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Woah!  I’m running LATE on this one, so you read this, go make your picks, enjoy the games basically in one fluent motion because I’m not leaving you much time if you’re using these.  And literally not one person has ever told me they use these picks so I’m not really sure why I write these pieces.  I don’t make any money, I don’t get a big amount of readers, I guess I’m just a tool….a tool who would make you a lot of money if you paid attention…


So last weekend was perfect.  Very literally perfect.  4-0 on my picks ATS, and I hit on the over/under pick too.  Now 6-2 ATS in the playoffs, and if you want to include the regular season I’m now 49-39-7 ATS on the season.  Three games to go, so I guess I’m finishing above .500.  I’ll do the over/under picks for both these games too, just so we have more to bet.


Green Bay at Atlanta

Packers +4.5

Over 61.5

I don’t have a great feeling about this game either way.  All the analysis points towards the Falcons, but I think people are discounting how well the Packers as a team are playing right now.  The truth is that it isn’t all Aaron Rodgers, this team is getting big contributions all over the field.  People rave about the throw Rodgers made to setup Crosby at the end of the Dallas game, but why in the hell is nobody talking about the catch Jared Cook made on that play?!  That was spectacular!  So giving the Packers 4.5 points is just too many.  I know a lot of the sharp bettors in Vegas disagree with this, but I have to stick to my “pick the best QB” theory that I won big with last weekend.  While I’ve always been a bigger Matt Ryan guy than most, he’s not Aaron Rodgers who is playing at a level right now that maybe nobody in league history has played at.  As for the over, I just really believe Vegas is trying to set it at a number that scares people into betting the under.  I never win betting the under, so over it is!


Pittsburgh at New England

Steelers +6

Over 51.5

Everyone seems to be counting the Steelers out.  Antonio Brown has now given the Pats all the motivation in the world, Pats are at home, Steelers aren’t that good, on and on and on.  The Steelers are REALLY talented and as I’ve said all season, this team plays to their opponents.  So they played down to the Dolphins in the wild card game, they’ll play up to the Pats tonight.  Maybe the Pats blow them out, but the smart money for me is on the Steelers here.  They have a legitimate chance to win this football game.  I’m very aware of the Pats record against Mike Tomlin, I’m very aware of the Steelers short comings, but I just love the Steelers here.  As for the over pick, I see it as two elite QB’s facing two average defenses.  Weather this time of year is always a concern, but just ask yourself which is more likely: 24-20, or 31-27?  Take the over.


Ok so that’s four picks.  I like giving you five things to bet though, so I have a hockey game I like tonight.  Also, as I’m focusing on doing even more hockey this season, I’m considering doing NHL picks for Saturday nights once the Super Bowl has concluded.  Anyway, here is my first ever NHL pick on the site.


Nashville at Minnesota

Predators +110

This is obviously a moneyline pick, not the spread.  Dear gawd I hope you understand that’s not the spread.  Anyway, the Preds are winning this hockey game.  Watched them the two games here in Alberta and they were tremendous and are really making their move up the standings now.  The Wild just played a big and intense game against the Ducks last night, so they’ll be wore out.  Plus, the Preds are simply playing much better hockey right now.  Third game in four nights for them so it’s not as if they’ll be fresh either, but having that day off I just think the Preds are going to pull out the two points tonight.


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