DAMN!!!  Back to back losing weeks, first time all season.  Again, 27-18 has never felt so terrible!  I want to go 5-0!!!  I’ve been so close to that some weeks, never gone worse than 2-3, but enough of this, 5-0!  Just once.  After that, I can go back to 3-2 every week for the rest of the year….seems like a reasonable trade off for me!  By the way if you haven’t noticed I’ve started to wait until Saturday’s to post these because quite frankly Colin Cowherd is scorching hot this season picking games and while I don’t want to copy his picks, I do love to hear what he has to say.  Clearly these picks are my own because the last 2 weeks he’s been 8-2 and I’ve been 4-6.  Allow me to change that….


Buffalo at New England

New England -12

Buffalo is awful.  Buffalo is playing their 2nd road game in a row.  The Pats are coming off a bye.  The Pats are at home.  The Pats OWN the Bills at Gillette.  This is just not even close.  The Pats defense is good enough to school Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes for the Pats and against the Bills in this game, and quite frankly I believe the Bills have quit on their coaching staff.  Pats blow them out.


Detroit at Minnesota

Detroit -2.5

The Vikings start to the season was a mirage.  We are now starting to see who the Vikings and more importantly who Christian Ponder really is.  Ponder is starting to really struggle and will be hurt with no Percy Harvin.  The Lions on the other hand are starting to get back to what they were last season.  Matt Stafford is throwing the ball better, Mikkel Leshoure is running the ball real well, and Calvin Johnson is slowly but surely rounding into form.  The Lions defense is good enough to key on Adrian Peterson and make Ponder beat them with his arm….which he can’t do.  The Lions are winning this one by a field goal or more, could be a lot more.


NY Jets at Seattle

NY Jets +7

I had a tough time with this one because Seattle is so great at home, and I know the Jets defense isn’t what it used to be.  But what the Jets defense should do in this game is force Russell Wilson to beat them, and I’m not sure he is capable of doing that.  The Jets are coming off their bye week so I would think that should balance out the fact that they’ll be travelling to the west coast, something that is always difficult for east coast teams.  I’m not certain what to expect from this game, but 7 points is just too much to pass up.  The Jets will be desperate and while they are a train wreck, they’ve stayed in most of their games this season.


Dallas at Philadelphia

Dallas -2.5

The Cowboys are simply a better team.  The Eagles are a mess right now.  Michael Vick is a mess, the o-line is a mess, the defense is a mess, Andy Reid is a mess, it’s just one big mess!  And the cleaning lady isn’t available until the offseason….HEY-O!  And while as much America wants to color the Cowboys with that brush it just isn’t the case.  Lost to the Falcons in Atlanta but they were in the game the entire time.  Lost to the Giants at home and had Dez Bryant had a smaller hand they would have won.  Lost to the Bears at home who some believe is the best team in football.  Lost to the Seahawks in Seattle which is the toughest place to play in the league right now.  These aren’t bad losses at all, it’s just been a BRUTAL schedule.  The Cowboys are winning this game by at least a field goal.


Houston at Chicago

Houston +1.5

LOVE this pick!!  Both are great teams, but the Bears have a glaring weakness and the Texans don’t.  While I’m not a big Matt Schaub fan, he should be able to get the job done.  I believe they’ll be able to run it against this Chicago defense, but more so on the defensive side of the ball they’ll be able to get to Jay Cutler.  This defense should OWN Cutler.  I think the Texans are a horrible matchup for the Bears.  J.J. Watt, Connor Barwin, Brooks Reed, Antonio Smith, and if they don’t get to him they’ll at least get pressure and ball hawks like Glover Quin and Jonathan Joseph could have big days.  Texans getting points, simply love it.


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