shot right now, they got 2 kids who will only play in the show because of who they were dealt for.  They’ll play so the Flames save face.  They won’t be anything effective.  And they got back a 1st round pick which as of right now looks very likely to be at least 26th or lower.

I have to think a competent GM could have got more than this.  Are the Penguins REALLY saying no if you ask them for their 1st and Olli Maatta?  Or their 1st and Beau Bennett?  Come on!  But Feaster needed to get his 2 prospects.  And of course they got 2 college kids.  Leave it to an American GM to have way more faith in the US system then he should.  I’m not saying the USHL and NCAA don’t produce good players, they do.  But it seems as though American GM’s have an agenda to overload on those players.  Maybe I’m very wrong, but I kind of don’t think that the Flames know something about these 2 kids that the rest of the hockey world doesn’t.  It’s the same as Mark Jankowski.  MAYBE the Flames know something nobody else does…but lets be honest they don’t.

And as I have said, that 1st right now looks very likely to be a pick that will be 26th-30th, best case scenario.  Now it is a deep draft so a 1st round pick this year holds more weight then most year’s.  But still this was quantity over quality.  Take the 1st, get a prospect or a good young player and get the heck out of there.  GM’s get burned by this all the time.  Kevin Lowe when dealing Pronger wanted 5 pieces coming back.  So you couldn’t deal him 2 or 3 great pieces, it was more important to Lowe that he got 5 pieces which thanks to the Ducks making the 2007 Stanley Cup final they did.  I can’t understand why GM’s do this.

To make matters oh so much worse for the Flames and their fans….Feaster could have dealt Iginla when he first took over on December 26th, 2010.  The LA Kings were getting desperate to land that big time established player to take them from being a good young team to an elite team.  The rumors were that the Flames could have Brayden Schenn, Jonathan Bernier and a 1st round pick.  Potential future captain and great 2 way center, potential franchise goaltender, and a 1st that ended up being Oilers prospect Oscar Klefbom who scouts are very high on (of course Feaster would have likely taken Scott Mayfield out of the USHL because he would have known something amazing that nobody else did).  Sooooooooo….I hope 2 more 9th place finishes were worth that.

Now onto the rest of the Flames fire sale.  You don’t want to go overboard on selling.  Kipper still sounds like he might go somewhere.  I’m no insider but with Kipper I’m keeping my eyes on the St.Louis Blues.  I think that’s a situation he would report to and perhaps the Blues would do a Halak for Kiprusoff deal.  Maybe the Flames toss them a conditional 2nd round pick in case Kiprusoff retires after the season.

Jay Bouwmeester sounds almost guaranteed to be gone and everyone seems to think it will be the Red Wings that land him.  A lot of teams though will look to jump in on Bouwmeester, however if it is the Wings I believe a fair price is their 1st round pick and Brendan Smith.  Of course with Feaster I could project all day as to what the return will be, he has his own guys that he likes and they aren’t anything like what most hockey people look for.

Calgary ownership needs to see the mistake they’ve made in hiring Jay Feaster and clean house.  This guy is an absolute dumpster fire.  He didn’t build the Tampa Bay Lightning into a Stanley Cup champion, that was Rick Dudley.  What Feaster did was ruin a great young team in Tampa in very short order.  In 3 seasons that team went from Stanley Cup champs to the 1st overall pick.  Had that been a veteran heavy team that might be expected.  They weren’t.  Lecavalier, St.Louis, Richards, Boyle, Khabibulin, they’re all still playing!  As an Oiler fan a part of me is laughing pretty hard at all this (and Oiler fans shouldn’t be laughing at ANYONE the last few years), but I do feel bad for Flames fans because I believe this is only the begining.  As long as Feaster is around, the future is pretty bleak in Calgary.


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Getting Perried


Hahahahahahhahahaha!!!  Did you see that title!?!?  Holy BLEEP is that funny!!!  His name is Perry, it rhymes with marry, they signed a long term deal, it’s unbelievable!!!  This is the best thing written since Mice at Centre Ice!  I sure hope you’ve read Mice at Centre Ice.  What an amazing book, they were in the Montreal Fourm.  You don’t have too many chances to go to the Montreal Fourm and Mice at Centre Ice lets you go there through the eyes of mice, it really is a unique journey….






Ok, I’m settled now.  Perry.  Hahaha, Perried….Ok NOW I’m good.  Perry.  I seem to be in the minority on this.  All the hockey guys on twitter seem to love this deal.  Seem to think its a terrific move for the Ducks and now that they have both Getzlaf and Perry signed, Cups will follow.  What?!  Does nobody honestly care about the horrible overpayments for both these guys?!  I’m a HUGE fan of both players.  Both guys play 200 feet, big, physical, go to the net hard, leaders, they’re protypical hockey players.  Having said that (which is the line that gives you the right to say anything you want and is always the pre cursor for a big time insult), paying a great player too much is still too much (8.25 cap hit over 8 years for Getzlaf, 8.625 cap hit over 8 years for Perry).

But while I say that, I didn’t have a BIG issue with the Getzlaf deal because to me it was much more vital to get their 6’3, 225 pound 1st line all world center locked down.  They needed Getzlaf in a big way because had he walked this summer, they would be as bad as the Flames are down the middle.  There is a reason guys like Getzlaf are never available.

Perry on the other hand however they could have dealt and I personally don’t think they would be much worse for wear had they dealt Perry, at least long term.  This organization is pretty loaded on the wings for starters.  Emerson Etem, Devante Smith-Pelly, Rickard Rakell, Kyle Palmieri.  Now maybe all these guys don’t reach their potential, but they’re all very solid prospects.  They also already have Bobby Ryan to play with Getzlaf.

Another piece to this puzzle is that the Ducks are a budget team, not a cap team.  So with the cap going down next season, this team will have nearly half of their cap tied up in 5 guys as it stands right now (Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan, Fowler, and Hiller).  4 mil tied up in Fowler is nuts.  This kid was rushed into the league and while he had 40 points in his rookie season, he is also -55 in 177 career games.  His play has REALLY dropped off since that rookie season.  But back to Perry…

The timing of this signing is very interesting.  Perry last night served the 3rd game of his 4 game suspension.  They looked pretty damn good without him.  In fact those who watch the Ducks will tell you they haven’t had any drop off in their play without him.  Also they’re paying him like a pernnial 50 goal scorer.  He’s had 50 once.  The 2nd best total he’s had is 37 which was last season.

