Gamblor is back leaving a path of destruction as week one of the NFL season really gets started in just a few hours.  Of course, Gamblor isn’t so much a monster, but rather a great friend and companion if you’re good at betting the NFL.


Hopefully this goes a lot better than my college picks did last weekend.  And college is what I do well.  I’ve had REAL shitty luck betting the NFL the last few years.  I guess we’ll see if that changes, starting today.  I’ll give six picks since I’m feeling generous today.


Chicago at Houston

Bears +6.5

Well if you’ve read my season preview/prognostication stuff, then you know I have taken a liking to the Bears a lot more than most.  I just think they’ll be sneaky good this season.  They were a lot better than expected last season, and this season they’re getting no love at all while having an improved roster.  Houston meanwhile I’m just not that high on.  I know they won the division last season, but I don’t trust Brock Osweiler that much, and that defense can’t carry them forever.  More so than all of this, I just feel like 6.5 is too many points.  I should add, I got this game at 6.5, I see though it’s down to 5.  I’m still taking the Bears at +5.  Sure, the Texans probably win, but I really like the Bears to keep this game tight.


Minnesota at Tennessee

Titans +2.5

There won’t be many points scored in this game.  You might need to put money on it to have it be anything watchable.  The Vikings are a real solid team without Teddy Bridgewater, but I still think it’s far fetched to make Shaun Hill a favourite on the road.  And I have really liked what I’ve heard and seen from the Titans in the preseason.  It feels as if they’ve found an identity with this great running game.  This time of year, everyone is equal.  Fresh start for everyone.  I like the Titans to pull off a minor upset here at home, so I really like them getting 2.5 points.


Oakland at New Orleans

Raiders +2.5

This one is pretty simple.  I think the Saints are living off their past and the Raiders are the future.  This is where the two sail past each other.  It does worry me that I find this to be so obvious, yet the Raiders have been given more points as the week’s gone on.  Maybe Vegas is looking to f*** me, but I feel better putting my money on the Raiders getting points than I do the Saints giving points because I simply believe the Raiders are a much better team, and all wrong for the Saints.


Tampa Bay at Atlanta

Bucs +2.5

I’d love this if it was the Bucs giving 2.5.  They’re getting points?!  Take the Bucs.  Just like the pick above this, these teams are switching places.  The Falcons I feel are getting the love on the line because of what they’ve done, and the Bucs are the dogs because of what they’ve done.  But the Bucs are about to contend for the playoffs, and the Falcons are just very flawed.  Jameis Winston is going to shred this Falcons D.


NY Giants at Dallas

Giants pick’em

I got this at a pick’em, but at last glance it was the Giants -1 and that may still be moving.  The Giants have been a mess the last few seasons.  But they’ve upgraded the D a lot.  The O-line should be much improved.  And while the jury will be out on Ben McAdoo as head coach, it was clear the change was needed.  I know Dak Prescott looked great in preseason…it was PRESEASON.  If the Cowboys are going to survive, they need their D to massively overachieve, especially on the D-line.  When Eli Manning has time to throw, he’s elite.  Giants are going to win this one going away.


L.A. at San Francisco

49ers +2.5

I’m at a loss as to what the Rams have done to deserve being favoured in this game.  I’m not nearly as low on the Niners as a lot of people are mainly because Chip Kelly can make chicken salad out of chicken shit on offense.  So I expect the Niners to move the ball a little bit in this game.  Meanwhile, I don’t trust Case Keenum to do that at all for the Rams.  He will have to beat the Niners, because I’m sure they’ll stack the box against Todd Gurley.  So then who does Keenum have to throw to?  Exactly.  Niners getting points at home, I’ll take that all day.


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