What an incredible move in the NBA.  But it just goes to show you how valuable centers in the league are and to land one like this is amazing.  We’ve all been waiting on it, when will it happen?  What is taking so long?  Then the news finally broke yesterday…Joel Pryzbilla signed with the Bucks!  Fear-the-deer!  Fear-the-deer!

What?  Another move for a center in the NBA?  Not a chance.  Pryz, it’s all been about Pryz!  Ok, so sources close to me (my other personality) are telling me that last night multiple outlets reported that the Dwight Howard deal was done.  He’s not Pryz, but he’s ok.  On a serious note can I say for everyone ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!  That was the longest more tedious soap opera in sports!  But it’s finally done.

The Sixers did good in this deal landing Andrew Bynum.  The Magic I thought did OK, they didn’t want Bynum if he didn’t sign an extension and while I write this it’s not clear as to what the Magic got other than a protected 1st round pick from the other 3 teams.  I’m kind of lost as to why the Nuggets were in this but they got Andre Iguodala who is a solid player but has a bad contract.  The appeal could have been that his contract is done in 2 years but I won’t question the Nuggets they’re a pretty well run organization.

But obviously the big piece is Howard.  This puts the Lakers officially right there with the Heat.  I would be flat out shocked if that isn’t your 2013 NBA finals.  In the West the Thunder will be somewhat close but I think the Lakers have passed them now with Nash and Howard this offseason, and the Spurs are always there but are just getting too old.

As for a Heat/Lakers final, I think the Lakers would take them if the Heat don’t improve much over what they currently have.  The Lakers would own the Heat in the paint with Howard and Gasol, could somewhat keep James and Wade in check with World-Peace (can’t believe I said that and not Artest) and Bryant, and Nash could abuse Mario Chalmers at the point.

It will be interesting to see how Howard and Kobe gel though.  It’s without a doubt Kobe’s team and Kobe’s town.  Howard isn’t used to playing 2nd fiddle and I don’t think there was much question this season that this man LOVES the attention.  He will get attention in L.A., but he won’t be “the guy”.  Easily the most intriguing story to watch during the upcoming season.

Unfortunately for all of us it has come out that Howard will not sign an extension with the Lakers and will go to free agency next summer so the soap opera will somewhat remain.  But for now, at least it’s moved on from one lover dying to a former one coming back to life thanks to aliens.  See, soap opera’s are usually good like that and here Dwight Howard has given them a bad name.


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