This might sound like I dislike Corey Perry.  Not at all, he is one of my favorite players in hockey.  But as I said before paying a great player too much is still too much and this is a franchise that can’t afford to be breaking the bank for guys they don’t have a dire need for.  I mean he nearly has the same cap hit now as Crosby!  He’s not Crosby.

I fear for the Ducks is that this amazing run they’re on will come to a very abrupt hault in the 1st round of the playoffs, and once that happens they will notice they have a lot of holes that they got away with this season.  The defense doesn’t have anyone who stands out, the jury is still out on Viktor Fasth, and they aren’t a very deep team.  I would guess the Bobby Ryan trade rumors will pop up again, so if they move him for the right deal it would alleviate some of my concerns for the Ducks, but it wouldn’t erase them.

Hahahahaha Perried….


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Yet ANOTHER Hollywood Sequal


Don’t you just get sick of the fact that there are hardly any new idea’s in Hollywood anymore?  I didn’t see the latest Spiderman movie, I seen it 10 years previous.  Like at least when they remade Ocean’s 11 they had waited a while.  And the sequals are even worse.  Hangover 3?  Another Top Gun movie?  Sure we can all agree that Slap Shot 2 and 3 were great, but classics like those straight to DVD greats are few and far between!  God forbid they make Wayne’s World 3 showing us Wayne and Garth doing the show from a rehab center.  “Party on Garth”, “Not in 23 days Wayne”.

Well another sequal is being made in Hollywood right now.  They’ll be releasing it at the end of April and it’ll be played until the middle of June, at least that’s how long I’m projecting it to be running.  Low seed title run 2: The Lakers take back the town.  Just an AWFUL title I know, but the creators of this sequal are tired and don’t feel like being anymore witty than that….

Ok, the cheekiness has run its course for now.  The Lakers are coming on STRONG.  Ignore last night’s set back in Phoenix, this team is finally coming together.  While the Heat have been setting records with their win streak, the Lakers have somewhat subtly just worked their way back into the playoff picture in the Western Conference.  And I think it is lost on a lot of pundits still that all this team has to do is get in the dance.  I know that’s not the way the NBA has been over the years, but this team is an exception.

Now the 1 difference from the Kings that hasn’t happened yet (but I believe it will) is that the Lakers will likely end up with the 6th seed, not 8.  But weather they’re 6th, 7th or 8th I’m calling my shot right now: the Lakers will win the West.  The road won’t be easy, they’ll likely have to go through the Clippers, Thunder and Spurs to get there.  But the thing is….they’re better than all 3 teams.

The Clippers are younger and more athletic, but young and athletic RARELY ever wins in the NBA playoffs.  The Spurs aren’t young and athletic, they’re quite the opposite.  But while older and experienced is what you want in the NBA playoffs, the Spurs are too old.  Everyone forgets the Spurs run last year through the first 10 games of the playoffs, and then they lost 4 straight and they were done.  It really appeared the Spurs ran out of gas in the end.  The Lakers have more talent, almost as much experience and are just a big younger.

Which brings me to their biggest threat, the OKC Thunder.  They’re young and athletic.  They’re experienced.  And they beat the Lakers last year in just 5 games.  Now obviously the Lakers brought in Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, that helps my opinion on this.  But more so for me its about who the Thunder don’t have.  James Harden was cold blooded last year against the Lakers.  Kevin Martin has fit in great with the Thunder so far this season, but he hasn’t proven it in the playoffs and until he does I just like the Lakers better.  They have more big time players.  I know Dwight Howard is an enigma, but when he turns it on he is unstoppable.  And he can be the difference.

I joke that this will be just like the Kings, but it actually reminds me a lot of the 99 Knicks.  They were expected to be among the top teams in the Eastern Conference that season along with the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat, but they were a total train wreck all season.  They snuck into the 8 spot in the East and knocked off the Heat in a 5 game classic (of course this was back when opening round series were best of 5’s).  From that point on they rolled and became the team everyone thought they would be.  Even after Patrick Ewing went down in the Eastern Conference finals with an Achilles tendon injury.  That team was so loaded and it came together at the right time, just like I believe is happening for this Lakers team.

Now I started raving about the Raptors a few weeks back, and they proceeded to fall apart as soon as that was posted.  I wrote about how the Oilers were doomed, and they’ve gone 3-1-1 since.  I seem to have a knack to get the opposite out of my predictions lately.  I couldn’t miss during the NFL season weather it be with pre season rankings or picking games, and now I’m ice cold.  But I’m still calling it.  We will have a Lakers vs Heat finals, just like everyone figured in August (whatever day Howard was traded).  But they will be 2 VERY different paths travelled.


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Explosive move…no matter what


NFL free agency starts today, but of course some pretty big noise was made in the NFC West on Monday.  Within maybe an hour, the Seahawks made a big splash by dealing for Percy Harvin and then the 49ers countered by moving a 6th round pick for their Super Bowl nemisis Aquan Boldin.  But while I’m high on the Niners grabbing Boldin, I don’t share the same optimism as the football world does about Harvin.

I’ll start this off by saying I’m not a Pete Carroll fan at all.  He has a bit too much personality as a head coach for me.  Some might love that, and I do to some extent as it obviously keeps things interesting.  But over time there haven’t been many “wacky” NFL coaches who have sustained success.  Carroll was a failure as a head coach in 2 previous attempts with the Jets and Patriots (when he took over the Pats they were loaded and they eroded under his watch).

He loves bringing in high risk/high reward guys.  He took Bruce Irvin in the 1st round last year (15th overall).  He got a pass on the pick basically because he hit a home run with Russell Wilson in the 3rd round to overshadow it.  Had he grabbed a guy like Chandler Jones with that 15th pick, then he would have had a legitimate great draft.  But the fact he grabbed a head case like Irvin about a round before he had to makes me think more so that Carroll got very lucky taking Wilson.

