Soups Diary – Feb. 19th, 1998



Wow, how cool is this?!?  NHL players in the Olympics!!!  NOW we will see who the best country is.  No more will we be heartbroken in shootouts like 94!  And we CRUSHED the Americans who were the only team that could have beat us.  The World Cup was just a fluke win for them.  So it’ll be us and the Russians in the final after we kill Czechslovakia tomorrow or whatever they’re called these days.


The Czechs are terrible!  Half their roster isn’t even in the NHL!  Like who the heck is Milan Hejduk?!  That guy is never coming close to the NHL I’ll tell you that!  Sure they have Jagr, and he’s having a good year, but he’s just lived off Lemieux.  You watch, Jagr won’t be anything without Mario.  And yeah Hasek is pretty good.  But he’s not Roy, and 1 player can’t beat you.  We have so much size and are so tough that they won’t be able to walk by the end of the game.  That’s what wins in hockey, playing the Canadian way!  Just size and grit, you don’t need anything else.  I.  AM.  CANADIAN!!!


So it’ll be us and the Russians who don’t even have Mogilny or Khabibulin.  We owe the Russians payback for the men’s figure skating.  Stojoko should have won the Gold in that, you should get points for skating hurt!  Like how is that not factored in?!  But at least Ross Rebagliati got his Gold medal back, although it is just horrible that he smokes marijuana.  He seemed like such a clean cut snowboarder from B.C.  I never would have guessed he would ever smoke weed, pretty shocking stuff.


Speaking of shocking stuff, Mike Tyson is in the WWF!  That is so cool!  I know it’s all fake, but I’m pretty sure that stuff between him and Stone Cold was real!  I hope he goes after Vince McMahon again, I still think he is the scum of the earth for screwing over Bret.  Oh well, with the way WCW kicks their ass in the ratings every week I’m sure it is only a matter of time before the WWF folds and WCW will own everything then!


Pumped for the Jays this season too!  Jose Canseco signed with them, that is so cool!!  I love Canseco, don’t know how the guy is so awesome, just amazing genetics I guess.  If he can get back to being his old self and hit 40 home runs that would be amazing (he actually did that in 98, I was right about this…)  And just imagine if Clemens has another season like last year!  That guy sure was pissed at the Red Sox for letting him go, but man he worked so hard and it just proves that if you work hard enough at something you can go from being a washed up pitcher to unhittable again in your mid 3o’s.


As for me, I’m still pretty down about my hoop dreams having to die.  But hockey is going good.  Knocked off Elk Point and Lac La Biche so now we just need to beat Bonnyville to go to provincials.  School isn’t going too good though, I didn’t hand in my 300 word essay on time in L.A. so Mr. Jones made me stay in and write it at lunch time.  That’s soooooo stupid!  Like I’ll ever write anything 300 words long!  He’s such an idiot.


Well, I guess mom says I have to go to bed.  She gets cranky when I’m chatting on ICQ cause it ties up the phone line.  Well get used to it because that’s how you get on the internet MOM!


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