It Can’t be Good, Because Edmonton Did It


8093728So did all of you have a great holidays?  Wait, don’t answer that because I could care less.  And now I have to endure a week of “happy new year!”  Great, thanks, a new calender goes up on the wall if there are even people who use calenders any more.  Get over it, New Year’s should be like Labor day in that it’s a stat holiday, nothing more.  I’m staying up until midnight on Labor day this year to celly.


Ok so now that I got that off my chest, let me get another thing off my chest.  Do you realize that the Edmonton Oilers made a good trade in dealing David Perron?  You likely don’t, because they aren’t allowed to change their team according to twitter….yet twitter keeps getting pissed that they aren’t overhauling the team.


I love the way David Perron plays.  He is a pro’s pro.  The guy brings it every single night and he is going to be incredible for the Pens.  It really is a great acquisition by Jim Rutherford.  But the Oilers got a 1st in what is projected to be an elite draft.  Those picks are like gold and the Oilers just got one for an average sized winger who is having an off year, has never had a GREAT season, and without a doubt had requested a trade.


I know, nobody should trust this management team.  I know, it remains to be seen what they do with the pick.  I know, it could end up being the last pick of the 1st round.  I know all the downsides to it.  But maybe everyone should try looking at it with some logic?


The Oilers weren’t going to get something they NEED for Perron, because smaller or average sized wingers aren’t worth much on the trade market.  Center’s, D-men, starting goaltenders, and wingers with size are worth something.  Smaller wingers aren’t.  Sorry.


On draft day, draft picks are worth a ton more than someone with term.  Also this year, the cap isn’t expected to go up which will mean teams will be desperate to unload salary, not take it on.  So the Oilers get a 1st rounder in a deep draft where they will then be able to flip that pick to land a veteran center, or D-man, or goaltender.  I would say that’s a pretty good move.


Yes, I completely agree that it remains to be seen if they actually do that or who they get.  But if you’re making that argument, then you can’t piss on the trade either!


I get it.  The fashionable thing to do in the hockey world right now is to shit on the Oilers.  It’s freaking hilarious.  I’ve done it a ton in the last month.  Pretty much all I have talked about on here.  But I’m not just going to blindly do it.  Most people on twitter are doing just that.


How is picking up Matt Fraser for free in anyway a bad move?!  They get a kid they could use a more of and they somehow got trashed for doing it.  They get quite frankly amazing value for Perron and they get trashed for it.  And I’m not talking about just random people who don’t like the Oilers doing this, I’m talking about guys who are supposed to be respected writers like Joshua Cooper.


I’m not offended by all this as an Oiler fan.  I’m really not much of an Oiler fan these days!  But I am a hockey fan and still like to look at trades objectively.  And I’m also a little offended as a guy who likes to read funny stuff on his twitter timeline because it’s got pretty stale!


Again, obviously it remains to be seen how this shakes down.  But if this group of incompetent morons are looking at this move the same way that this incompetent moron is looking at it, then it should be a really good move by the Oilers.  Also you have to be completely honest about this….if it helps them finish 29th or 30th this season, awesome because that is what now needs to happen.


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