NFL Season Preview – AFC East



Easily the worst division in football.  The Pats will be the Pats, just not as dominant as in years past but still will run away with this division.  The rest is terrible.  The Dolphins might be putting something good together, and the same applies to the Bills but they’re a year behind Miami, and the Jets are the NFL’s biggest train wreck.  That’s right, more so than the Raiders.  The AFC East isn’t a pretty picture to say the least.


y71myf8mlwlk8lbgagh3fd5e01. New England Patriots

This is a joke.  The other 3 teams in this division aren’t anywhere even close to the Pats.  How is it that only the Jets in the last 10 years have risen up to at least give the Pats a challenge.  Oh sure, the Dolphins won the division in 08….with no Tom Brady to deal with and a gimmicky offense that was basically useless by kickoff in the 09 season because coaches had the offseason to adjust to it.  So it will be the Pats winning this division again (12-4, 13-3), don’t worry about any distraction from the Hernandez case, don’t worry about Wes Welker being gone, those 2 were made by Tom Brady and he will make Zach Sudfeld, and Danny Amendola was already as good as Welker without Brady so as long as he stays healthy he’ll be incredible with this team.  Same old, same old.


150410520132. Miami Dolphins

Hate the new symbol.  Its really not that different, so I don’t know why you change it, but if you’re going to change it then at least really change it!  Now don’t get too excited fish fans.  I do like the direction this team is headed, like Philbin as head coach, like what I see out of Tannehill thus far, but this is more of a result of an awful division than a good team.  7-9 is what I see this season.  Doubt they can make the playoffs but then again, they do get to face the Bills, Jets and a little weaker Pats team twice each so who knows.  It really is incredible to me that in one of the biggest TV markets in the US, this team is getting almost zero attention heading into this season.


n0fd1z6xmhigb0eej3323ebwq3. Buffalo Bills

I don’t know if I like the direction of this team.  Hearing a lot of good things about Doug Marrone and his staff, EJ Manuel did look really good before he got hurt in the preseason and I watched him a ton at Florida State and always liked him, but its still the Bills and they’ve been the biggest mess in the league for a long time now.  Other messes have come and gone like the Lions, and currently the Jets and Raiders, but none of them have held up like the Bills have.  Since Wade Phillips messed around with Rob Johnson/Doug Flutie situation, this organization has been in total shambles.  The defense has more talent then what they showed last season, but I highly doubt they can be a top 10 unit.  New coach, new QB, its a start but STILL a long long hill to climb for the Bills.


v7tehkwthrwefgounvi7znf5k5. New York Jets

Yep, 5th.  May as well, there is no way this team can finish 4th.  What a freakin mess!!!  J-E-T-S mess, mess, mess!!!  I don’t like that the Bills have skated on their disaster while the Jets have been crushed for there’s.  But there is no mistake entering this season, the Jets have become a total disaster.  Rex Ryan is in his last season as Jets head coach, he may as well be fired today.  I’m not a big fan of Rex as a head coach, but by no means does he deserve this.  Mark Sanchez desperately needs out.  This kid still has HUGE talent, he just has zero confidence left and pretty literally no talent around him.  Its unbelievable that things have turned THIS bad, THIS quickly.  Its a 3 horse race between the Jets, Raiders and Jags for the top pick in the draft.


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