Hahahahahahhahahaha!!!  Did you see that title!?!?  Holy BLEEP is that funny!!!  His name is Perry, it rhymes with marry, they signed a long term deal, it’s unbelievable!!!  This is the best thing written since Mice at Centre Ice!  I sure hope you’ve read Mice at Centre Ice.  What an amazing book, they were in the Montreal Fourm.  You don’t have too many chances to go to the Montreal Fourm and Mice at Centre Ice lets you go there through the eyes of mice, it really is a unique journey….






Ok, I’m settled now.  Perry.  Hahaha, Perried….Ok NOW I’m good.  Perry.  I seem to be in the minority on this.  All the hockey guys on twitter seem to love this deal.  Seem to think its a terrific move for the Ducks and now that they have both Getzlaf and Perry signed, Cups will follow.  What?!  Does nobody honestly care about the horrible overpayments for both these guys?!  I’m a HUGE fan of both players.  Both guys play 200 feet, big, physical, go to the net hard, leaders, they’re protypical hockey players.  Having said that (which is the line that gives you the right to say anything you want and is always the pre cursor for a big time insult), paying a great player too much is still too much (8.25 cap hit over 8 years for Getzlaf, 8.625 cap hit over 8 years for Perry).

But while I say that, I didn’t have a BIG issue with the Getzlaf deal because to me it was much more vital to get their 6’3, 225 pound 1st line all world center locked down.  They needed Getzlaf in a big way because had he walked this summer, they would be as bad as the Flames are down the middle.  There is a reason guys like Getzlaf are never available.

Perry on the other hand however they could have dealt and I personally don’t think they would be much worse for wear had they dealt Perry, at least long term.  This organization is pretty loaded on the wings for starters.  Emerson Etem, Devante Smith-Pelly, Rickard Rakell, Kyle Palmieri.  Now maybe all these guys don’t reach their potential, but they’re all very solid prospects.  They also already have Bobby Ryan to play with Getzlaf.

Another piece to this puzzle is that the Ducks are a budget team, not a cap team.  So with the cap going down next season, this team will have nearly half of their cap tied up in 5 guys as it stands right now (Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan, Fowler, and Hiller).  4 mil tied up in Fowler is nuts.  This kid was rushed into the league and while he had 40 points in his rookie season, he is also -55 in 177 career games.  His play has REALLY dropped off since that rookie season.  But back to Perry…

The timing of this signing is very interesting.  Perry last night served the 3rd game of his 4 game suspension.  They looked pretty damn good without him.  In fact those who watch the Ducks will tell you they haven’t had any drop off in their play without him.  Also they’re paying him like a pernnial 50 goal scorer.  He’s had 50 once.  The 2nd best total he’s had is 37 which was last season.

This might sound like I dislike Corey Perry.  Not at all, he is one of my favorite players in hockey.  But as I said before paying a great player too much is still too much and this is a franchise that can’t afford to be breaking the bank for guys they don’t have a dire need for.  I mean he nearly has the same cap hit now as Crosby!  He’s not Crosby.

I fear for the Ducks is that this amazing run they’re on will come to a very abrupt hault in the 1st round of the playoffs, and once that happens they will notice they have a lot of holes that they got away with this season.  The defense doesn’t have anyone who stands out, the jury is still out on Viktor Fasth, and they aren’t a very deep team.  I would guess the Bobby Ryan trade rumors will pop up again, so if they move him for the right deal it would alleviate some of my concerns for the Ducks, but it wouldn’t erase them.

Hahahahaha Perried….


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