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This is a piece that I flat out forgot to do last season.  In 2012 I believe I went 3-2 doing this.  So I won, but I can do better.  This is the first part of my season preview. Going to have my predictions and team previews tomorrow (hopefully), QB rankings, and of course my picks against the spread before Sunday. Welcome back NFL, we have missed you!!!


Indianapolis over 9.5 wins -102

They’re winning 11 games, probably 12, maybe even 13 because their division is horrible and the schedule outside the division isn’t that tough.  Andrew Luck is now in his 3rd season, and he has a lot of talent to around him with Dwayne Allen healthy, Reggie Wayne healthy, and the additions of Hakeem Nicks and 2014 draft pick Donte Moncreif.  This bet nearly pays out double.  Take the money and run.


Atlanta over 8.5 wins +104

Last season everything went wrong for this team.  The O-line is now upgraded, Julio Jones is back, the D looks to be much improved, and some people are picking them to win back the division from the Saints.  9 wins is anything but a stretch and paying out $204.00 on a  $100.00 bet is very much so the smart bet.


Kansas City over 8.5 wins +112

A playoff team last season, an Andy Reid coached team, a great D, a great run game, a solid QB.  Why would they only get 8 wins?  I don’t know if the Chiefs are going to make the playoffs but I like them to get to 9 wins.  It is entirely possible they only go 8-8 and frankly out of these 5 bets this is the one I like the least.  But I would have this even money and it is paying out well over double so it is the smart bet to take the over.


Seattle under 10.5 wins +136

It is always tough for the defending champs.  10 wins is likely.  11?  That’s really stretching it considering the division they’re in and the grind that comes with defending a Super Bowl title.  Take the under here that pays out a ridiculous $236.00 on a $100.00 bet.


Houston under 7.5 wins +128

Are we kidding here?  A team that completely fell apart last season and still has NOTHING at QB is going to get 8 wins?!  You could be wondering why I say the Falcons who were basically a mirror image of the Texans last season will get 9 wins while the Texans won’t get 8.  Well the Falcons have Matt Ryan, the Texans have…..Ryan Fitzpatrick?!?  I guess it could happen but the smart bet is under 7.5 wins.  100 dollar bet pays $228.00.


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