This is a drum I have a been beating for the better part of a year now.  I watch the Oilers very closely.  If you are unbias about it, you acknowledge that Gagner has hardly improved since his rookie season and now there is simply no fit for him with the Oilers.  Moving forward they need to add size in the top 6, and size down the middle.  Gagner provides neither.  He can still be a serviceable 2nd line centre in this league for some team, it just likely won’t be with the Oilers.  If Steve Tambellini is smart he will deal Gagner ASAP.

Lots of teams will have interest and the Oilers need help on defense despite how well there core has played so far this season.  I would package Gagner with a d-man and Linus Omark who falls into the same catagory that Sam does and see what that would fetch me.  Nashville to me is a perfect trade partner for the Oilers, especially if they can’t lock down at least one of Weber or Suter.  The Oilers have the assets the Preds need, the Preds have the number 1 horse the Oilers need.

1 thought on “Trading Block: Sam Gagner

  1. I more or less agree with you. Gagner looked fantastic in a rookie season when it didn’t take much to make the team. Over the last 2 years with the acquisitions he has fallen short. When you look at the depth of the squad up front, i think him, magnus, and Omark are expendable. They no longer fit what edmonton is trying to do. I think the acquisition of a weber or Sutter would fit the team excellent. When you look at the recent 3 game going on 4 game losing streak, the “D” is the main short coming. The pick up of a top defence-man, and being able to keep Whitney would give them a real legitimate shot every night. As it sit right now, i don’t believe Edmonton to be more than a 5 over .500 team at the end of the season.

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