NFL Season Preview – NFC East



I know what I’ll never make the mistake of again….thinking Tony Romo can play in a big game!  I am LATE to that party, half the people have either gone home or passed out, the alcohol options are very limited, but I made it nonetheless.  Campbell time as a few of my so called friends would say (they’re HORRIBLE people).  That doesn’t mean however I don’t like the Cowboys to possibly make the playoffs.  Romo tries to do too much in big games but when he’s relaxed he is one of the best QB’s in football and that team is one of the most talented teams in the league.  It will be tough to get by a Redskins team that is improving, a Giants team that has 2 rings and is always a threat, and an Eagles team that has a very innovative new head coach.


9191. NY Giants

Last year I didn’t like them coming off a Super Bowl win, this year I love them after not making the post season and being overlooked by a lot of people.  Manning is in his prime, JPP is an elite defensive end, David Wilson I love to have a break out season, and of course Tom Coughlin is one of the best coaches in the game.  They don’t have the most talent in the league, but more often than not Coughlin gets what he needs out of his guys to either get them in the playoffs, or get them to a Super Bowl.  Just too much to love about the G men this season not to have them winning this division.


im5xz2q9bjbg44xep08bf5czq2. Washington Redskins

Very shocked at how great this team was down the stretch.  It is just incredible what can happen in this league when the team gets the right QB.  It is just like having a great goaltender in hockey, once you get that guy it just lifts the rest of the team to another level.  The Redskins defense was terrible in the first half last season, but when RGIII really started to roll, so did they.  Now I do believe that RGIII will struggle at some point this season.  Not because of the injury, but because of the tug of war that will likely go on between him and Shanahan over Griffin wanting to run and Shanahan wanting him to stay in the pocket.  I expect a similar season, though a tougher out if they make the playoffs, but they won’t win the division.


4063. Dallas Cowboys

The league is just so much better when the Cowboys are great, and this team just can’t seem to be great.  Good…but not great.  But they have those ingredients you need to be great.  Nobody is talking about how great this defense could be with Monte Kiffin now running the show.  That is a sleeping giant in my opinion this season.  Bruce Carter is a guy they need to stay healthy, but if he does you will find out just how good he is.  On offense a true number 3 WR has to emerge this season (don’t sleep on Cole Beasley), and DeMarco Murray must stay healthy.  They have the ability to win the division….but won’t.  Not until Tony Romo figures out how to relax in big games.


9604. Philadelphia Eagles

Just too many holes on this team and not much to trust other than LeSean McCoy.  I don’t like their defense either.  Lots to love about how they’ll play though.  I don’t expect them to exactly like Chip Kelly’s Oregon teams were, but the offense should be enough like that to make all their games entertaining.  DeSean Jackson will bounce back with a good season, and if Mike Vick goes down as we all expect he will, Nick Foles looked very good in the preseason with this offense so they should be ok.  Little side note…the Eagles play the Redskins in week 1, the over/under is set at 50 as I type this.  That game will be a freakin shootout.  Just sayin….


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