I hate it.  No, like I REALLY hate it!  Every year “this” week rolls around.  The summer is sweet if you have the right job for it…I don’t.  The summer is sweet if you aren’t a big sports fan…I am.  The summer is sweet if you have time to get to the lake lots…I don’t. 

But despite all that, the rest of the summer from a sports POV is amazing compared to this.  This week is horrific.  I’m sure some of you out there were just jacked about the home run derby.  I’m sure some of you love watching the All-Star game so you can see all the games best players at once.  I’m sure some of you can’t get enough of Dwight Howard trade talk.  For me…I no longer fear hell.

Ok, that might be taking things a bit too far.  But holy shi…..cow, I can’t stand this week in sports.  If you think the players care about the All-Star game you are insane.  No, it doesn’t matter.  Sure the odd time it can get competitive like in 08 when it went 15 innings, but that is the exception to the rule.  More often than not it flat out sucks and last night was the suckiest it ever has sucked! (how’s that for maturity?)

Some people try to argue with me that “MLB’s game matters because it decides home field in the World Series”.  Lipstick on a pig.  It doesn’t matter because the players all know that it’s a hell of a lot more likely they won’t be playing in it than they will be.  Add to that, baseball might be the sport where home field makes no difference at all.  MAYBE for the Yankees, MAYBE for the Red Sox.  It used to be that it was a huge difference maker for the Twins.  In both 87 and 91 the Twins went 7 games in the World Series and all 8 of their victories came at the Metrodome.  The crowd combined with the wacky roof provided them with a great home field advantage.  But now it means very little.

As for the Dwight Howard trade talk that I hit on….ENOUGH already!!!  I used to be a big fan of this guy, but his act through out the season was a total disgrace, and now the only sports news we have is the on again off again talks that teams are having with the Magic about this guy.  1 day the Nets are where he is going, then the Nets are out and he’s going to one of the Lakers, Rockets, or Hawks…then the Nets are back in and have a deal done!  Then the deal is off and once again the Lakers, Rockets and Hawks are where he is going.

It is beyond annoying at this point.  For the love of Kazam could we please get a deal done with someone and be done with it?!?  I will touch on it for a minute and just say that I think it would be cool if they got a deal done with Brooklyn as then the Heat would have a legit rival that matches up well with them in a year or two.  But if he went to LA he would have a better chance of winning especially next year. Houston and Atlanta are wasting their time.  He won’t re-sign in either spot.  The Lakers can take that risk as few players ever want to leave that organization or town, the Rockets and Hawks can’t.

To top off all the sporting misery that I have suffered this week is the fact that it has been +30 all week.  I hate +30 unless I’m at the lake.  But I’m not at the lake now AM I?!?  No, I’m at home in my non air conditioned house writing a blog that nobody is likely reading at this point because it’s just me bitching about all that is wrong right now….and why can’t I get no damn Tang around here?! 

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, I mean there was an MLS game on earlier.  Riveting stuff, perhaps there will be a replay of an ECHL game on the NHL Network later or Arena league football!   To not quote Green Day, wake me up when Septembers here…or at least for the Olympics.


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