RGIIII’m going to bet that this is a title that has been used a lot and will be used even more once Robert Griffin is either released or dealt this offseason.  But it’s DAMN good!  Ironically the report in the Washington Post came out after I had started this piece, but not shocking in anyway that this is likely it for RGIII and the Red….Washington’s….


But can you believe it has got to this point in just 2 years?!  2 years ago we were talking about this kid as a hall of fame talent.  There was that iconic shot (picture I used at the top) of him on his ass against the Saints having just thrown a TD pass.  Washington were the hottest team in football coming down the stretch of the 2012 season, Griffin was playing amazing, most would tell you he was better than Andrew Luck and that the Colts messed up (not me), the pistol being run by Washington, the Seahawks and the Niners was an stoppable offensive formation.  Yeah….those days are LONG gone!


And I can’t help but go back to the running QB and how it mesmerizes fans to see these guys tuck and run if their first option isn’t available.  For the short term it is effective in the NFL.  Before teams get real video on a guy he can get away with it.  But before to long it becomes defendable, and then they have to learn to sit back in the pocket and pick D’s apart.  If they can’t, they’ll fizzle out like RGIII has, Cam Newton look like he is, and Colin Kaepernick might be on his way to being that guy too.


It also doesn’t help Griffin that he is with Washington, one of the worst run franchises in all of sports.


The theme of this week for this site has been destroying the Oilers, well the Washington NFLers….are the NFL’s version of the Oilers and Oiler fans this is what you have to look forward too because you have an owner in Daniel Snyder who grew up fetishizing these guys.  Although Snyder doesn’t have a bunch of ex Redskins (couldn’t hold out on using the name) in his front office, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing when it comes to running the team.


Mike Shanahan had great success in Denver, he was awful in Washington.  Is that because Shanahan lost his way?  Could be, but more likely it is that the Redskins are just a horribly mis-managed franchise.  How can RGIII learn to be a great QB when the owner is not only running the team into the ground, but also coddling Griffin and blaming everyone else for his problems?


He’ll go somewhere else, the question is where?  Houston is possible, St. Louis is possible and wouldn’t that be ironic, Buffalo, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, anywhere really that they need a QB.  If I were Griffin though I would do what Mark Sanchez did and go somewhere just as a backup to learn.  He won’t make near as much money, but he doesn’t have to do it forever.  Go sit for a year or 2 and work on your game.  He’s still young enough that he can emerge as a franchise QB, he still has all the tools it’s just that he is a complete mess at the moment.


It is kind of like myself and picking NFL games this season.  All the tools are there for me to be great at it, and I was awesome in 2012, but I am a MESS right now!


New Orleans at Pittsburgh

Steelers -4.5

The Saints are coming off a short week, Steelers are coming off a bye.  Saints are bad at home, but they’re worse on the road, and the worstest (is that a word?) in the elements and right now there is a 60% chance of rain for Sunday in Pittsburgh.  Steelers are going to blow out the Saints.


Oakland at St.Louis

Oakland +6.5

This is NOT a sexy game to pick at all, I realize that.  But I think it’s an easy one to pick and I would rather you and myself win money rather than pick the best games.  The Raiders play everyone really hard and are coming off a win, and a 10 day break.  So they’ll have felt REAL good about themselves all week.  Pressure of going 0-16 is off, they’ll play hard, and they’ll play loose.  I like the Rams, but Shaun Hill isn’t going to set the world on fire.  Raiders keep this one tight, might even pull the upset.


San Diego at Baltimore

Chargers +6

This might move to 7 by kickoff.  Look, I’m not real comfortable picking this game.  West coast team playing a 10 AM West coast time game, the Ravens are the better team, it’s not that comfortable but I feel like I have to because this line has given Philip Rivers too many points.  Add in that the Ravens are on a short week, and I like the Chargers to cover.


New England at Green Bay

Patriots +3

I feel like I have to pick this game because it is what some view as the elite in the AFC vs the elite in the NFC, although look at how Seattle played Thursday night before you call the Pack the top team in the NFC.  The Pats have that chip on their shoulder right now that they’ve had in other big seasons where they don’t just want to beat you, they want to send a message.  Rodgers is incredible but that Pats D is real good and will be able to slow him down.  I don’t trust the Packers D at all.  Don’t know if this game will hit the ridiculous over/under of 58.5, but I love the Pats to walk out of Lambeau with a win.


Denver at Kansas City

Chiefs +2

10 days off leading into this one, the Broncos pass protection is in shambles right now, the Chiefs have one of the best D’s in the league, and most importantly for me I believe the public will be ALL OVER the Broncos being favored by less than a field goal.  Chiefs are pulling the upset on Sunday night.


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