But I digress.  My point in all of this is that teams that build with high risk/high reward guys don’t maintain success.  The 2005 Bengals might be the best comparison to the Seahawks.  They had an amazing season, and big things were expected of the Bengals in 06.  A lot of experts picked the Bengals to go to the Super Bowl.  Arrest after arrest after arrest after….wait for it….arrest happened that offseason, and they proceeded to go 8-8 in the 2006 season and the team continued to crumble further then next 2 seasons.

Now Russell Wilson is pretty special, so he could end up masking a lot of this teams problems.  Then again, coaches are now going to have a lot of film on Wilson and are going to have schemes in place this season designed to slow down the likes of Wilson, Kaepernick and RGIII.  He will have to adjust which might be the reason they went out and got him a new elite weapon.

And don’t get me wrong, Percy Harvin is an elite talent in the NFL.  Add to that, Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell had Harvin when he was in Minnesota so the familiarity will definitely help.  But Harvin is a diva and a bit of a head case.  And it’s a locker room filling up with guys like that.  Irvin, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman is outspoken and he also was facing suspension last season, Brandon Browner did serve a 4 game suspension for drug use, and now Harvin.

Some teams can get away with it if they have a good infrastructure already in place, such as the Patriots.  Belicheck and Brady have the ability to keep the train on the tracks with some of the problem childs they’ve brought in.  But Belicheck didn’t start making moves like that until Brady was well established as an elite NFL QB.  Carroll in no way strikes me as a coach who can steady a sinking ship if things start to go wrong.  And Wilson is going into his 2nd season, he doesn’t need a diva’s in the huddle telling him how he needs to get the ball to him more.

I could easily be wrong about this.  EVERY NFL expert and insider are raving about this move for the Seahawks.  I understand why because on paper it looks great.  But Harvin has had a lot of off field issues in the past, as have a lot of other Seahawks, and when you combine that with a head coach who isn’t a guy who will keep the troops in line and I just don’t have the same feeling about this move that others do.  Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks bring in yet another problem child or 2.  They’ve got away with doing it so far so why stop?

One thing I know for sure, this will either be a move that gives the Seahawks one of the best offenses in the league to go with an already amazing defense….or this will completely blow up in their faces because they were only worried about the talent they were bringing in and not the people they were bringing in.  We will see.


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Deep Ice Horizon


I have wrote way too much about the Oilers this season.  BUT, this is Alberta I live in.  The people that do read my stuff are either Oiler fans or at least know the team very well.  And it is what I likely write best about.  Jim Rome has a saying “give me an A or give me an F”.  Well the 2013 Edmonton Oilers are giving him that “F” and then some!  This is a team that Sports Illustrated (Adrian Dater) had ranked 3rd in the league heading into this season.  The Canadian media was sky high on them too.  Oiler fans and local media were actually a lot more subtle about the expectations.  Well….the team has somehow managed to meet nobody’s expectations.  And now the train has completely gone off the rails.

This actually should have been wrote after Tuesday’s game against the lowly Blue Jackets.  The worst team in the West owned the Oilers in a 4-3 shootout win.  That’s bad.  What’s worse is that had the Blue Jackets simply started Sergei Bobrovsky the Oilers would have lost 3-0.  None of the goals were of high quality.  That’s bad.  What’s worse than all that is they were coming off an absolutely pathetic performance against the Minnesota Wild 2 nights prior to that!  A performance that seen them have a total of 0 shots on goal in the 2nd period of the game.

This team is eroding and has been for a month now.  I made mention of this when writing about the Taylor Hall hit a few weeks back.  This isn’t new, you could see it coming.  The team had no passion, no desire, they were a total mess on the ice 5 on 5, and they have no power play entry which at the Bantam level is unacceptable.  At the BANTAM level it’s unacceptable.  This is what I was seeing, and since then it hasn’t improved at all.  I’ve learned to be a level headed fan over the past 4 or 5 seasons.  But anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I’ve lost my mind this season and gone back to “crazy fan boy”.  There is no way a team THIS talented should be the worst team in the NHL, yet that is exactly where they’re headed and in a hurry.

There are some flat out disturbing stats this team is producing.  One is that they’re 0-6-1 in games where they’re tied going into the 3rd period.  7 games where they’re tied going into the 3rd and they have 1 point to show for it.  That’s unimaginable.  This might be worse.  In their last 3 games, in regulation, they’ve drawn….3 penalties.  Usually teams draw penalties when they’re out working the opposing team.  Now, you can wear blinders and blame the refs and cry conspiracy…its not the case.  They’ve flat out quit.  It just says to me that things are much too comfortable under the “keep things positive” Ralph Krueger.

Two post game interviews in a row now he has shown large signs that he’s almost in denial it seems.  After Tuesday’s loss everyone watching saw the Oilers just get brutally out worked.  After the game Krueger said (I’m paraphrasing here) that the team played good and that if they play like that on most nights they will win.  I was shocked.  Last night it was perhaps just as bad when he said “We tried to get the 1-1 goal instead of continuing to play the good defense we were playing”.  So he basically didn’t want them to attempt to score.  The man who sold himself for not coaching the way he did in Switzerland is now coaching the way he did in Switzerland.

And a good trade by Tambellini to get a spark plug has done literally nothing.  It’s only been 2 games, but Mike Brown has looked like…well….Mike Brown.  He’s hitting everything, he’s flying around the ice, and in last nights game he completely speed bagged Jordin Tootoo who as we all know is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the league.  This happened the shift before Detroit got the 1st goal of the game.  In other words, what sparks 29 teams doesn’t do a thing to this team.  Again, disturbing.

Its already obvious to fans that Krueger has been a horrendous hire.  I’ll be the first to admit it, I got sold on him.  A lot of hockey people were raving about the hire.  But it seems that he is in over his head.  Hell even some members of the media such as Dan Tencer are starting to have their questions, which I honestly don’t know how it’s not painfully obvious to them already.  Pretty tough to screw this situation up.  Fans would have been happy with seeing exciting hockey and simply in the playoff race until the end of the season.  They didn’t even have to get in, just be close.  And yet Krueger isn’t even going to come close.  Oh I know they have 25 games left this season, but they’re schedule for the rest of the month is grueling to put it nicely.

