web1_SPORTSBOOKMuch like my college football piece last week, I never know how to start these things other than to say it is so AWESOME to have football back!  It’s not to piss on the CFL, but everyone who knows the CFL is well aware of the fact that the league doesn’t really pick up until this time of year anyway!


But let’s not sugar coat it, the NFL is where it is at both North and obviously South of the border.  The excitement in the CFL has gone way down, and the excitement in the NFL has gone way up in the last 10 years at least, maybe longer.  Back in my day…the CFL was never dull.  I don’t think that’s hindsight on my behalf.  The CFL was wide open, the NFL was really conservative.


Anyway, we’re back and for this week I don’t really have anything special I want to talk about.  I just want to do my picks.  So I got my 5 picks, but at the bottom I make a selection on every game.  This is just more so to see how I do.  Don’t use those picks.  But I am hot picking games.  4-1 yesterday in college, and I love some of these picks today.


Ok, I’m done.  Let’s get the season going.


Miami at Washington

Dolphins -4

This is a big number to swallow for opening weekend.  But the Washingtonions are a mess.  Oh right, RGIII is the big story now so we can all go back to calling them the Redskins until the media remembers that story again.  Anyway, it’s a big mess and the Dolphins are definitely coming into the 2015 season with a lot of momentum as they are a sexy playoff pick for many.  I don’t know if they’ll get in the playoffs, but I see them having a statement game in this one.


Seattle at St.Louis

Rams +3.5

So I’ve had a rule for a while now that I shouldn’t bet against Seattle.  They’re not invincible, but I never seem to win when I pick against them.  HOWEV-A as Screamin’ A Smith would say, giving the Rams 4 points at home in the opener is a bit much in my opinion.  Seahawks win, but in a tight one.


New Orleans at Arizona

Cardinals -2.5

I’m pretty high on the Saints again this season.  I believe the Jimmy Graham trade will prove to be the right move for them and with an improved offensive line, Brandin Cooks a year older, C.J. Spiller joining the team, and more Mark Ingram that the offense will be just fine.  But I’m also sky high on the Cards and we know the Saints have a lot of trouble on the road.  Take the Cards giving less than a field goal as I just feel like this one will be a 7-10 point Cards win.


Cincinnati at Oakland

Raiders +3

Why are the Raiders only 3 point dogs?  Seems low.  Bengals are a good regular season team, Raiders are awful…right?  Opening weekend, the Raiders will play them TOUGH.  David Carr could be ready to take the next step, Jack Del Rio will have this team playing their balls off every week, Amari Cooper is going to be an elite WR.  I expect a tight, low scoring game here, and if 3 scares you, the number looks as though it will move to at least 3.5 if not 4 by kickoff Sunday.


NY Giants at Dallas

Giants +6

It’s just too big of a number to give a team in the opener.  Division rival, so the G men will play the Boys tough, they’ll want to spoil the party so to speak, and I think the Giants will be nicely improved.  Hey, this is a proud franchise with a proud coach.  The last thing they want is more of what’s gone on the last 2 seasons.  Dallas is damn good, and they should win, but again it’s just too big of a number to give the Giants.


As for the rest of the games…

Jaguars +3

Browns +3

Bears +6.5

Bills +1.5 (under 45 too while you’re at it)

Texans -1

Chargers -3

Ravens +4.5

Titans +3

Falcons +3

49ers +2.5


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