MLB trade deadline, kinda, sorta, not really



I’m a few days late on getting to this piece, but while part of that is busy with other things part of it is because it’s not a real deadline.  I don’t write a lot on baseball and it’s not because I don’t like the sport, it’s because I find the season to lack drama and many intriguing storylines.  But if there is one thing that really sours me on at least MLB it’s simply how screwed up the entire system is.  The trade deadline was July 31st, 4 PM EST.  But it’s not really.

So while I wanted to do a piece on how the Angels did great getting Zack Greinke, and the Rangers did great by countering that punch and getting Ryan Dempster, how I liked what the Dodgers did in landing Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino….I kind of can’t because it’s not done!

This isn’t new, it’s been like this as far back as I can at least remember that July 31 is the “non-waiver” deadline and August 31 is the “waiver” deadline.  How they have never addressed this I will never know.  Is it really THAT difficult to put the deadline for everything on August 15th or 16th?!  But I guess its typical baseball.  Why fix what’s been broken forever?  They’re that clock that isn’t set at the right time but you know how far ahead or behind it is so you just kind of roll with it. 

So here we are with the trade deadline in MLB come and gone and only another 29 days left to make moves….I know I know it’s different you can’t deal just anyone, they have to clear waivers or else the trade can’t go through.  Thanks hardcore baseball fan for clearing that up for me.

Still, some pretty large names being tossed around post July 31.  Cliff Lee, Josh Johnson (no, not DJ Josh Johnson who tears it up on the weekends in E-town at places like Mercer Tavern…), Josh Beckett and Alfonso Soriano.  I know, they’re overpaid and either past their prime or injury prone.  Still stars that can really improve a team come October.

So with all that said I guess I will go ahead and say I think the arms race in the AL and NL West is not only great but a breathe of fresh air that the league needs.  Forever it’s been the Yanks and the Sox, and as great as that rivalry has been the league needs a hell of a lot more than that.  The Dodgers and Giants rivalry is getting real good again, and while there isn’t a traditional rivalry between the Rangers and Angels make no mistake it is building.  Both teams went blow for blow at this deadline and it’s great to see.

I won’t be shocked if there is actually quite a bit of movement still to come before the 31st.  If last season showed GM’s anything it was that a lot can change in a month, and with the extra wild card spot this season more teams will be more clear weather they’re in or out by the end of the month.  It could get intriguing, but it sure would be nice if they would finally get their act together and fix these ridiculous little glitches.  I won’t hold my breath.

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