fantasy-football-belt-12So we have 2 weeks left in the season, but really, today is the last great Sunday.  Fantasy football finals going on (including myself facing off against my good friend and defending Zach Morris Cup champion Jonathan Stretch) and next week you get a lot of teams that pack it in.  So enjoy this one.


Falcons at Saints is huge, even though it’s 2 teams well below .500 that have a shot to get into the playoffs thanks to that pathetic division.  Ravens at Texans is big for the Ravens, Browns at Panthers is big for Carolina with the division still on the line, on and on and on.


In fact I went through the schedule, only 2 games are truly nothing games today.  Vikings at Dolphins and Giants at Rams (ironically I have picked both those games in case you need to make it interesting).  And I would guess the Vikings/Dolphins game is well played.


But next week we won’t get that.  There will be a lot resting players, a lot of teams who have been eliminated playing each other, and while we always get 2 or 3 really big games on week 17, it really has a feeling of playing out the string for the most part.


So enjoy today, because it is the last Sunday packed full of interesting.  Obviously the playoffs bring two weeks of 4 really intense matchups, but you don’t get the variety.  Big games, Redzone, fantasy football, this is it guys.


9 pick week for you as I try to make that late season push back to respectability.  Check out my hot streak “ya’ll”!  7-2 two weeks ago, 4-2-1 last week, I’m closing out what was becoming a disastrous season picking games.  Doubt I finish over .500 (very honestly I don’t know what my record is), but I’m hot right now so none of those millions I lost you REALLY matters right now…


Baltimore at Houston

Texans +5

I know Fitzpatrick is done, Mallet is done, and the Texans are going with Keenum.  But this isn’t a team that relies on their QB and can hang with teams because of their run game and D.  So 5 points at home, despite the Ravens being a good team is too many points.


Green Bay at Tampa Bay

Buccaneers +12

This is simple.  You take home dogs getting this many points and the Bucs have been playing teams hard in the 2nd half of this season.  So the Packers win but they can win by 10 and you still win money so roll with them.


Atlanta at New Orleans

Falcons +6.5

Are we kidding with this line?  The Saints have been AWFUL at home this season!!  And they aren’t much better than the Falcons.  Maybe someone in Vegas is messing with us, but I don’t see it.  Falcons are going to keep this one close, maybe even win it.  Add to this, the Saints are on a short week.


Minnesota at Miami

Vikings +6

There is really only one reason I love the Vikings in this game, Teddy Bridgewater.  This is his Super Bowl, going back to his home town.  Probably a dumb reason to make a pick, but I just think he’s going to show up big and his teammates will follow suit.


NY Giants at St.Louis

Rams -7

I don’t like taking huge favorites, but I have to take the Rams here.  The Giants have been awful.  Yes they beat Washington, and Washington just knocked off Philly yesterday, but it is easy to get up for divisional games.  The Rams are the superior team here and I expect them to blowout the Giants.


Indianapolis at Dallas

Colts +3.5

You shouldn’t trust the Cowboys in December.  Now, they’ve proven that this is a different Cowboys team and I’m happy to say that I had the Cowboys last Sunday night.  But that doesn’t mean you should be trusting them.  The Colts are the much safer bet here.


Seattle at Arizona

Seahawks -7.5

It’s a fat number, I know.  But without anything even decent at QB I just don’t see how the Cardinals can compete, and the Seahawks are back to the dominant team that won the Super Bowl last season.  7.5 is a big number, but not big enough to scare me off.


Denver at Cincinnati

Broncos -3

I don’t care that the Bengals are at home, they’re still the Bengals and can’t be trusted.  I know Manning hasn’t looked good lately and they’ve been establishing their run game, but he’ll make the throws when he has to.  Dalton won’t.


Green Bay at Tampa Bay

Over 49

Warm climate, Aaron Rodgers, the Packers D and the number is only 49?!  Take it and run!


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