So much for all those trades…



It was going to be the summer of wheeling and dealing in the NHL.  Rick Nash didn’t get moved at the trade deadline but don’t you worry he will be going at the draft.  And then Bobby Ryan was put back on the block and he would move right after Nash.  Roberto Luongo would for sure be dealt, the Canucks had to get him out.  Jay Bouwmeester was going to get moved as a salary dump, and Keith Yandle was dangled by the Yotes.  Yet here we are on July 17th….nothing.


I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming, this seems to be the way in the NHL these days.  Most NHL GM’s remind me of the girl that dresses up like a slut and then shuts down every guy in the bar.  Yep, I just said that.  But it’s true.  They say they’re looking to deal, but they want an absurd amount for their guys (Scott Howson I’m GLARING at you!)


Nash should command a good young roster player or 2, if  not 2 then a real good prospect, a decent prospect and a pick (not neccessarily a 1st).  So if we are talking about Nash going to the Rangers then the package should be Dubinsky, Del Zotto, J.T. Miller and a 2013 or 2014 1st.  That is more than enough for Nash who I like but has a pretty bad contract and hasn’t produced much in recent years (and you all know how I feel about going nuts for wingers).


So Howson should quit asking for guys like McDonaugh and Jeff Skinner from Carolina and get a deal done already.  He is only hurting his reputation at this point, even if Nash does crack and adds more teams to his list.


Ryan is being moved (if he is) because Bob Murray wants to have the cash to extend both Getzlaf and Perry but he may tick off Getzlaf and Perry if he moves Ryan.  If Ryan is moved I believe he commands the same as Nash, maybe a little more.  If we are talking about a team like Carolina dealing for him then I’m guessing the cost is Zac Dalpe, Ryan Murphy or Jamie McBain, Zach Boychuk or Drayson Bowman, and a 2013 1st.


Another team in on Ryan for sure will be the Leafs and in there case I would look at a package with Cody Franson, Nazem Kadri or Joe Colborne, Stuart Percy and again a 2013 1st.  If I’m either team I’m leary of doing this deal not because I’m not a Bobby Ryan fan but in my opinion neither team can afford to blow up the system like that, especially the Leafs who would still need to find that number 1 centre (unless JVR surpasses the highest of expecations).  The Ducks are in a much better spot with Ryan however because of him not having a NTC.  Nash does, had he not he would likely of been moved at this time.


Speaking of NTC’s, let’s talk about Luongo again….it’s Florida or Toronto Mike, make a decision because there is no market that you aren’t getting anything back for him.  Especially now that Schneider is locked down.  Trade him for a pick or a B level prospect and get the circus over with.


But at least that is more intriguing than an interview with Jay Bouwmeester (check out that lead in…that is sheer gold!)  And while Jay gives the worst interview in the league, and he’s failed to come close to expecatations in his career, and failed to live up to his huge contract signed in the summer of 09, he is still a solid number 2 D-man.  From what you have heard all summer, Feaster is looking to dump him.  I would have thought the price would have gone up on him, but perhaps Feaster wants too much for him…he is an awful GM (I will never let that go).  But there is a chance J-Bo won’t waive his NTC, man those things are awesome.  Let’s hope the NHL doesn’t ask to get rid of them while at the bargaining table….


As for Yandle I doubt he goes anywhere.  Maloney has dangled him, but I don’t think he is serious about moving him.  Wouldn’t be a bad move in my mind though.  They’re LOADED with D-men coming up (Ekman-Larsson, Gormley, Murphy, Schlemko, Goncharov, etc) and if you ask me I believe Yandle is much more a product of Tippett’s system than anything else.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a fine puck moving D-man.  But I don’t think he is more than a number 3 playing in another system.  Perhaps I’m dead wrong about that but he definitely never has done anything to impress me while watching him play.


So there is a little mid July look at how nothing is happening on the trade front in the NHL.  But before I go there is one more guy who could be on the move before the start of next season (January 1st….), and that of course is Shea Weber.  David Poile better not screw this one up.  Elliotte Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada said last week he has heard whispers that Weber would prefer to play in more of a hockey market (I’m paraphrasing there).  If this is the case than Poile needs to move him ASAP because that value will shrink dramatically.


If Poile put Weber on the block before the summer was out, I know he could get a boat load from the Oilers, Flyers, Wings, Pens and perhaps the Bruins too.  Every team of course would have interest if Weber is willing to sign an extension, but those teams would have the desperation to pay what it would take to land him.


But then again don’t hold your breathe on that happening or any of these deals happening.  GM’s today believe the best way to hold on to your job is by not doing it, which is a shame for hockey fans.


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