Ouch!  It had to come to an end sometime, it’s just that I planned to have 80 straight winning weeks before it happened.  I put A LOT of my eggs in that basket.  1-3-1 last week, now 12-7-1 on the season.  I’ve been so distraught about the picks that I haven’t said anything on here for a week!!  People who know me know that I can’t go five seconds with silence, so that should tell you just how distraught I’ve been!  Still looks good on the season overall, but need to get back on track this week.  Going big on the over/unders.


Colorado at Philadelphia

Over 6 (+100)

Philly is an odd team.  They’re games are either air tight, or they’re shootouts.  Five games this season where eight goals or more have been scored, and then five games where three goals or less have been scored.  In both cases, they’re 2-3.  Back to back they’ve had three or less scored, so I’d say they’re due for a shootout.  But here is where the good money is: they’re playing the Avs, and the Avs are on a five game streak of seven goals or more being scored in those games.  And they’ve won three of those five games including Thursday night against Carolina, so why change that up?!  This being +100, REALLY smart money says take the over here.


Montreal at Winnipeg

Jets -1.5 (+190)

I love this pick.  Did you know that since the Jets started 0-2 and allowed 13 goals in their first two games that they are 7-1-2?!  This team looks GOOD!  And at this point, I don’t need to tell you how bad things have got for the Habs, who now don’t have Carey Price.  With the way Price has been playing, MAYBE that’s a good thing, but you have to believe it’s not for the psyche of that room.  So you get huge value, you get one of the hottest teams in the league, at home, against one of the worst, and their backup goaltender.


Toronto at St. Louis

Over 6 (+105)

Until I lose on this bet, I won’t not bet it.  Did that make sense?  Who cares!?  It’s the Leafs so you take the over, you should know the drill by now!


Washington at Boston

Bruins -110

This one is really simple.  I don’t love the Bruins, but I don’t love the Caps either.  The Bruins are actually playing ok, with points in six straight games (3-0-3).  And the Caps have been REALLY up and down this season, haven’t won back to back since winning the first two of the season.  So in Boston, equal money both ways, I’ll take the Bruins to come out on top.


Pittsburgh at Vancouver

Under 5.5 (+100)

I hate taking the under, but it’s the play here without a doubt.  Even money, so I love that.  Also, the Canucks are playing air tight defensively.  Only one team in their last eight games have scored more than two goals against them.  In three of their last four, they’ve only scored two goals total.  Meanwhile the Pens have really buttoned things up since the 7-1 ass kicking from the Jets on Sunday night.  Beat the Oilers 3-2, lost to the Flames 2-1 in OT.  Matt Murray was excellent in the game against the Oilers, and he’s back in tonight.  All signs point towards the under, and at even money it’s the correct bet to make.


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