Every year prior to the season Vegas sets lines on how many games each team will win.  Now you can never predict injuries obviously, but in the NFL you can look at certain things like strength of schedule and get a better feel for how a team may perform.  So I have done a bit of research, and by bit I mean none at all.  I’m flat out winging this and telling you in the process to bet big money on these bets.  These lines are from sportsinteraction.com.  I wish I got money for that plug, I get nothing.  But if you like these and like to bet a bit of money on sports then head over there and don’t bet what you don’t have, do it to have some fun.


Denver Broncos over 9.5 wins

Timmy is gone, and an ACTUAL QUARTERBACK is running the show now.  And in case nobody noticed it’s not just a new QB, it’s one of the greatest of all time.  I thought Manning looked real good in his 1st pre season game.  I realize he was picked but if you watched the game it was because the pass was deflected right off Brandon Stokley.  He hit his man, his man didn’t make the catch.  So I believe that Peyton will be some what back to start this season.  Now it’s not an easy schedule by any means.  But that offense led by Peyton will be great, that defense proved last season just how good it was, they play in a weak division, and they have a great coach in John Fox.  This is at least a 10 win team despite the difficult schedule.


Dallas Cowboys over 8.5 wins

Everyone always looks at the Cowboys and says they’re overrated.  They don’t like Romo, they don’t like the o-line, they don’t like the defense, they don’t like Jerry Jones.  If you don’t love the Cowboys you HATE the Cowboys.  But I’m here to tell you they will get 9 wins this season.  That secondary is VASTLY improved which was disgusting last season.  To me the 0-line will be better this season simply because Tyron Smith has a year under his belt, he has apparently been great so far in camp.  Dez Bryant has the talent to be the best WR in football, but his off field issues are beyond ridiculous.  Jerry has now laid down the law for him and while I don’t think it will last, Bryant will step up for the majority of the season.  Also keep in mind all the tight loses this team suffered last season.  This team EASILY could have been…check that, should have been 11-5 and NFC East champs.  I don’t see where this team has downgraded so that means at least 9 wins.


Miami Dolphins under 7.5 wins

Are they serious?!  7.5 for the Dolphins?  It’s one of the most disfunctional franchises in football right now! (sorry Robb)  They have no clue what they’re doing this season at QB, just released Chad Johnson who hasn’t been good for 3 seasons yet was their top guy, the defense is only ok and the running game should be good but if Reggie Bush has injury issues again then it all of a sudden doesn’t look that good.  I loved the hire of Joe Philbin as head coach, and while the QB situation is a mess Ryan Tannehill has looked great so far in camp.  But it won’t be enough to over come all the issues that face this team.  Remember, the AFC East will be one of the toughest divisions in the NFL this season.  No way the Dolphins go over 7 wins.


Indianapolis Colts over 5.5 wins

For the record I was going to say this before Sunday, but Sunday didn’t hurt my strong feeling about the Colts surprising this season.  They have 3 big hold over’s from what will now be known as the “Manning era” that will help greatly with such a young team.  I love what they did in the draft, obviously Luck at 1 but taking the 2 TE’s Fleener and Allen in rounds 2 and 3 could be very much like when the Pats took Gronk and Hernandez in the 2010 draft.  Andrew Luck is one of the best QB’s to come along in a very long time and with the way rookie QB’s are able to step right in and produce these days I wouldn’t be shocked if he broke some of the records that Dan Marino set in 1983, he is that good.  Add to this, it’s not a very difficult division to deal with.  Colts will win 6 for sure, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all by 8 or 9.  Little side note for this bet, it is currently paying out better than double.


Chicago Bears over 8.5 wins

The Bears were looking like big time Super Bowl contenders last year after a win vs the Chargers.  Then everything came crashing down.  Cutler got hurt for the season, Forte went down for the season, and their offense went from good to horrific in no time.  Cutler is back, Forte is back, Brandon Marshall is in at WR, they drafted Alshon Jeffrey in the 2nd round who apparently looks great so far in training camp, the offense should be greatly improved.  They do have a new OC in former Vikings head coach Mike Tice, but I wouldn’t expect a lot to change.  They may run the ball more seeing as how Tice is a former o-lineman and may prefer a ball control offense, but there is no way with Cutler’s arm and those weapons on the outside that they won’t throw it around.  The defense is getting long in the tooth, but they’re still going to be one of the better D’s in the NFL.  The big question is how healthy will Brian Urlacher be.  As long as he stays healthy, they’ll be fine.  9 wins should be a lock for this team as long as they don’t have they health problems they encoured last season.


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