The more things change, the more the Canucks stay the same



Saturday was a big day for the Vancouver Canucks.  Biggest game of the year.  They were in Boston to take on the Bruins, the team that humiliated them in last year’s Stanley Cup final.  This was the Canucks chance to get some measure of revenge, and they did by winning 4-3….and then quickly reminded everyone just who they are and why they will never win.

You see, in the grand scheme of it all this game means virtually nothing.  Yet in post game interviews, Henrik Sedin couldn’t wait to tell everyone how this game proved they’re a tough team.  WHAT?!?!  I don’t ever use this when I’m texting or tweeting something, but LOL!!!  Come the (place an F bomb here) on Hank!!!  “This proves were tough”…I would love for him to enlighten us on how this proves they’re tough?

In the 1st period (assuming this is what he was talking about), Shawn Thornton goes after Alex Burrows.  2 Canucks immediately jump on Thornton.  Ok…I understand Burrows while being a greasy chicken (place an S bomb here) isn’t a fighter and Thornton is there to protect a teammate from being destroyed I understand it, sort of.  But then, 2 more Canucks jump in as well!  The best of all of them was the heart of the team Max Lapierre literally jumping into the pile.  For some reason I wasn’t in any way shocked that he was willing to be the 5th man in.

Out of all of that Milan Lucic gets kicked out for what is acknowledged now as a blown call.  This was 4 minutes into the game.  So the Bruins are without there intimidator for essentially the entire game.  Meanwhile Lapierre is getting verbally murdered by Thornton in the penalty box.  So who does Lapierre end up dropping the mitts with?  You guessed it, 5’11 190 Gregory Campbell.  Of course.  And of course he still couldn’t win the fight, but either way he’s coming out the loser the hockey world all knows he is.

Things got chippy latter in the game too when Brad Marchand delivered a shady hit to Sami Salo.  After the game, the Canucks can’t WAIT to start crying “See! See!  Look what they did!  They’re dirty too!”  Oh dear lord.  Kevin Bieksa was one of the clowns to start this.  He couldn’t wait to start in about how the Canucks aren’t dirty and the Bruins are because Marchand laid a dirty hit.  Mike Gillis started in about it too.  Why stop there Mike?  Why not get out your recipe cards again and go down the list of hundreds of ways the Canucks have been wronged this season?

This is a very talented team but I very literally have never seen anything like the Canucks before.  They’re entertaining, no debating that.  They’re hockey’s version of Jersey Shore.  They got it going on in many different ways, yet they can’t get out of there own damn way and just quit acting like d-bags!  Is it really THAT hard to quit crying about everything?  Is it THAT hard to quit playing like chicken *****?  Is it THAT hard to just put your head down and play the game hard and honest?  Apparently for this group, that’s EXTREMELY difficult, and I doubt they’ll ever change.

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