Soups diary – November 26th, 1999



Dear diary,

There is just over a month left.  What is going to happen once the year 2000 hits?!  Just way too much evidence that points to the Y2K bug ruining everything!  I have to say, I’m scared.  What happens with my N64 because of it?!  The graphics on that thing are so stellar!

Other than Y2K things are going just stellar!  My undercut is looking sweet (thinking about getting frosted tips), I got a sweet new big yellow coat, a couple more pairs of Tommy Hilfiger jeans, dating a girl named Sarah Watts (I kinda think she is the one!) and my hockey team the Jets are off to a good start!  Check that, we are off to a STELLAR start!  We play our home tournament this weekend and Provost is in it, they have this kid Glencross on the first line and he is basically their team.  So as long as I shut him down we shouldn’t have a problem with them.  Give me a hell yeah!  And it just keeps getting better because the Oilers are playing great right now.

I’m still buzzing over Alex Selivanov’s big 4 goal night against the Blackhawks 11 days ago.  That guy is what the Oil have been looking for.  I don’t see how he doesn’t keep it going for the rest of this season.  The Oilers with him, and now Guerin back in the lineup, Weight is healthy, Salo in net, I just don’t see how they don’t win the Northwest division this season.  Colorado is tough, but they had to let Fleury, Kamensky and Lebebvre all walk in the offseason so I doubt they can afford to make a big trade such as adding a hall of fame calibure defenseman….

Elsewhere though Eric Lindros is looking good again for the Flyers.  I think everything is good Philly now.  I know there was tension between the Flyers and Lindros last year but those things happen.  No way that Lindros doesn’t lead the Flyers to the Cup.  Maybe not this season, but he is only 26 years old and is just now entering his prime so he has at least a decade left to lead the Flyers to the Cup.

Oh stellar I just found my Lou Bega CD….How stellar is Vince Carter playing?!  The Raptors look unbelievable with Carter, McGrady and Antonio Davis.  That trade will suck down the road though because Jonathan Bender is going to be a star.  3 or 4 years from now Bender will be dominating the NBA.  It will be Bender and the Pacers against Carter and McGrady in the Eastern Conference finals for 3 or 4 years.

The Raptors are really easing the sting of the Jays trading Shawn Green, although I’m a big Raul Mondesi fan.  He should make up for losing Green.  The Jays are building a great team even without Green.  The 2 guys that should layeth the smack down on the AL’s candy asses are Halladay and Carpenter.  Those 2 will lead the Jays to multiple World Series titles.

And speaking of titles, the Big Show is now the champ?!  I hate that guy!  The only reason he won the belt was because Triple H ran over Stone Cold before the match at Survivor Series, and I know it was Triple H!  DX used to be so cool, I used to tell everyone to “suck it!”  But now, I don’t tell anyone to suck it.  Well maybe Sarah Wa….hey now this isn’t that kinda diary.

She’s stellar, my 9 Tommy Hilfiger shirts are stellar, my Air Walk shoes are stellar, Silver Chair’s Anthem for the year 2000 is stellar, Will 2K by Will Smith is stellar, everything is stellar.  The word sweet is played, stellar is the word of the year 2000….if we make it there.


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  1. STELLAR! This makes me want to dig up my old Xanga blog posts from 2003. I’m pretty sure I said UW’s Reggie Williams, who last played for the Sacramento Mountain Lions according to Wikipedia, would win the Heisman trophy and go on to be a surefire NFL all-star.

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