What the hell?!  Scoring is up to start the season???  Somebody in the hockey world will undoubtedly put an end to this!  Mark Spector, lead the parade, let’s get back to “just lettin’ ’em play” hockey where you can hook, hold, and trip guys all day…especially if you play like a piece of shit.  We can’t expect the refs to hold this standard can we?  After all, they’re good guys, and in hockey if you’re a good guy then that gives you carte blanche to be as horrendous at your job as possible!  Colin Campbell…good guy.  Kevin Lowe…good guy.  Jim Rutherford must have become an asshole while in Pittsburgh because in Carolina he was a good guy too!


I really didn’t mean to get on a rant there, but I did, so live with it.


The point I was trying to make is that the hockey so far has been TERRIFIC!  Sure, there have been some brutal blowouts.  And we all know that you end up with some crazy scores at the start of every season as teams settle in.  And coaches will adjust.  But no matter how bitter some people in the media will be about it, you and I both know how great this is and could continue to be.


Case in point…I’m writing a blog about an October game between the Leafs and the Blackhawks!  Why?  Because going into tonight, these two teams have combined for 30 goals in just four games.  They’re literally averaging 7.5 goals  a piece.  I always enjoy Chicago and Toronto games these days since we so rarely get to see them play anymore.  But now, two of the best teams in the league to start the season, and both are scoring out their asses!!


Now, I am a realist.  The Leafs did their damage against the Jets and the Rangers.  The Jets gave up six to the Flames on Saturday, who were shutout by the Oilers on Wednesday.  The Jets…while I’m a big fan…are the most overrated team in the league and just aren’t a good club.  The Rangers, most had them out of the playoffs this season.  In their season opener they lost to the Avs.  The Avs, at MSG.  That’s not a good sign!  Then on top of that, it’s becoming a fact that Lundqvist is badly fading.  A terrific playoffs last spring, but during the regular season he wasn’t what he was and it appears as though that trend down is continuing.  So while it’s been a great start for the Leafs, this is a great test for them.


The Blackhawks are much more so the team that doesn’t need to prove themselves.  Three Cups in the last eight seasons, we all know their track record, we all know the names.  And hey, beating Columbus and Pittsburgh?!  Maybe the two best teams in what’s considered to be the toughest division in hockey (it’s not)?!  Unreal…right?  Nah.  Both teams were on the second half of back to backs, both teams started their backup goaltenders.  The wins look amazing on paper, but they very much so are not.


But this game looks as though it’ll be incredible.  Both teams are a very legit three lines deep.  In fact, they might have the deepest forward groups in the league.  The Leafs are looking to prove they were no fluke last season, the Hawks appear pissed about people actually believing they wouldn’t make the playoffs this season.  I’m not sure if any regular season game can ever be a classic, especially the third game of the season, but it has all the makings of one hell of a fun watch and a great way to cap Thanksgiving weekend!


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