Tonight in Nashville, loss.  Book it.  Sunday in Chicago…need I say more?  Last game of the trip in Denver to play the Avs….MIGHT win, but they struggle in Denver.  First game back off a long, difficult roadie and they get the Wings.  Loss.  Nashville again at home, loss.  San Jose and St.Louis they matchup horribly with, both losses.  Nashville and St.Louis again both on the road back to back….2 more loses.  Columbus at home MIGHT be a win, but the Jackets have dominated them this season.  Then they end the month at home vs Vancouver, easily a loss.

The lowly Blue Jackets, who actually have very little talent on their roster but try to make up for that by actually working hard (what a concept), are now just 1 point back of the Oilers.  This organization is in very serious danger of entering the world of the NY Islanders.  Oiler fans are outraged at the moment but you really get the sense listening to the call in shows and reading message boards that the anger is about to turn into apathy.  You can fix hate, you can’t fix apathy.

Darryl Katz might finally want to shake things up before its too late…if it isn’t already.  They had the right idea with the direction they took the team to do a full on rebuild, but they’ve somehow managed to mess it up by not making proper coaching hires, failing to acquire more veteran help to shelter the kids, and making the gutsy moves that need to be made so the pieces fit.  Right now it is trying to fit square pegs into round holes.  Fans are complaining about a kid like Yakupov being put on the 3rd line, well that is actually one case where I don’t blame Krueger.  He only has 6 spots in his top 6.  His GM has 8 forwards who are the same.  That GM now needs to go, and he needs to take his coach with him.  The puppet master of this whole operation known as Kevin Lowe has reached his time to go as well, but I fear he is untouchable in Katz’s eyes.

It is a crazy/diehard fan base, but they will turn on the team if they continue to see such failure.  They’ve been lucky to have a fan base so understanding of such a large rebuild that has required a lot of losing.  All they asked was that the team show improvement.  They’re not anymore, so it’s time to pay the fans back by shaking up the organization and bringing in people that can get them to the next level.


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Trade deadline 2013


It is now 4:27 AM.  I stayed up all night to get this shot off before the buzzer.  I can’t WAIT until my alarm clock goes off in 3 hours.  Anyhow….TSN has their “countdown to trade centre” or whatever its called on tonight so I figured I would beat them to the punch at least with calling my own shots here.  I tried to give 2 guys per team.  Basically I gave the guy likely to go but if there wasn’t a guy then I suggested what the team would peddle (picks and/or prospects).  Then I gave a guy who was less likely to go.  Some of those are much more pie in the sky things than anything else.  So yeah, read this because I typed a lot and my thumbs hurt so it better be worth it!


Anaheim Ducks

Likely to be dealt: Corey Perry

I don’t know if likely is the right way to put it, but I’m sure this will be heavily discussed on TSN tonight.  Do you really want to let a player of this ilk get away for nothing?  Pittsburgh, Toronto and Ottawa all could be likely suitors.  However without an extension the price drops quite a bit.  I would bet on Pittsburgh here, I would be shocked if they dealt him in conference.

Could be dealt: Ryan Getzlaf

Same story, although Getzlaf is the more vital guy to get locked up for the Ducks and according to Bob MacKenzie he believes the easier to get locked up as well.  However, if no extension has happend by the deadline teams will be calling and I would guess Bob Murray by that time would at least entertain the idea.  I more so believe this team will still really look to buy, but you can’t ingore that until these 2 sign extensions they will have all the attention on them.  While Bob believes Getzlaf will be easy to sign, I think that’s true only if Perry is re-signed.  Just a theory, but I believe that is the hold up.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

I don’t really see anyone off the main roster going anywhere.  They’ll simply look to add.  I almost guarantee between now and April 3rd they will acquire a veteran backup netminder and like most teams they’ll look to add to their blueline.  Not a lot of glarring holes on this roster, 1 prospect to keep an eye on them dealing would be Ryan Spooner.  He could intrigue some teams.

Could be dealt: Adam McQuaid

I was going to say Dougie Hamilton but when you got a kid who is already a stud on defense for you at 19 years of age you just don’t deal him unless the Pens offer up Crosby.  It’s not that Hamilton will be a hall of famer or anything, but having guys that are productive on their ELC’s are just so valuable ESPECIALLY to contending teams like the Bruins.  McQuaid is a valuable d-man but if a big time player is out there like a Jay Bouwmeester then perhaps McQuaid goes as part of the package.



Likely to be dealt: Robyn Regehr

He has a NMC (although I’m not sure if that’s done once he waived it the first time, sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t), but he is on the last year of his deal and barring the Sabres going on a big late season run they’ll be sellers.  A guy with Regehr’s experience will get a lot of attention from teams.  He isn’t what he used to be, but he can still be very effective.

Could be dealt: Ryan Miller

I could have a lot of guys on this list for them.  Thomas Vanek only has another year left on that massive deal Kevin Lowe gave him in the summer of 2007,  Tyler Myers name has been in the rumor mill every now and again since he has been a big dissapointment since signing his massive extension, and Steve Ott is a guy I’m sure a ton of teams will call about has he is exactly what teams need in the playoffs.  But Miller gets the nod from me here.  He only has another year left on his deal, he is seemingly becoming a headache for the Sabres.  He has been better this season but since 2010 he hasn’t been very consistent.  This might be the highest his value will be.  His name was rumored last year.  St.Louis, Chicago, Detroit, San Jose….a lot of teams need goaltending.



Likely to be dealt: Lee Stempniak

You know who won’t be dealt.  This could set the franchise back 4 or 5 years in a rebuild if they don’t, same goes for Kipper.  I have zero faith Feaster will do the right thing in this situation.  So he deals Stempniak who has been playing very good this season and has a manageable 2.5 mil cap hit next season.  They will get a 3rd round pick for him, maybe a 2nd if a team is in dire needs of scoring.

Could be dealt: Jay Bouwmeester

He only has another year left on his deal and has actually played pretty good this season.  In fact, the only years Jay Bouwmeester hasn’t looked like a top 2 d-man in this league have been while playing for Brent Sutter.  There would be a lineup for his services and teams would overpay to get him.  This would be a shrewd move….so I highly doubt Jay Feaster does this.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

They’ll be a buyer, unless the injury to Cam Ward completely blows up their season.  Winnipeg is only 4 points out of the lead in the Southleast (and man alive is it ever earning that nickname again this season).  As long as they’re within 2 or 3 points of a playoff spot come April 3rd they’ll be buying.  I would watch mostly for them to try to land a veteran backup who can perhaps help weather this storm (no pun intended).

