In my debut week I actually went 4-1?!  A little insight here, I’ve been AWFUL at picking NHL games in the past.  In fairness, I’ve never given picking NHL games the type of attention you should if you’re going to pick them (like I will doing these picks), but still…not good until last week.  I can honestly say I’ve never had a 4-1 night picking NHL games.  Hopefully this is the start of a new trend!  Something I hope everyone understands, but just in case I’ll point it out, I’m not just looking for winners with no pay off here.  I’m digging hard for value.  Last week’s 4-1 means nothing if all the bets were -190.  I did the math, and believe had someone put 20 bucks down on all five of those picks, they would have had 70 extra dollars in their pocket Sunday morning.  So I’m not just looking to win, looking to get you some money here.


Carolina at Winnipeg

Hurricanes +115

First game back home after a road trip is never a good thing.  Now, the Jets do appear to have found some goaltending in the last two games, but is it sustainable?  As a Jets well wisher, I sure hope so!  But it’s far too early to believe in Connor Hellebuyck.  Add to all this, the Canes have a real good club and are still looking for their first win on the season.  So Carolina gives you the better goaltender, better defence, the more hungry team, and good odds.  Take them.


New Jersey at NY Rangers

Devils +125

I think we have to ride the Devils until they give us a reason not to.  Early last season, the Rangers were beating everyone in large part due to their speed and depth up front.  Right now, the Devils are beating everyone due to their speed and depth up front.  Battle of the backups is expected tonight, so I’m not sure you can give either team the advantage in that department.



Coloroado at Dallas

Stars -1.5 (+140)

Wow, what a start by the Avs!!  This team really has their shit together…right?  Well, let’s maybe look at who they’ve defeated.  An overrated and fading Rangers team, two wins against an overrated and fading Bruins team, and last night they beat what in exhibition season would be the road team on a split squad night for the Ducks as Ryan Getzlaf was a late scratch to go with the injuries to Lindholm, Kesler and Vatanen.  So they aren’t really proving much just yet, they’ve had a weak schedule.  The Stars haven’t looked that great either, winning just one of their first four.  But their schedule has been a lot more difficult than the Avs.  Then on top of this, the Avs are on the second half of a back to back, and the smart money is taking the Stars to win by two.


Ottawa at Edmonton

Oilers -1.5 (+155)

The Oil have been off since Monday, but maybe more importantly for this bet and for the Oil, they’re coming off two loses where they were outworked by worse teams.  They’ve been sitting in Edmonton all week hearing about it.  Granted, Leon Draisaitl is out tonight with an eye injury, but with no Erik Karlsson I just don’t believe the Sens will have an answer for anything the Oil can throw at them.  I know, the Sens were world beaters last night in Calgary and won 6-0, but don’t read too much into that.  Finally, it’s Mike Condon in goal for the Sens, not Craig Anderson.  Condon is one of the top backups in the league, but he’s not Anderson.  So while I don’t like taking teams to win by two very often, this one at these odds is a pretty good bet.


NY Islanders at San Jose

Under 5.5 (-110)

I really despise taking the under and pulling for a boring game, but this is a solid bet.  Neither of these teams have been filling the net to start the season, and both have had a lot of time early on in the season to have their defensive games cleaned up.  This is a trend we’re seeing as scoring was WAY up to start, and it hasn’t taken long at all for things to come crashing back to earth…somewhat.  So with even odds, despite hating the under, it’s the smart bet here.


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