4-1 last week, 20-10 now on the season.  20-10.  This is what scorching hot looks like, right here.  Check it.  I’m just getting cocky as hell about this.  The other day a woman at Sobey’s asked me if she could help me and I responded with “woman do you know who the **** I am?!?  I’m 20-10!!!  I don’t need your help getting 200 grams of black forrest ham!!!”  Turned out I did actually need her help getting the ham, I have no idea how that slicer works.  So now pappa needs a new deli slicer (if that’s what its called, I really don’t know), and the only way to afford one is to pick more winners…


Arizona at Minnesota

Arizona +6

Are the Cards really getting 6 points in this game?!  Vegas does realize that John Skelton was the starting QB for the Cardinals and only lost the job because he got hurt….don’t they?!?  I like the Vikings, but the Cards matchup with them very well.  The Vikings have been able to push some teams around this season but they won’t do that to the Cards.  No doubt, Jared Allen could end up with 4 sacks in this game as the Cards o-line is THAT bad.  But Skelton seems more in control than Kolb and gets rid of the ball quicker.  I believe this will be a tight game.


Dallas at Carolina

Dallas -2.5

Everyone is waiting for the Panthers to bust out.  Newton is going to take off one of these games right?  Well, I’ve never been as big of a Cam Newton fan as others.  The Panthers coaching staff has given him the full playbook this season and he is clearly having trouble grasping it all.  Now it will help coming off a bye week, but if I’ve learned anything about the Cowboys it’s that when people think they’re about to fall off the cliff they find a way to hang on just to tease their fans.  The Cowboys defense could cause big problems for Newton.  The Panthers were dominated by the Giants, and lost to the Seahawks who are a BAD road team.  Romo should pick apart this defense that has virtually no pass rush.  Newton will have trouble moving the ball and I wouldn’t be surprised if Carr and Claiborne pick him off 2 or 3 times in this game.  It’s less than a field goal, so go with the Cowboys.


Green Bay at St. Louis

St. Louis +6

I understand the logic here putting the Pack at -6.  They’re obviously back.  The went down to Houston and crushed the team that many believed was the best in football.  Well, I never believed they were the best in football, and the Packers were desperate.  Now they’re back to .500, playing their 2nd game in a row on the road, and they’re playing a Rams team that is very tough defensively.  If you have read my NFL stuff all year, you know I’m big on the Rams and that hasn’t changed through 6 weeks.  They’ll be up to play the Pack and will make this one a dog fight.


Washington at NY Giants

Washington +5.5

The Redskins are going to be flying high after that big win over the Vikings at RFK.  Theismann looked great throwing the ball, Riggins just couldn’t be brought down, and Art Monk simply doesn’t drop a ball.  Meanwhile the Giants went out west and knocked off Montana and the niners.  They shutdown Jerry Rice, Phil Simms was on as usual picking apart Ronnie Lott and the niners defense.  The key in this game is Lawrence Taylor as it always is for the G-men.  Ok, you caught me this isn’t the 80’s.  I don’t know why I did that, just like I don’t know why the Giants always play up and down to their opponents.  Remember, the skins won both games last season and now they have a QB.  It will be a 3 point game.


Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Pittsburgh -1.5

I know the Steelers are old and beat up.  I know the Bengals have looked great at times this season and are poised to take over the AFC North sooner rather than later.  But let’s just cool it on them only being 1.5 point dogs in this game.  National game, the Steelers have owned them even last season when the Bengals were respectable.  The Bengals have yet to prove themselves in this spot, just look at the opener vs the Ravens on Monday Night Football.  They were dismantled.  Now I’m not saying this will be a blow out, but I strongly believe the Steelers win this game and win it by a field goal or more.


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