A ton of games tonight, and since I missed Saturday, and might miss this upcoming Saturday as I’ll be out of town, I figured I should put out some picks while on my lunch break…although I started this part last night.  So what I’m saying right now isn’t really fresh *insert joke about Gangnem Style here*.  Had another 2-3 day the last time around, couldn’t have had much shittier luck than I have doing these of late, but I’m still sitting at a record of 16-13-1 so far.  I’m going big today though, with seven bets instead of five.


Boston at New Jersey

Devils -115

This is real simple for me: The Devils are a better team this season, and they’re at home.  Add to this, they’re a bad matchup for the Bruins.  If you look at who the B’s have beaten lately, none of the teams would be considered overly fast (San Jose, LA, Minny, etc).  If you look at who they’ve lost to, most of those teams would be considered fast (Toronto, Columbus, NY Rangers, etc).  Add to this, Anton Khudobin is going for the B’s tonight, not Rask.  It’s not the greatest odds, but this line should probably be a lot heavier towards the Devils who I’m starting to believe are very real this season, much to my disbelief.


Calgary at Columbus

Flames +130

I’ve said it before and will say it again, the only difference between the Flames and Oilers this season was how much better Mike Smith has been than Cam Talbot.  But I say “was” instead of “is” because the Flames of late look like they’re putting it all together.  Three lines deep, of course the Travis Hamonic trade has been awful to this point but that blueline is still very solid, and Mike Smith has kept up his tremendous play.  The Blue Jackets are a great team, but not overpowering and the Flames much up with them very well.  This is about putting money on good odds.  If it’s -110 for each, I’m going with the Jackets.  But the Flames are undervalued here from what I’ve seen of them since the Detroit game a week ago, so I like them at +130.


Edmonton at Detroit

Red Wings -120

Much like with the Devils, the Wings are shockingly playing very well this season.  And we all know how awful the Oilers are playing of late, although you have to keep in mind that two of the last three loses have been a brutal matchup against the Blues, while the flu is running through their dressing room.  Not an excuse, but in betting you have to look for reasons.  With the flu being one of the reasons the Oilers are playing so brutal of late, no reason to think on the second half of a back to back (second game in less than 24 hours, the league shouldn’t even have back to backs let alone ones where the games start less than 24 hours after the last but that’s a piece for another day) that they’ll be good tonight, so at -120, not the greatest odds, but good enough to take the Wings as I fully expect them to pull away late and win with ease.


Toronto at Florida

Under 6 (-110)

This is simple for me.  In six of their last seven, the Panthers have gone under 6 goals.  In four of their last five, the Leafs have gone under 6 goals.  There is no reason right now for these teams to combine to score six goals or more.  Expect a low scoring Leafs win here.


Chicago at Tampa Bay

Over 6 (-105)

Kind of the opposite from the Leafs/Panthers game.  The Lightning have gone over in five of their last six, while the Hawks have gone over in three of their last four.  Plus, with how much offensive talent is on both sides here, it just feels like the smart move to say that this will go over, especially when you’re getting the better odds on the over than the under.


Dallas at Colorado

Over 6 (+100)

These odds are insane to me.  The Avs are on quite the streak.  What’s the streak?  12 straight games of going over!  And the Stars?  Well they went under last night, but prior to that had gone four straight of six (a push) or more.  Toss in here, it’s Jonathan Bernier in goal for the Avs, and Ben Bishop who has been a TRAINWRECK on the road this season.  Jump on this one HARD people!


Montreal at Nashville

Predators -1.5 (+130)

Preds have won four straight at home, the last three by two or more.  But the big reason for this bet is the disaster starting in goal for the Habs named Antti Niemi.  G.A.A. this season?  6.67.  Sv%?  .820.  And then the Habs are on the second half of a back to back.  This just screams Preds blowout.


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  1. The Flu (Oilers) may be a factor, but if it is, it’s a small one. The more i watch the Oilers this year, the more disappointed i am in this bunch that can’t show up with a sense of urgency two games in a row.

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