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So this is being STARTED at 2:18 AM on Sunday morning.  Better late than never?  I would rather not do it, but I don’t want to be the guy who does something half assed!  I feel bad enough that I didn’t give all 4 of you terrible picks for the last 2 weeks of the season.  I can’t quit after I’ve had my first winning week in what felt like years.  Well it’s been said a hundred times already this week, but unless you have a horse in this race you couldn’t have asked for 2 better matchups than Brady vs Manning, and the 49ers vs the Seahawks.  One of the most legendary rivalries in NFL history, and what is currently the best rivalry in NFL history.  I beg the football gods both these games somewhat meet expectations.  I don’t know anyone that isn’t pumped sky high for these 2 games, and if just 4 great teams isn’t enough and you need to throw a little cash on them….here is who I got this weekend ATS.


New England at Denver

New England +5

No Gronk, Thompkins, or Dobson this weekend for the Pats.  So they’re in for it obviously….wait a minute.  Let’s go back to week 1.  What was everyone saying about the Pats in week 1?  “No Welker, Hernandez, or Woodhead.  So they are severely weakened and won’t be the powerhouse they have been.”  Right, because it has always been about the playmakers on this team, never about having one of the best coaches and best quarterbacks in NFL history.  Nope, the Pats won those Super Bowls because of Troy Brown, and Deion Branch, and David Patton, and Antonio Smith.  The Pats went to the 06 AFC Championship on the backs of Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell (whose eyes are still bugging out of his skull).  Brady and Belicheck are amazing, and that run game last weekend was ridiculous and don’t think they can’t do that to the Broncos as well.  Anyone of Ridley, Vereen or Blount could be a feature back for any team in this league, and they work well as a unit which isn’t easy for RB’s because it is difficult to get into a rythem that way.  Anyhow…5 points is too many to give to the Pats.  Not saying they win outright, but the SMART MONEY has to be with the Pats who have much more experience than the Broncos (proving to be a BIG deal in these playoffs especially), and while I don’t blame Peyton for many of his 11 postseason loses, you can’t deny that Brady is the more trustworthy QB in the big spot.


San Francisco at Seattle

Seattle -3

You know last week Colin Kaepernick made me look like an idiot.  So here I was thinking that I had him all figured out.  He looks great against weak D’s but when teams play him tough he folds.  And then he goes out against maybe the best D in the NFL this season, on the road, 10 AM start for the 49ers which is always difficult for West coast teams, and he beats the Panthers soundly.  Now, the Niners D did play a big part in that win, and Kaepernick proved me right through the first half, but give credit where credit is due.  HOWEV-A….as Stephen A. Smith would say…..I still can’t trust him in Seattle.  This was the story last time the went up to CenturyLink.  This time things would be different, the Niners are prepared THIS time, on and on and on.  And what happened…they got smashed again.  Seattle is banged up.  Russell Wilson isn’t playing that well.  Pete Carroll acts like a complete knob on the sideline (yeah I said it!)  But the Seahawks home field advantage is ridiculous, and while it might not be the blowout that the last 2 games have been in Seattle between these 2 teams, I can’t see Colin Kaepernick being the QB who walks in there and knocks them off.  Added to this, the Niners have now played 2 pretty tough, physical playoff games (is there a physical game that isn’t tough?)  And yes, I consider that Packers game to be pretty physical.  Eddie Lacy and James Starks were wearing the Niners down in that football game.  Meanwhile the Seahawks had a buy, then had the Saints.  And they are on an extra day rest, and didn’t have to fly cross country this week.  It is a LOT of factors I know and I apologize for going on and on and on about this, but there are only 2 games to talk about.  ANYWAY….lay the points and take the Seahawks.  Hey look at that, only took be 20 minutes to write this.


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