Why Lie About It? McDavid is Already the Captain


dfs16040622canucks_at_oilersMan, remind me never to go on Twitter during an Oilers preseason game!  If that’s what it’s like during a poor exhibition game, what’ll it ever be like if they ever make it back to the playoffs?  Granted, the playoffs seems pretty unlikely after the effort Wednesday night, but still.


So a hot topic, maybe the hottest topic around the Oilers these days, is the team’s captaincy and whether or not Connor McDavid will get it.  It was discussed on TSN yesterday, it’s been discussed a ton with fans and local media, and people are waiting to see what’ll happen.  First of all, allow me to break the news: he’s the captain, morons.  If you ACTUALLY don’t believe that, I don’t know what to tell you.  Stop reading my stuff.  Hell, if you think that isn’t about to happen, you likely can’t read anyway.  Did I just insult some of you?  Good!  Because the fact you don’t believe that is what’s going to happen is legitimately scary!


Ok, so perhaps it isn’t THAT bad.  But it’s bad.


But because this is the Oilers and they always screw things up (such as the latest edition to the organization, Hunter, the scary as hell mascot), the media and fans are ready to pounce on why it’ll be a horrible idea to give McDavid the “C”.  People on Twitter were bitching about them taking Puljujarvi when he was there at 4 so no doubt they’ll be dumb about this.


Take Tim and Sid for example.  I love Tim and Sid, but they’ve hit on this a couple times, and they’re both against the idea.  Too soon, no need to rush, same as what most will say the day it’s announced.  But that’s just it.  The day it’s announced.  This isn’t a shocking revelation, it’s a confirmation.


Everyone knows that the Oilers are Connor McDavid’s team.  The players in the room know that, the players around the league know that, the media knows that, the fans know that.  Everyone who knows anything about the NHL is well aware of this piece of information.  So what in the hell difference is it going to make?!?


The only difference is that “C” that’ll be on his chest.  If you don’t put it there, do you honestly think anything changes?!  McDavid all of a sudden isn’t their best player?  All of a sudden the Oilers don’t know who to follow?  Todd McLellan coaches differently?  The media leaves him alone?  Literally nothing will change one way or another!  So just make it official.


You know why the Pens named Sid their captain in the fall of 06?  Because he was their captain!  Know why the Blackhawks named Toews their captain in the fall of 08?  Because he was their captain!  You’re not changing a damn thing.  This fabricated theory that it’s “too soon” is just so poorly thought out.  What freaking difference did it make for Wayne Gretzky having Lee Fogolin as the Oilers captain in the early 80s?  Did Gretzky receive less attention on the ice?  Less media requesst?  Less sponsorships?  No!


If ANYTHING comes of this, I believe it could give McDavid even a little more confidence both on the ice and especially in the room where he wouldn’t have to worry about stepping on any toes.  This argument of course has been made since Taylor Hall has been dealt.  I’ve felt that’s a little ridiculous since Hall had been adamant that its now McDavid’s team.  But I guess Michael Jordan kept saying it was Scottie Pippen’s team when he returned in 1995, so who knows.


If you aren’t with the idea of the Oilers naming McDavid their captain, too bad.  It’s happening, and all it will be is a confirmation.  He’s already the leader of the team whether you want to believe it or not.


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