Could be dealt: Alexander Semin

He’s played great for them so I highly doubt it, but he’s a UFA so maybe if Rutherford can’t sign him to an extension they deal him for whatever they can get on deadline day and then go after a winger who has a few more years left on his deal.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

See above.  This could get pretty boring saying this for a boat load of teams.  They’re buyers obviously, and I would suggest a 2nd line center with size and a top 4 d-man would be high on Stan Bowman’s list.  I listed them as a possible team for Miller earlier, I stand by that.  I know Corey Crawford has had a great season, but Miller is more of a sure thing so if it was possible and the price was right I believe Bowman would be in on him.

Could be dealt: Nick Leddy

If that top 4 d-man became available I’m sure he would be right up there for a guy teams would want in a package from the Hawks.  Again, not like I’m expecting the Hawks to move the kid, but for the right guy I’m sure they would listen.



Likely to be dealt: J.S. Giguere

Another year left on his deal, Carolina and Boston would be prime targets here.  He’s not seeing much playing time at all, but he has a lot of big game experience so he would be the perfect backup for a team looking to make a run.

Could be dealt: Paul Stastny

Now might be the right time to move his deal out of town.  This is a budget team right now and they just gave Ryan O’Reilly 10 mil over the next 2 years.  Stastny has had his issues with the organization, 2nd line centers aren’t easy to find at the deadline and he only has 1 more year left on his deal.  Could be the perfect time to move him.



Likely to be dealt: Vinny Prospal

Nothing flashy about this but he is a UFA at seasons end.  He is very versatile and has a lot of experience so a guy like him would be a nice pickup for any team.  I could see him going back to Philly….simply because that is what Philly does.  Why address needs when you can bring a favorite home for the 3rd time?

Could be dealt: Steve Mason

Like the Sabres, so many guys qualify for this.  Maybe the Oilers try to pry Ryan Johansen out of there now that new management has stepped in and Johansen hasn’t lived up to expectations thus far?  Mason has bounced back ok this season, at least his save percentage is above .900, but he is an RFA at seasons end.  Lots of teams looking for goaltending so if a team paid the right price I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see them move Mason and look to upgrade the posistion in the summer.



Likely to be dealt: Eric Nystrom

They SHOULD sell.  This team is starting to get stuck in mediocrity, always missing the playoffs but not low enough to land that great pick.  I don’t think Nieuwendyk is stupid enough to start dishing out his 1st and the few prospects that he has, but I don’t see the big UFA’s being dealt unless they have a major skid this month.  Oh yeah, Nystrom will help your bottom 6, they will get a 3rd or 4th for him.

Could be dealt: the 3 big UFA’s

Out of Morrow, Jagr and Roy I would guess that Morrow is the most likely to go….and why that is I just don’t know.  He’s not what he was, but he’s still a great leader both on and off the ice and can still play in a teams top 6 he just can’t carry a line like he once could.  Contenders would pay big for any of these 3 guys.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

Fully expecting them to buy despite currently being 10th in the West.  They desperately need d-men, the amazing and incredible “next Nik Lidstrom” Brendan Smith has been a lot more like Willy Lidstrom than Nik Lidstrom.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, perhaps the hockey world should have noticed that a kid who was such a highly rated prospect wasn’t coming close to sticking in Detroit that MAYBE he got overrated simply because everyone thought the Wings kids were amazing.  So to sum up, they need a d-man or two.

Could be dealt: Jimmy Howard

Impending UFA has once again been very hit or miss this season.  They won’t deal him unless they can get an upgrade, but I would guess he would go in a trade for a goaltender rather than become the backup.



Likely to be dealt: Ryan Whitney

Oh man I feel such homerism coming on here!!!  Ryan Whitney should net them Columbus 3 1st round picks and Ryan Murray.  He’s the best defenseman since one Steven Staios graced us with his pressence and this is just a fluke that the Oilers haven’t seen the playoffs since June 19th, 2006 (but who’s counting?)  Dan Tencer said the other night he gets you a 4th or 5th rounder, I bet because of reputation you get a 3rd…MAYBE a 2nd if a team is desperate.  I wouldn’t give it up for him, but d-men are impossible to come by.

Could be dealt: Nail Yakupov

WOAH!!!  I’m going to be shot by Oiler fans for saying this one!  Hear me out, and again remember I’m not saying he will be, just that I could see it possibly happening (pie in the sky).  This team is desperate to take that next step.  The fan base is livid with how this season has gone and they need a big shakeup on the ice.  Down the line they can’t sink a large chunk of their money into 3 wingers (Hall, Eberle and Yakupov).  1 will have to go.  Yakupov for a team that needs to sell tickets like a Dallas, Columbus, Florida, Phoenix, etc would be a heck of a kid to get.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Nords/Avs deal Sundin for Clark.  They lost that deal, but who cares because they won a Cup because of it.  Wendel Clark changed the culture in Quebec and then he turned into Claude Lemiuex who was a large part of the Avs 96 Cup winning team.  Tambellini will need to make a move like this eventually.



Likely to be dealt: Stephen Weiss

No brainer here, he might be the most talked about impending UFA that will be on the move.  He is a very underrated player.  Plays 200 feet, great playmaker, great shot, high hockey IQ, a coaches dream really.  Taking his talents out of South Beach could be the best thing ever to happen to Weiss.

Could be dealt: Filip Kuba

Not a sexy name I know, but he only has another year left on his deal and with d-men at such a premium it might be smart to deal him now and get something for him and allow a kid like Petrovic perhaps to see some NHL minutes to finish the season.



Likely to be dealt: Dustin Penner

Another struggle of a season for Penner.  I don’t know why he can’t produce in LA.  I know people think of him as a big underachiever, but he was on pace for his 2nd straight 30 goal season in Edmonton when he got dealt there.  It would have been 3 of 4 seasons where he had over 50 points.  That’s not great, but it’s not that bad either considering how valuable he can be just with his size down low.  He’s a UFA, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Kings move him but make no mistake this team is a buyer.

