My name is Tyler Campbell, I’m ….. years old and I hail from the Lloydminster Alberta area.  Raised on a farm 25 minutes North of Lloydminster, I went to school my entire life in a small town called Marwayne…go Wildcats!…I don’t think any of us ever said that, but we were technically the Marwayne Wildcats.  Played sports in Marwayne as well (hockey and softball).  Went to a private broadcasting school in Edmonton in 2003, did odd jobs for CHORUS radio while in school, did my apprenticing at the TEAM 1260 in Edmonton and also worked there for a while.  Did a lot of odd radio jobs for a few years and now getting back into the sports world with this site, my podcast (which has been in the plans but yet to start…hopefully soon), and I’m currently the color commentator for the Lloydminster Bobcat home games which can be seen on

Growing up my family had season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers and I will never hide they are “my team”.  HOWEVER, I can be completely unbias when talking about them and about any of there rivals.  I know hockey, football (NFL, CFL, and NCAA), baseball, basketball, MMA all very well and will of course mix in Golf, Tennis and whatever else needs to be talked about in the sporting world…except European football.  I’m not a fan, never will be so I hope you can respect that.

The website’s content is  mostly blogs of different varities, trying to do 2 or 3 a weem, but the podcast I promise you will not only be great sports talk but great entertainment!  It will be an hour long and basically will say whatever comes to my mind.  Mostly sports but trust me the name of the game is to entertain and I will try my best to do that for you every week!

This is me accepting my award for….nothing…it was taken in the Bay department store. But still a pretty big day for me!

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