Could be dealt: Jarret Stoll

“Look at the Oiler homer talking about his Oilers!”  Yep.  Stoll has been centering the 4th line this season.  An awesome luxury for Sutter to have, but to me that makes him expendable.  Colin Fraser and Trevor Lewis can both fill that role, you don’t need 3.5 mil centering your 4th line even if he is a beast.  They wouldn’t give him away, but I bet for the right deal Lombardi would absolutely do it.  And the Kings could use some skill in their top 6.



Likely to be dealt: Matt Cullen

They’re a buyer too, but they could easily move Charlie Coyle to the middle on that 3rd line and then get something for the talented but underahieving Cullen.  He’s a weird guy, he has the talent to be a 2nd line center on a good team.  But he just seems to lack drive or focus or something.

Could be dealt: Niklas Backstrom

He’s a UFA so anything is possible, but unless they were to land someone to take his place it would be stupid to do this.  They do have guys in the system like Darcy Kuemper and Matt Hackett who look really promising, but if you want to go anywhere in the playoffs (should they get in) then you need Backstrom.



Likely to be dealt: Michael Ryder

This wouldn’t stun me at all.  I think they were just looking to dump Erik Cole’s salary and the Stars just happened to give them Ryder.  I don’t believe the Habs want anything to do with Ryder, so I believe they dump him before the deadline for a 5th round pick or so.  Maybe I’m wrong here, but I don’t think they need him too much.

Could be dealt: Tomas Kaberle

The only reason I say “could” is because nobody wants him.  If the Habs COULD deal him he will be gone, but he has another year left at 4.25 mil….disgusting.  This is one odd duck.  He never wanted to leave the Leafs when they were a complete dumpster fire, and since he has completely mailed it in.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

Nobody really stands out on the roster as a likely candidate to move.  I actually don’t believe the Preds will do anything.  They aren’t playing well right now and remember Shea Weber could be dealt this summer.  It was widely speculated that once the Preds signed that offer sheet they were doing it only to deal him away a year from then to get a better return then they would have got at the time.  Weber’s agent even said it at the time “you don’t sign an offer sheet because you want to stay where you are”.

Could be dealt: Ryan Ellis

If I were David Poile I would move him now for a lot rather than let him get exposed in the next few seasons.  I’m not a big believer in this kid ever being anything more than a PP specialist.  He lacks the quickness a kid who is 5’10 should have at the NHL level.  He’s played all season with the big club, that looks good.  I bet you could fleece a guy like Greg Sherman.


New Jersey

Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

Even though they’re sliding without Brodeur, I still see them as a buyer.  But they probably should be selling….

Could be dealt: David Clarkson

Not just Clarkson but Elias and Zidlicky too.  3 big time UFA’s and this team bleeds money (even though they somehow managed to pay Travis Zajac through his teeth right after the lockout).  Clarkson has turned himself into a great player after entering the league as an enforcer.  If he is available, Lamoriello could get a hell of a return.


NY Islanders

Likely to be dealt: Lubomir Visnovsky

He didn’t want to be there in the first place (who does?!)  Garth Snow should get quite a bit back for the PP QB at the deadline.  He might be the best defenseman available.  Also Mark Streit is a UFA too, so perhaps both would go which would put the Islanders in an incredible position to be a disgrace rather than a joke….right where Charles Wong wants them.

Could be dealt: Josh Bailey

Nothing sexy here but perhaps they finally give up on Bailey.  Not his fault, they ruined him plain and simple.  Maybe he goes to another organization and gets his game going again?


NY Rangers

Likely to be dealt: Prospects

Notice I didn’t include picks there as they’ve already dealt their 1st to Columbus in the Nash deal.  This team will be a buyer but they may need to buy just to get into the dance let alone compete for a Cup.  On the outside looking in although they do have games in hand on Philly.

Could be dealt: Michael Del Zotto

Like McQuaid and Leddy before him, if the right d-man cam along for Slats he could put Del Zotto in a package for the right guy.  A young puck moving defenseman like MDZ I’m sure would make another GM’s ears perk up.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

Bryan Murray will buy not only because this team is hanging in there, but both Spezz and Karlsson could be back for round 1 of the playoffs.  So as long as they can stay in the top 8 I believe he will see it as a big chance.  Stephen Weiss will be high on his radar I’m sure, as will the recently mentioned Lubomir Visnovsky.  Both guys are rentals and the Sens have the depth to go get guys like this to solidfy the team short term and give them great depth come the playoffs.

Could be dealt: Daniel Alfredsson

I’m sure you have all heard this one bounced around of late.  I don’t see it happening.  Alfredsson stated a few years back that he would rather retire with the Sens then go elsewhere to try to win a Cup.  BUT…things change and maybe if they fall out of it this month that he will reconsider that stance.  A lot of teams would be interested.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

Did you really expect me to say anything different here?  It’s Philly, of course they’re going for it.

Could be dealt: Sean Couturier

They aren’t affraid to deal anyone, and Couturier could be viewed as expendable for the right price.  It would have to be a heck of a return, but they’re pretty deep at center in the organization.  I thought it was a coin flip between him and Brayden Schenn over which one Philly may deal down the road if they had to, but with Luke now there Brayden appears to be pretty untouchable.  6’4, 200 pounds, plays 200 feet and is only 20 years old.  29 teams would listen if he could be had.



Likely to be dealt: Mike Smith

Yep, I said likely.  He is a UFA and hasn’t looked anything like the goaltender he did last season.  Maloney has to deal him if he can’t get him locked up by the deadline.  The league is trying to sell this franchise so I believe it’s a must they get all the value they can for their assets.  Perhaps you deal Smith then flip that package for another goaltender like a Steve Mason?

Could be dealt: Keith Yandle

They’ve shopped him before, but apparently wanted the world for him.  I don’t like Yandle personally, I think he is a number 3 or 4 who because of Tippett’s system looks like a 1 or 2.  Still, lots of GM’s looking for d-men this time of year.  They might not get what they want, but they could still get a ton.  Plus, Ekman-Larsson has taken over as the number 1 guy, and Brandon Gormley is waiting in the wings to get his shot.



Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

This team has the chips to play with that this deadline.  They’re a buyer, they need to get Sid a winger, and there should be quite a few good ones available.  Nice position to be in if you’re Ray Shero.

Could be dealt: Chris Kunitz

Basically if they find Sid a winger, he might be part of the package going back the other way.  That said, I would more so lean to them moving him elsewhere in the lineup and he is a gritty player that can play a good 2 way game.


San Jose

Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

Getting boring I know but they’ll buy.  This is the last shot in their minds I’m sure.  The window closed a few years ago, but that glass is so clean they haven’t noticed yet that it’s there.  They’ve some what got things back on track, but unless Doug Wilson pulls a rabbit out of his hat, I still think they end up missing the playoffs.

Could be dealt: Ryane Clowe

He’s a UFA so that is always possible, but you don’t trade a guy this good if you’re going for it.  They would recieve a lot for his services however.  Maybe if they go completely in the tank this month it is a blessing in disguise for Wilson and he pulls the trigger on something like this?


St. Louis

Likely to be dealt: Picks and prospects

We get it, they’re buyers

Could be dealt: Brian Elliot or Jaroslav Halak

I couldn’t decide which guy they would move if a goaltender that they liked became available.  Halak is better so either side would want him.  Elliot would be a throw in, this kid once again has completely lost his confidence.  He actually lost it last year against the Kings.  He’s fine as a backup, but he can’t handle being “the guy”.


Tampa Bay

Likely to be dealt: Mathieu Garon

Not sexy in any way again I know.  But teams will be looking to sure up their goaltending.  Garon when he’s on can be great, so some team will be interested.  He is a UFA after this season.

Could be dealt: Vincent Lecavalier

This is a theory I’ve had since the lockout ended.  Tampa deals him along with something good to a team that will buy him out.  That way, he can go sign back in Tampa where he wants to be, and the Lightning get a much more cap friendly deal.  However now with Vinny having a decent bounce back season, I could see a team doing it for the stretch drive without Tampa having to give up anything on their end.  They wouldn’t get much for him if there is an understanding that the team will have to buy him out, but still a great move for Tampa.  I would look at Chicago as a prime candidate to do a move like this.



Likely to be dealt: Nobody

I don’t see Nonis making any moves at this deadline.  You’ve had a surprise season to this point.  As long as this team maintains their position in the standings I would just roll with what you have into the first round and make the upgrades in the summer time with the cupboard full.

Could be dealt: Tyler Bozak

He’s a UFA and they could get something pretty good for him.  But on the other hand things are rolling along just nicely so unless someone knocks their socks off I would just stand pat.  I’m a big Bozak fan.  He’s not a 1st line center, but more of a good 2nd or elite 3rd line center.  RH shot too.



Likely to be dealt: Roberto Luongo

I’m not sure I believe it’s “likely” anymore, but it’s more likely than most so I will go with this.  I will say, he has won me over.  Strombone1 is maybe the best athelete follow on twitter.

Could be dealt: Cory Schneider

Maybe Gillis does a total 180 on this whole situation and decides he can get what he feels Schneider is worth so why not deal him instead?  Again, “could be dealt” in this blog means it’s highly unlikely, but the theory does make some sense.



Likely to be dealt: Roman Hamrlik

Last year of his deal, veteran defenseman, the team isn’t likely to make the playoffs, it’s the same old story.  Still, he would be a great addition to any blueline.  Anywhere he goes, Hammer seems to make the d-men he plays with much better.

Could be dealt: Mike Riberio

Thought I was going to say Ovechkin?  Yeah, I did think about it.  But it won’t happen.  He sells way too many tickets and despite what Mike Milbury says it’s not all about Ovechkin.  Backstrom has been terrible the last few seasons, and wingers have trouble scoring if they don’t have a guy that can get them the puck.  As for Riberio, I could see them hanging onto him for a playoff push, but he’s a UFA.



Likely to be dealt: Nik Antropov

Borat’s favorite hockey player, Kazakhstan’s own Nik Antropov might be on the move come deadline day.  He’s a UFA, and this team has really beefed up over the last year and so I believe he will be expendable.

Could be dealt: Evander Kane

Trouble coming up with a guy in this case but I guess if there was a guy it might be Kane.  Definitely don’t see it coming these days, he’s been great.  But perhaps Cheveldayoff knows it won’t last and so he pulls the trigger on something now while his value is sky high?


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One big F-east up


Here’s the thing.  I’m simply an AWFUL human.  Just ask Jay Feaster.  Now, Jay Feaster doesn’t know who some no name blogger who’s site is known by nobody except you.  Yes you, you’re the only one, I’m glad you’re my friend/family member/small time blog enthusiased.  BUT…if Jay Feaster did know who I was, I don’t think he would be a fan.  You see if this is the first time you’re reading my stuff you might want to go back and read what I’ve had to say about this guy in the past.  Jay’s chins think its unflattering (see, terrible human).

But he makes it oh so easy!!!  Tim Erixon, refusing to rebuild, Mark Jankowski, Roman Cervenka, Dennis Wideman, and now Ryan O’Reilly.  Flames fans, I’m not here to hate on you.  Yes I’m an Oiler fan and yes I want to beat the Flames more than any other team in the league.  But not like this.  This is like when Bret Hart used to fight some jobber with a name like Ted Smith who just rocked generic tights, was already in the ring, the Fink would introduce him as the Hitman was walking to the ring.  An automic drop here, a neck breaker there, elbow from the 2nd turnbuckle, sharpshooter, and 3 minutes after walking out Bret was walking back to the locker and he didn’t even have to shower.  Trust me, this isn’t showing up this bad on the ice YET…but it will pretty soon.

Now, at 4 PM Thursday I admit I honestly thought he had made a great move.  I said it on Twitter, the Flames had been playing some good hockey and are more desperate for an actual center than any other team in the league.  There are AHL teams that are better down the middle than the Flames are right now….and I wish that was a joke!  So Ryan O’Reilly would be a HUGE boost to the Flames.  If you’ve read my stuff (yes I’m talking to YOU again) than you know that I believe strength at center is perhaps the most vital ingredient to win in this league, especially in the West.  So a just turned 22 year old, 6’0, 210 pound, 55 point, 54% in the dot, 200 foot center would improve the Flames not just a little but a lot!  But I didn’t know that he would need to clear waivers.  Nobody did, but Feaster should have.

How not just Feaster but the entire organization wasn’t on top of that is well beyond me.  And then, to come out and claim that they KNEW about the rule but had a different interpretation on the rule is just digging yourself an even deeper hole and makes you look like a complete moron if nobody had that figured out already!  Would you not think to maybe call the league before hand and inquire about the rule if you knew about it?!

Can you imagine had the Avs not matched?  So O’Reilly goes through waivers, and every team in the league would put in a claim.  I’m guessing some of those teams may flat out get told to tank.  I don’t believe this goes on in the league, but for 1 week to get a 22 year old kid who is an elite 2nd line center it might be a rare occassion that it would happen.  Then, the Flames have this enormous f*** up hanging over them for the rest of the season and ridiculous pressure now to get away from the bottom of the league to avoid what would already have been the biggest mistake in NHL history.  No way a team that might be already playing over their heads (26th in the league) wouldn’t crumble with all that hanging over them.  Boom, you LITERALLY just gave away Seth Jones or Nathan MacKinnon.

And as for Pat Morris, save it.  Morris came out and claimed he thought the same way Feaster did about the rule, sure you did Pat.  This snake is the same agent who decided to go to the media with his client Chris Pronger’s trade request in the summer of 06 rather than keeping it behind closed doors.  He’s dirty, and I wouldn’t put it past him for one second to have gone to just about every GM looking to get an offer sheet knowing that his client would have to go through waivers.  What’s it to him?  O’Reilly gets back to playing (and for him hopefully out of Colorado which is what he wanted) and Morris gets a big pay day for him and his client.

But at the end of the day it is all on Jay Feaster.  The great Feast is at it again, and he is truely burning this organization down (get it? Flames, burning, histerical…ok quit laughing now).  He should be fired for this.  Doesn’t have to be now, but if he’s not gone by May 1st barring a miracle run I will be shocked.  And the thing is that they don’t have to go scorched earth like the Oilers did (rumor is ownership refuses to do that), but this is ridiculous.  You can rebuild by simply making smart trades, getting great bang for your buck UFA’s, and drafting shrewdly.  The Oilers had to do what they did because no UFA’s want to sign there unless the team is great, and they didn’t have one valuable asset to help the process along.

Feaster has no plan.  This clown has been terrible at the draft, threw ridiculous money at Wideman and Hudler last summer, and usually makes terrible trades too.  He is the worst GM in the league.  Greg Sherman is close, but you can’t win the title via count out or DQ and Feaster got himself DQ’d in the latest title fight against Sherman, he’s still the champ.  Oh and have you noticed he has a weight problem?!?  Look at me, just a terrible…simply horrible person.  It’s anti-bullying week and look at me piling on Jay when everyone is pointing and laughing.  I’m sorry Jay, buds?


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Quite the Hawk streak


See what I did there?  You thought I was going to say “hot streak” and I danced you like I was Savard and you were Lowe!  Well this is getting ridiculous.  Sure last nights win was in OT against the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets, but this team is getting everyone’s best night in and night out.  Take a look at their loses, Columbus is playing everyone tough…they simply don’t have the talent to win games.  The Hawks managed to survive them and push the streak to 21 last night.  Right now they are Will and the rest of the league are a bunch of Carlton’s and Cornflakes.  Their only loses have been in shootouts.  Nobody seen anything like this coming.

Remember last year?  The mighty Blackhawks had completely lost their swagger that they were known for the 3 years previous.  This was a young, cocky team.  But last season they simply lost their way.  Corey Crawford after having such an amazing series against Vancouver in the 2011 playoffs, came crashing back to earth.  Patrick Kane’s off ice behaviour was seemingly hurting his development.  Duncan Keith was no longer looking like the all world defenseman he once was.  This team lived and died with Jonathan Toews.

They got smashed by the Oilers last year, twice!  9-2 (although I wrote on this website at the time that it was clearly a product of them going to Vegas on a team trip after the game, they mailed that one in).  Then of course the Sam Gagner 8 point game, where they blew a 2-0 lead, losing 8-4.  They also lost to the Oilers once in Chicago.

In the playoffs they were stoned by Mike Smith, but even though they were out shooting Phoenix game in and game out, they seemed to lack fight.  Again, they were totally dependent on Jonathan Toews who could only do so much.  Rumors were everywhere that Head Coach Joel Quennville and GM Stan Bowman weren’t even on speaking terms anymore, and it was only a matter of time before either Quennville would resign or Bowman would fire him.

Much like other celeb fans like Vince Vaughn and Jeremy Piven, Garth Algar is excited with the teams incredible start

What a difference a lockout makes.  I had a feeling they would win that first game of the season in LA after some knob in the Kings organization thought it would be a great idea to parade the Cup around the ice before puck drop.  Because that wouldn’t fire up the former champs at all I bet, not to mention that it’s literally a workout lifting that Cup.  In 25 years of both playing and watching hockey never once have I heard a coach or a trainer suggest that someone go bump weights minutes before puck drop.

But while I expected that result, I didn’t see this team that had so much turmoil entering the offseason going nearly half way through the season without a regulation time or OT loss.  It is unreal.  And the beauty of it is that its not just one guy.  Patrick Kane growing up sure does help, but some nights its him, some nights its Toews, some nights its Hossa, some nights they stay up cashing in their bad luck, some nights they call it a draw….

Its probably a good time to write this piece now, because I actually have to believe that in Detroit for a Sunday morning game against the Wings is a pretty good bet as to where this streak could finally end.  Mind you before that I would have thought facing the Blues in St.Louis would have been an even better bet and they made the Blues look horrible in a 3-0 win.  But also, the last time I wrote about a teams hot streak was last Saturday about the Raptors, who went 0-3 since….all 3 at home….2 against awful teams.  The Soups curse is now in full effect for the Hawks, so I apologize to all Hawks fans if this kicks in again.  It was my intent to sing their praises, not ruin their season.


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